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Uganda accuses UN of spreading homosexuality

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Reader comments

  1. Does anyone else find it ironic that this guy is the minster of “ethics”?

  2. @ George

    Quite so, I was also struck by the thought that “Ugandan Ethics Minister” was an oxymoron.

    If the situation being created over there was not so awful for so many of our fellow humans, some of the quotes from these ass-heads would be funny. You’d think that after Idi Amin they were due a bit of luck.

  3. more ironic than fundamentalist Christians claiming to speak in the name of Love… Aside from the UN angle, it’s not much different than the way people talked when I was in high school. Give ’em about 20 years.

  4. Brian Burton 4 Apr 2009, 6:31am

    Homosexuality in Uganda? The very idea!

  5. Ye gads, they’re idiots aren’t they? I suppose gays also turn themselves into goats when cornered? And come on, Uganda, you have a flag that looks like a Pride float adornment with a chickenhawk in drag as it’s main subject! Talk about completely ignoring the obvious.

  6. I find it unbelievable, that in this day and age, they would make comments like …..”such lies icluding foolish claims that some people are born as homosexual”….Why on earth would anyone decide to become homoseexual, when they are tortured, beaten and imprisoned for it

  7. If their population is 31million, and the LBGT is 10% of the population (the usual estimate % being 1 in 10) , then the gay population of Uganda is 3.100.000 not 100.000 people
    Even if you reduced that to 5% of the population, then that would still be 1.550.000 LBGTs in Uganda. 3% would be 930.000. So the given figure of 100.000 is actually representing only between 0.5% and 0.2.5% of the population which is well below the rate at which LBGT populations are estimated to exist.

  8. Chris, Uganda 6 Apr 2009, 5:16pm

    Nicholson, you are spot on..only that Nsaba Buturo would have a heart attack with those figures..

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