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Gay adoption critic named as new Archbishop of Westminster

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Reader comments

  1. Patrick, Dublin 3 Apr 2009, 12:09pm

    Sigh… So predictable and what’s new? The Catholic church is a hatred filled institution that is stuck in the 14th century. It is actually going backward, not forward and practically all the hopes from Vatican II are now gone. The more people that leave it, the better.

  2. Father Ted 3 Apr 2009, 12:10pm

    He looks like an evil version of Louis Walsh. Good to see the Catholic Church are still marching backwards; they’ll eventually disappear up their own arses, thus proving that they do approve of buggery, and allow Islam to take their place.

  3. Brian Burton 3 Apr 2009, 12:15pm

    What do Roman Catholic Clergy know about marrige, parenthood, bringing up Children? How can a ‘celebate’ know anything of emotion? or Love even. They know how to abuse vonruble children in Catholic Childrens homes, this is why they have had to pay Millions in compenceation all over the World. Lets just ignore the new Archbishop- Eh?

  4. Excellent news – this is the divisive loon that even many in the RC church have been dreading. Exactly in line with Herr Ratbag’s desire to have a smaller but more ideologicaly pure (ie. utterly mad) church. Bring on the implosion.

  5. Robert, ex-pat Brit 3 Apr 2009, 1:27pm

    Another era of more oppressive remarks and discriminatory statements that the roman cult is so notorious for. Its on the fast-track to oblivion, the sooner the better and while there at it, take the C of E along with them. THEY are the intrinsically evil, not us.

  6. Sadly for us, in my personal opinion, Vincent Nichols is quite eloquent and will make some people believe in what he says. That is more dangerous than the rantings of Coram Murphy wotsisname or old Ratsinger himself!

  7. Andy & Steve 3 Apr 2009, 3:11pm

    How come you never see this guy and Louis Walsh in the same room… I demand answers! Nah, not really…. This guy is part of the Hitler Youth member’s inner clique, reserved only for those with particularly censorious condescending views and a total lack of ability to recognise science when it diametrically opposes their myth based dogma.

    Had to chuckle at his reference to “militant secularists” on the radio today….. who has the churches to brainwash, whose declared aim is to convert non-believers.. not us atheists, just the god bothering freaks.

  8. I have it on good authority that he is gay. It seems the closeted cases spray around a fog of homophobia to distract attention from themselves. Also his job depends on it. Just look at the pope, after all. Here is one for Tatchell and I wouldn’t weep a tear.

  9. Why does the Cardinal think gays would not be as complimentary as hetro couples, on what study or authority does he rely. Gay couples has never had the opportunity to prove themselves as adoptive parents until very resently. Moreover, what’s wrong with creating new norms,morals and laws? It is exactly that which drive society forward and set better and improved standards, the opportunity to learn from past mistakes and set things right. It is exactly the granting of equal rights that done away with racist policies, that abolished slavery, it is equality that played a major role in outlawing capital punishment. The list can go on. Like always it is the catholic leaders and their stern followers that stagnate in progress and always the last to admit their mistakes long after everyone else has moved on. I shared a house with three priests the first six months after moving to the U.K and all three of them at some point tip-toed to my bedroom in the middle of the night!To see them the next Sunday in holiness supporting anti gay issues was a real eye opener.What is immoral and just plain stupid in my humble opinion is that its expected of these men to act against their natural urges as human beings and advise other on matters they themself have no authority or clue about, god this is so old school its boring to the bone.

  10. Just for the record, i saw the light and is an avid non-believer now. Im free from all that religious sh–e.

  11. “It seems the closeted cases spray around a fog of homophobia to distract attention from themselves.”

    I know, it is so obvious. And so distasteful.

    Thank goodness we now live in a world were at least the House of Commons, both sides, is now prepared to dismiss the charade these hysterical queens represent. MPs know exactly where these queens are coming from (the nearest lavvy in most cases) and other authorities probably have files touching the ceiling on them at places like MI6.

    Nowadays even people like Ruth-our-lady-of-the-rosary-Kelly and Anne-virgo-intacto-Widdecom who try to impose their rank RC views are either sidelined, or chased out the House altogether

    All the best.

  12. Jean-Paul 3 Apr 2009, 8:05pm

    BARF !!!!

  13. Jean-Paul 3 Apr 2009, 8:12pm

    Excuse me, what I meant was B-A-A-A-A-R-R-R-R-F ! ! !

  14. @ Pete

    Details please! Don’t tease us so!

    If this guy turns out to be the UK’s answer to Ted Haggard I’ll laugh my sweet hairy ass off.

  15. He’s already been daubed the RC church’s answer to Louis Walsh. He can also kick his legs his height. What more evidence do you need, dear.

    All the best.

  16. alessandro 3 Apr 2009, 10:56pm

    I know it’s sounds like a long-slow process, but in 50-years time these silly, bigoted people won’t even be relevant to the rest of the world. The church will – for the most people – be a relic. Churches will be museums with guides explaining what they once did in these places – that is – those activities which are for public consumption. Quite honestly – I am more concerned that Ivan (22.45) should do something about his sweet hairy ass!

  17. @ Alessandro

    Your concern for my botty is touching but the danger it faces pales somewhat when compared to writer and commentator Will Self who, in response to some outrageous suggestion or other, said he would rather slice off his own buttocks, varnish them and sell them in a provincial gift shop.

    That’s class.

  18. These psychosexually deficient young men hide away in seminaries and become priests who then become bishops who then become archbishops and cardinals who then have the GALL to get up and tell normal well-adjusted people what is right and what is wrong.

    I used to be a trainee-priest in a seminary. I found all these little old ladies coming up to me and hanging on my every word as if I was some kind of holy man, someone with wisdom. I knew what I was: I was a queer who couldn’t face the fact and I run away into a seminary to hide from having to have any kind of sexual relationship with anybody. The other seminarians were all the same. We all knew it. We all knew any healthy young man was out there drinking and screwing and being normal!

  19. Paul Smythe 4 Apr 2009, 2:16pm

    Yes, exactly right, Jose. He’s just another jumped-up sad little f—-r! Spit at his shoes if you see him!

  20. No surprise here! The Roman Catholic Empire is well known for it’s anti-family, anti-children, anti-society views. People just need to continue waking up, and stop supporting that country (yes – the Vatican State is a recognized country with embassies (Sees) throught the world!) It is a country – not a faith.

  21. The Vatican is in fact a separate state, even thou it uses the euro note on licence! It is not a member of the EU, and clearly does not want to be, to enable it to spew out its never ending hatred of gay people for one thing! With only about 900 people actually living in this ‘island’ state, it has truly become an abhorant black mark at the centre of europe with a nasty vicious pope as it depressing leader! May the world implode upon it….and soon!

  22. Jean-Paul 6 Apr 2009, 3:26am

    @John. Well said. Word is the pontiff is feeling more and more isolated. No wonder. The parish priests around here are feeling isolated too and hard put to explain the pontifical blunders. More and more of the flock are wondering if His feet ever touch the ground.Not a popular pope.

  23. After equating homosexuality to the destruction of the rainforest and the subsequent pardon of a Holocaust denier, I suspect the next papal spectacular will be an attempt to beatify Pius XII. I think even big Nancy Nichols will be out of her depth on this one.

    I mean, who would actually pray to St Pius and for what exactly? Maybe patron saint of big thick glasses, perhaps.

    All the best.

  24. Nobody should be surprised at this. The Roman Catholic Episcopacy is a self-perpetuating ultra-conservative clique.

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