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Gay man killed and partner shot in Bradford

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Reader comments

  1. Noted. I’ll keep in mind to torture the bastard if I ever see him.

  2. Frightening. If it can happen in Bradford and Bromley it can happen anywhere else in the country. My partner and I seem to be living amongst generally accepting people but we have to remember that Observer survey of October 2008 which found that one in four Britons believes that homosexuality should be made illegal.

    It makes you wonder about the neighbours, doesn’t it.

  3. How empty must a person’s life be for him (or her) to take away someone else’s life? How evil must someone like that be?

    It’s truly shocking!

  4. Tragic, absolutely tragic. Those who swan about slagging off homosexuality need to see that this is where their hatred, their bile and their prejudice lead. Senseless death.

  5. Jean-Paul 4 Apr 2009, 7:12pm

    Things like this leave me speechless. Such a tragic way to lose a loved one. These things happen in the straight world too, but that doesn’t make it right. Why are there so many sick and dangerous people walking around when so much professional help is available?

  6. The pronunciations of catholic clergy stemming from the attitude of current Nazi Pope Benedict are seen by homophobic low-lifes as giving divine authorisation for the killing of homosexuals.The Roman Catholic church is following the example of Islamic fundamentalists.The impetus for gay rights has disappeared in the UK since Brown became Prime Minister since he is no champion of gay rights as Tony Blair was.Brown is in truth homophobic despite the announcements to the contrary and the photocalls.The suthorities are now resiling from protecting gay people.


  8. Brian Burton 5 Apr 2009, 5:13pm

    There is more to this case than meets the eye and I’m sure it will come out in the wash!

  9. Brian Burton 5 Apr 2009, 5:17pm

    By the by C.J. Religion never killed anyone, it’s people who kill!

  10. Brian Burton, when “c.j.” said “Religion Kills” he was saying that people with ridiculous religious convictions in their heads diminish the quality of life, they “kill” freedom and openness and creativity. They constrain the joy of living. They bring instead bigotry and guilt. Muslims, Christians, and ALL people believing in the nonsensical supernatural voo-doo gods of this world bring nothing but commandments of bigotry and fear.

  11. What p***es me off about this is that the Police knew they were at risk as other things had gone on: “not thought to be a random attack, as there have been “a number of domestic incidents at this address”. An inquiry should follow.

  12. eeeeh it’s terrible that

  13. Why is there no coverage of this in the mainstream tv news at all???

    I guess the brutal murder of an older gay couple is far less exciting news than the death of Jade Goody…

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