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Ugandan activists refute allegations of ‘gay recruitment’

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Reader comments

  1. haha! Then I checked the date and realized it was April 2nd today. How can one recruit homosexuals? If anyone knows please tell me as I am after the guy who runs the fishbar…

  2. “He claimed the ‘former’ homosexuals presented by Christian groups have been paid to fuel hate against gays.”

    It certainly looks that way to me too. How despicable to get ‘christians’ to lie and pretend they were once gay and intent on recruiting children to homosexuality. Anyone could just as easily spread false rumours that Christians ate children and then show ‘recovered’ Christians who’ve seen the error of their ways and switched to sandwiches *rolls eyes*
    And fyi Mr Museveni, I’ve got as much chance of recruiting you to be white as homosexuals have of recruiting children to be gay.

  3. Jean-Paul 2 Apr 2009, 6:35pm

    It would be more correct to say that Europe can be blamed for the spread of homophobia, notably through colonialism and so called missionary work.
    Half a million Ugandan gays deserve our support. We should find a way to let them know how heroic they are.

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