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Police diversity guide derided for ‘political correctness’

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Reader comments

  1. No, you twat, it’s for folk who want to show their respect for minorities, the major side effect is that it stops ignorant twats like you from using those minorities as a whipping boy for whenever your ratings drop a little.

  2. Bill Aitken is a nationalist twit.

  3. So Bill Aitken presumably won’t take offense when people say he’s a total knob, considering he has no problem with politically incorrect names.

  4. Alexander 2 Apr 2009, 3:59pm

    Hey, can anyone explain what is offensive in calling gays “homosexuals”?

  5. ‘Homosexual’ was a term used when it was considered a mental illness = negative association. Feel free to correct if I’m wrong.

  6. Mihangel apYrs 2 Apr 2009, 8:12pm

    It tends to be white, heterosexual men in the vanguard of “political correctness gone mad”.

    I wonder why?

  7. In a nice piece of timing, according to another story posted today, most LGBT people intend to vote for the party Bill Aitken speaks for in a front bench capacity. Second thoughts anyone?

  8. Homosexual sounds a bit clinical. However, it’s completely impossible to find terminology that everyone is happy with. I understand the pain – I’ve been on enough committees.

    On another matter: is it actually ever illegal to use toilets designated for a particular sex?! It’s the first I have heard.

  9. Sister Mary Clarence 3 Apr 2009, 9:24am

    So then are we or aren’t we happy to be called homosexual? I haven’t got a problem with it? I certainly wouldn’t kick off if someone did. Perhaps PC gone that little bit too far maybe?

    Has anyone actually reasd the booklet by the way, or are we all just commenting based on preconceived ideas and biases?

  10. Thank you for the change :-)

  11. I dont like being called homosexual because homosexuality is/was a mental illness;

    it was a phrase coined to define a mental illness and remained so until 1992 i think. When i was 17, in 1987, virgina bottomley sec of state for health stood up in house of commons and advocated electric shock therapy for treatment of homosexuality because it was simply an illness, and so she could do that (and the 80’s werent that long ago I aint talkin the dim and distant past).

    World Health Org decided that there was no such illness in 1992 and that sexual orientation was just a natural orientation.

    Call me sensitive but when people call me homosexual they are sayin i’m mentally ill.

    Also, the abusive term “homo” is from that, so it just all kind of is mixed up with all that negativity for me. i cringe when i hear it.

    you wont ever please everyone but MOST gay people are happy with the term gay, most lesbians are happy with the word lesbian and most bisexual people are happy with the word bisexual, so the advice in the booklet seems sound

  12. AnthonyfromAyrshire 3 Apr 2009, 12:42pm

    Glasgay says above that this “wrongfully reflects on the SNP”. A bit strange considering the SNP is funded by the biggest homophobe in Scotland and contains several MSPs who have spoken out against the gay community.

  13. I’m the same age as shaunagus and have similar memories of the evil Tory victimisation of gay people at the time, it was a pretty scary time to be a gay teenager. I remember the Police labelling a friend of mine “a known homosexual” – he later took his own life. I don’t like “queer” much either because it was used as a term of abuse or to mean mentally retarded.
    The Tories should learn that this is not PC or “PC Gone Mad”, it’s basic manners.

  14. Brian Burton 3 Apr 2009, 7:35pm

    Deride, what a Gay sounding word! Deride, deride, deride-I love it! Defenatley an English word I would say. I think that life is far too important a thing to talk seriously about it.

  15. What a strange article on this site. Why would a document used to educate police be negative?

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