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Equality Bill to extend powers against discrimination

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Reader comments

  1. As if we did not have a hard enough job getting though the Equality Bill just with gay issues!

  2. ‘gender reassignment’? Knowing the government that will only include people on official treatment programs. Well, it’s a step in the right direction, but transpeople need protection *before* the NHS burocrats decide they have enough budget to treat them as well as after.

  3. Yes, ‘gender reassignment’ sounds strange. What’s wrong with ‘gender identity’?

  4. Mercia McMahon 3 Apr 2009, 11:38am

    Craig, that is precisely the sort of comment that makes it hard for people like me to srgue that the T in LGBT does not stand for Token.

  5. Well, except for those trans people who identify as also being gay, there’s nothing to be gained from being tagged on to LGB….. In fact, I wonder whether the “B” in LGB means much. Trans people gain nothing from this association with LGB. Either you’re trans-straight and you don’t need to belong or you’re trans-gay and you’re already in!

  6. Whereas many gay people want and seek affirmation of their sexuality (I’m here, I’m queer!), actually the very last thing a trans person wants is to be identified as trans. It’s common sense, really but most people can’t get it. I was trans, now I’m lesbian. These trans people who stew around in trans issues and trans-speak all the time are just holding themselves back. Get over it, turn the page, you’ve put right what needed to be put right, now get on with your new life! So for me the “T” thing itself is superfluous, redundant.

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