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God Hates Fags church raises money for LGBT support group

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Reader comments

  1. Karl Rosenqvist 1 Apr 2009, 1:34pm

    April fools!

  2. This story is for real :). Check out the website – Chris Mason is doing a brilliant job.

  3. haha!

    If it’s April fool. Then it’s a funny one but if it’s not then the joke is still on the westboro baptist church!

  4. Just one question; Jesus died centuries before ciggis were invented so how do we know he hates fags(!)? joking……..:-)

  5. Henry Collier 1 Apr 2009, 3:54pm

    If you can keep the Phelps cult out of the British Isles, you’ll have done the world a service. We are doing what we can to keep his particular brand of bigotry out of Australia. We have enough idiots and hate-mongers here already and don’t need any more … You seem to have the BNP. We have the One Nation Party and conservative MP’s from the Liberal/National coalition like Bill Heffernen and Eric Abetz to portray the homophobic tyrants.

  6. Westboro Baptist Church actually do the gay community a lot of unintentional good. Not only do they portray a bunch of religious fundamentalists in the worst possible light at every opportunity, thus actually furthering our causes in the process, but they also bring the media spotlight to events which would otherwise not be well attended/supported.

    The recent Basingstoke production of The Laramie Project is one such example. Having the WBC threaten to picket the production brought the media spotlight to the gay youth group in Basingstoke – both promoting the group (many are unaware that Basingstoke had such an amazing youth resource) and promoting the production (and allowing the gay youth group to sell out of tickets and make hundreds of pounds more in profit than they would have done without the publicity).

    I am most certainly not advocating the existence of WBC, but I do get a sense of satisfaction when I see this inbred group of haters actually doing us some favours, and them none at all. Go Westboro!

  7. Christina Engela 1 Apr 2009, 8:21pm

    This is BRILLIANT! Innovative and creative – now these village idiots will know that for every minute they attack GLBT rights and equality they will be helping support us and working against their own selfish objectives.

    I LIKE IT!!! :)

  8. Whatever next, Christian Voice sponsoring a float at Pride?

  9. Well done to Chris Mason and the other organisations of coming up with the idea of “Phelps-a-thons” – it’s such a fantastically simple idea and actually gets some use out of the idiots.

    Perhaps similar tactics should be used in the UK with groups like Christian Voice and the BNP?

  10. Dominick J. 3 Apr 2009, 6:06pm

    If I recall there was a site/group that donated money for Palin to Planned Parenthood ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahahaha Though it’s funny I surely would hate if it backfired and those hatefull groups stared donating money using Gay Orgaization names!

  11. some frat boys at the university of chicago found that dancing with their shirts off was just the way to welcome the westboro protesters…

    and there are HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS across the country holding counter protests too.

  12. Brilliant! Absolutely love it!!! :-)))))

  13. hey nice idea there.hope the fund raise can help those ppl (:

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