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BBC introduces five-minute ‘gay delay’ to avoid causing offence

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Reader comments

  1. Nice try.

  2. vulpus_rex 1 Apr 2009, 11:06am

    What a crock.

    Will they be filtering out all comments that might be offensive to white, middle class, heterosexual men?

    I guess not – which just makes the BBC still sexist, racist scum doesn’t it.

    I’m really glad the TV tax is spent on such useful stuff.

  3. you could of done better than this surely lol

  4. an april fool?

  5. So ‘they’ don’t have to change anything then? Just keep going with homophobic jokes and comments and let the filter wash it out!
    It might be better than nothing, but it also says that ‘they’ are incorrigible. There seem to be no hope to one day have these guys naturally gay friendly!

  6. Forgot we are 1 April! It is indeed an April fool, well I hope so…

  7. Hahaha, nice one.

  8. vulpus_rex 1 Apr 2009, 12:02pm

    Duuh – had me fooled. Will withdraw mock outrage of previous post.

  9. With Chris Moyles, could we have the delay increased a bit?

    …say about ten years ought to do the trick.

  10. Nice try, but not convincing enough

  11. I like the idea of Gay Delay – a kind of niche marketed solution for premature ejaculation. Not I think however a solution for Chris Moyles, and what the hell is a Gay Tsar??

  12. The solution is much simpler, how about the presenters don’t make homophobic comments in the first place? Now isn’t that a novel idea? Oh my, I wonder why the BBC haven’t yet thought of it themselves *rolls eyes*.

  13. There are a lot of collaborating gay groups. Look at that Rap singer that was allowed to sing in London, the police sort the advice of a collaborating gay group that said it was ok for him to sing!

  14. Mathew Rees 1 Apr 2009, 3:07pm

    Haha! Brilliant. This really made me chuckle! :)

  15. Simon Murphy 1 Apr 2009, 3:23pm

    Can someone confirm that this is true and not some hideous April Fool’s joke.

    If this is true then the BBC is saying that they think that homophobia is not a sackable offence (unlike racism).

    If this story is true then I would encourage everyone to write to the Director General of the BBC Mark Thompson to tell him that this decision confirms the BBC’s revolting tolerance for homophobia. His email is

  16. Simon Murphy 1 Apr 2009, 3:26pm

    “We are very pleased with the new gay delay system and are confident it will help avoid any offence to the LGBT community while allowing our presenters the freedom to entertain at the same time.”

    Engaging in homophobua is not entertainment – it is bigotry regardless of whether stupid people find it amusing or not. Someone who engages in homophobia (Chris Moyles) or racism for cheap laugh is obviously not talented.

  17. Darryl W Bullock 1 Apr 2009, 3:27pm

    An obvious April Fool.

    have the majority of Pink News readers had a humour bypass?

  18. Gay Tsar = Ra-Ra-Rasputin, lover of the Russian Queen…

  19. Andy Armitage 1 Apr 2009, 3:46pm

    According to Pink Triangle there’s a guy who wants to change sex in order to become a nun. Hmm!

  20. @ Darryl: If it is an April fool’s joke, then I find it very unfunny, despite having a sense of hunmour (mostly “toilet” humour, I laugh hard at old episodes of “Viva La Bam”, for better or worse).

  21. Brian Burton 1 Apr 2009, 4:57pm

    I’m convinced It’s April Fool!

  22. Yellows little ones upstairs – this one is fishy -laugh

  23. Publisher 1 Apr 2009, 5:24pm

    This is an April fools joke!
    Best wishes
    Benjamin Cohen
    Publishing Director, PinkNews

  24. It was an obvious one but good anyway…..I think the joke’s on the BBC really…..can’t believe that man is still in his job but Jonathan Ross and Russel Brand had to resign/were suspended. Seems, as always, we’re at the bottom of the anti-oppressive pile!!

  25. This is an April fools joke? If people like moyles had half a brain their commonsense would tell them what was funny and what wasn’t.
    moyles uses the word “Gay” to denote anything he doesn’t like, or thinks is bad, much in the same way the gay community now uses his name to mean “big mouthed c–t”

  26. Like it to!

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