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US gay bishop: ‘Church should bless marriage, not legalise it’

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Reader comments

  1. That’s the most sensible comment I’ve heard coming from a vicar!

  2. That’s how it is on the Continent (thanks Napoleon!) so no wonder it is easier over there to legalise same sex marriages.

  3. “Although I believe the New and Old Testaments to be the word of God, I do not believe it is the words of God”. What about the direct quotes of Jesus Christ? You dismiss those? Sorry Gene, but Romans and Corinthians destroys your argument of gay marriage.

  4. Brian Burton 2 Apr 2009, 7:32am

    Bishop Gene Robinson is a great Gay Rights fighter and should be supported by all who want Gay Rights throughout the world. Gene Robinson has not got one iota of hatred in him. When he is attacked (which is constant) by homophobes, he comes across with his homespun ‘Love Philosophy’ in answer. I have e-mailed Gene Robinson’s office in New Hampshire giving my support to his on-going campaigns.

  5. PCG, Germany 2 Apr 2009, 10:34am

    The man is absolutlely right. The words’ meaning change over the centuries and the bible was written by people with their feet well on Earth. Separation between the church and the State is the only way to guarantee democracy for everyone.

  6. Jean-Paul 4 Apr 2009, 7:36pm

    @jdude: There are direct quotes of Jesus Christ about homosexuality in the New Testament? How could I have missed them during the years I spent pouring over every word of Mathew, Luke, Marc & John? Nobody admires the vision of Paul of Tarsus more than I do, but on the subject of homosexuality, he was deeply and quite evidently influenced by Philo of Alexandria, a demented scholar at best. Let’s give Gene Robinson the respect he deserves, shall we, and stop trying to be such a snot about throwing biblical quotes around when we don’t know the first thing about them. Dunderhead.

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