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Man denies raping lesbian student

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Reader comments

  1. She didn’t punch him hard enough.

  2. if he don’t get put in jail, I will have lost faith in the justice system. should but put away and stay in for life.

  3. He’ll get jailed, and when in HMPs finest, he will probably find out the difference between consent and rape.

  4. Can you imagine the grilling she will get from the defence solicitor – stay strong!!

  5. TheRadicalRealist 1 Apr 2009, 5:48pm

    How terrible. I hope she can overcome this.

  6. This is horrific. He deserves to go away for a long, long, long time. My heart goes out to her.

  7. TruthSeeker 10 Jan 2011, 11:29pm

    Don’t you people read the papers?? This guy was wrongfully accused and was cleard in court. The “lesbian” student was actually bi-sexual and had consentual sex with him. When her girlfriend found out, she went mad! So the “lesbian” student said she had been raped. It all came out in court…

  8. It all came out in court? i know the victim and i was there in court all that came out in court was she was very strong and he wept like a little bitch and cried his eyes out which made the stupid jury think he was innocent when really the evidence against him was so strong it was insanly wrong! my heart goes out for the girl who ends up with him… ‘truth seeker’ get your facts right …. unless your just his friend and family then your going to believe anything he says… there was physical evidence on the victims body to show forced.

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