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LGBT discrimination ‘widespread’ throughout EU

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Reader comments

  1. D. F. Giancola 31 Mar 2009, 12:20pm

    Love is great, and discrimination tends to be negative and belongs to the opposite spectrum of love; therefore, this only helps to substantiate my belief, that love is everything and without it there is absolutely nothing.

  2. Mihangel apYrs 31 Mar 2009, 1:36pm

    interestingly, they are mainly countries in thrall to the RCC.

    And also the more politically primitive end of the EU (including Italy that has been something of a disgrace since the Common Market was formed).

    Sanctions are probably the best method of encouragement, these countries all have their hands out!

  3. Robert, ex-pat Brit 31 Mar 2009, 1:46pm

    Until the EU mandates anti-gay legislation across the entire community whether some member states like it or not, there will be NO progress in dealing with homophobia of every kind. Imagine if the situation were reversed and gays were the dominant population. How would a straight minority feel if we used heterophobia against them? I also would advocate that membership in the EU is contingent on implementing mandatory legislation, not directives that can be manipulated by each member state to accommodate cultural attitudes and not binding. What is the point in that? Idle words do nothing, aggressive action does.

  4. Robert, ex-pat Brit 31 Mar 2009, 1:49pm

    What I meant to have said is equality legislation mandated across the EU that includes mandatory protection for LGBT people who are subjected to homophbia of every kind. My apologies for the error in the previous statement.

  5. Simon Murphy 31 Mar 2009, 3:17pm

    #3 – Robert – Expat Brit – you say:

    “Until the EU mandates anti-gay legislation across the entire community whether some member states like it or not, there will be NO progress in dealing with homophobia of every kind”

    I disagree with that. Countries such as Poland; Latvia; Bulgaria; Romania etc were living under communist dictatorships until 20 years ago. They missed the sexual and social revolution that occurred in Western Europe. However activists in those countries are making progress at improving the situation in those countries (for example both Czech and Hungary have proposed new CP legislation)

    These countries need to be encouraged to evolve. But to expect them to be at the forefront of gay rights at this point is unrealistic. I expect that in 20 years time the situation for gay people in these countries will be dramatically improved.

    The only country against which sanctions should be threatened is Italy – thanks to the presence of the catholic cult and its evil pope, progress will never be achieved there unless there is a financial impetus for it.

    Remember that in the UK an equal age of consent was achieved less than 10 years ago. And Britain has been a democracy for a LOT longer than the countries in question.

  6. Paulo Nunes 31 Mar 2009, 4:54pm

    I doubt that running sanctions or penalties on Italy would improve the situation of the LGBT people in this country, except if it’s something very harsh what is unlikely that EU would ever consider.

    Saying that, the Italian Government would rather pay them using the taxpayers money as it has happened in many other situations than risking to lose the support from the Vatican Church, thusly some of the catholic votes which seem to be very important to decide elections and at some length also consensus.

    You have no idea how fascist and distorted is what’s going on the minds of the majority of Italian ‘politicos’, regardless of political party. Sadly, Italian *politics* is so far away from mainstream Europe, so unless there will be a whole generational change of thinking NOT too much is highly likely to get improved.

  7. Are we surprised by this? I’m not.

  8. I had to leave italy and run away from it. It’s a primitive mess of half mafia half fascist neander-trolls rolling out of their caves. Unbelievably ignorat and stupid racist homophobic machistic-wannabies. the catholic church is a super squallid dictatorship put in place there to make money, a perfect fusion of multinationalist profiting and supernatural witchcraft. There’s nothing spiritual in the Vatican whatsoever. It’s all about greed, power, euros, control, repressed sexuality and idiotic middleage superstition. If you are gay and live in italy… two options for you:

    1. Get the f*ck out of there NOW
    2. Hang yourself in your toilet.

  9. Paulo Nunes 2 Apr 2009, 10:25am

    @ c.j. – I entirely agree with you. Furthermore, if I’m not totally wrong 50% of the historical properties in Rome downtown is owned by the Vatican State and used as financial assets in the real estate market. Darling, if you ever won’t be able to pay your rent in one of those properties you’re highly likely to get forclosed – so forget about Christian benevolence whatsoever!

    They also employ a lot of people in their organizations on the black market or under low paying salaries deprived many times from basic labor rights. Those Catholic tourist buses that people take to visit the city are one example of this practise towards their cooperators, as much as those religious souvenirs sold on the streets, and the Italian Governement fully ignores it. However, this is nothing compared to the real deal.

  10. I am a victim of a lot of homophobic attacks in Poland as I am openly gay. I am planning to leave Poland in the near future. It is the most difficult country I have ever had to live in.

  11. Hi!
    I am Italian, gay, 33 years old and currently living in a small village located in North-East part of the island of Sardinia, Italy, but travelling a lot, in Europe and outside (including USA, Canada, Australia, etc.).
    I read your previous comments and I would like to share with you my life experience: a real voice from the rural Catholic Southern part of Italy!
    Well, in reality gay people live everywhere here in Italy, due to the strong sense of regionalism and the lack of big metropolitan aereas. Where I do live I am not openly gay but it seems the everyone around me “knows” that I am homosexual. To say the truth I never have had problems in living my sexuality and in beeing known to be gay! Really!
    Italians men seem to be machists, but are not agressive.
    Machism, believe me, is a common attitude that I met everywhere during my trips, for example I have many Dutch gay friends living in rural areas outside Amsterdam or Rotterdam and they experience homophobic attitudes also there (and Netherland is supposed to be the most liberal country of the world!).
    Not like to talk what I have experienced once I was travelling in USA (Texas, Louisiana…), well I could face jail if someone should find me into bed with a same sex partner, also in PRIVATE!
    And once there I PERSONALLY experienced of what people called “the redneck attitude”, that you can find even in a common bar in suburban areas of New York! And… Yes!
    I would like to remind also the in the United country Italian history (from 1861 till now) gays have NEVER been persecuted by law, even during fascism. Gays NEVER, but really NEVER went to jail for being gays!
    Gays Italians might experience today a lack of legislation in their favour, but their time will come, and hope very soon. For this I am sure!
    To live as gays in Italy is not that bad, believe me! I mean not worse that in other areas of the western world!
    Greetings from Sardinia, Italy,

  12. I do wish pinknews gave more details in their reporting, it’s good to know that something has happenned but honestly there’s no detail at all in this report – why not add the link to the FRA report eg Also why not tell us what the reports on the countries are for instance the Italian report is this

  13. Peter Baird Darkest Queensland Australia 17 May 2009, 12:02am

    Solution for C.J. Why don’t you boot the Vatican out of Italy? That will stop them peeping into our bedrooms for a hundred years.

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