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Comment: False hope – LGBT rights in the Middle East

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Reader comments

  1. Har Davids 30 Mar 2009, 3:31pm

    As long as ‘our’ ideas of human rights and sexuality are not shared concepts is some parts of the world, false hope is all there is for people living there.

  2. Raymond H. Burgoon-Clark 30 Mar 2009, 11:17pm

    The Muslim world is not ruled by “conservatives;” it is ruled by bloodthirsty religious fanatics who think nothing of stoning or beheading or hanging “heretics,” much LESS GLBTQAI people.

    And the majority of Muslims, who are probably peaceful and rational, are afraid to speak up, lest a “fatwah” be called against THEM for opposing the fanatical mullahs and ayatollahs.

    They ALMOST conquered the West ONCE; now they’re at it again. I foresee a time when the West will have no choice but to expel at least the radicals.

    1. Pasha de Ham - Wenting 3 Aug 2012, 2:36am

      So very true indeed.
      Amusing that i mainly find accord in the opinions of hyphenated people…

  3. If we do not stop giving concessions to religious groups, especially Islam, they will get the upper hand in the UK also.

  4. Bishop Ioan 31 Mar 2009, 6:43pm

    I agree, Ron. Islam is out to conquer the West and we are not doing ourselves any favours by allowing the radicals to stay. These people HATE GLBTQ people and would gladly have us all stoned or beheaded (see the article on the Islamist fanatic mullah who said we should be stoned).

  5. I don’t think that this should be a forum for venting anti-Islamic angst. And NO the Muslim world is not intent on overtaking the West, if anything it is the Western world that is trying to take over the Muslim/Arab world (and sometimes for good reason, but most of the time it is for selfish causes more than anything). The point with this article is that instead of venting anger at a group because of its religious beliefs, we need to put pressure on our own governments so that they enforce an international standard that will protect the LGBT community the world over.

  6. Jean-Paul 2 Apr 2009, 8:49pm

    Enforcement, education, equality… why do we sound like such idiots when we are only talking common sense? Is someone, somewhere making money by persecuting and murdering homosexuals????

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