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Australian broacaster “censored” lesbian kiss on Home and Away

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  1. “Bloody hell Bruce! There’s two Sheila’s snogging on daytime TV!!
    I wonder if they’ll get their tits out?”

  2. Pathetic. Why does it matter if they’re both girls? This is the 21st century. This and similar stories have put me off going to Australia, which I’d previously assumed was a young, modern country. I find attitudes like this scary.

  3. Har Davids 29 Mar 2009, 8:46pm

    Whenever I read stuff like this, I wonder what people’s sex-lives would be like if we didn’t differentiate between gay and straight sex and were so obsessed by gay people. What would all the bigots do with so much time on their hands?

  4. I didn’t know that there are still decent people in Australia. So, looks like there is still hope.

  5. Yes, they’re the gays and lesbians, like for instance the ones in that soap.

  6. Australian TV is liberal enough in some ways – American guests coming on live evening shows here are amazed at the swearwords they’re allowed to say. The ABC (equivalent of BBC) and the foreign language broadcaster frequently show stuff far “worse” than this, but commercial tv always causes Christian moral police to get their knickers in a knot; as usual, before they’ve even seen the show.

    Strangely enough, the first I heard about the upcoming lesbian storyline was on here, despite being Australian! As usual, the fuss begins when the media start the hype.

    So stupid; as the article says, this is a show that’s always depicting psychos and killers and god knows what; what’s a little kiss? Grow up…

  7. in response to iris about being put off by visiting Australia as a result of this – please be reassured! most Aussies couldn’t give a toss about you being gay/straight/bi, etc. it is just that the commercial television stations here receive all their funding from advertising and rely heavily on ratings and are obssessed with them – sadly it will take only a few (believe you me fringe minority) lunatic christian groups to get them worried about their ‘precious’ ratings – switch the channel to the publicly funded ABC and SBS channels and you’ll see that anything goes – yes Australia is a modern young and largely progressive nation – granted there are redneck elements (as there are in the UK)- but as an out and about Gay man in Melbourne i feel very lucky to live in such a tolerant environment – but yes if you visit Australia it will confound you, contradict you and confirm some of your fears and prejudices as well – just as the UK did for me when i lived there for two years…

  8. “But sources close to the programme told the newspaper that the entire scene, including the censored shots were no more intimate than a scene featuring a heterosexual kiss”.

    Well in that case why cut it out? I will be burning all my Skippy and Flipper video’s in protest.

    Reality. Who waches that crappy soap anyway. Its worse than Neighbours.

  9. robert, thank you for your words of reassurance. That’s genuinely made me feel better. I think what scared me was the ‘power’ that christian groups had, according to this article. And you’re right about there being rednecks everywhere. The UK’s hardly heaven for gay people in some areas… Very reassured to read your comment that most people in Australia don’t care whether you’re gay or not.
    Thank you again for responding, and yes, you have reassured me :)

  10. Let me reassure you that Australia is a progressive country, yes occasionally we have the conservative element getting there way but overall I am glad i live in this country!!!

    Family groups who attacked the storyline also did so purely on the promise of upcoming plotlines. They had not viewed the footage. Generally speaking, Seven doesn’t send previews of Home and Away.

    The irony is Australia was the first country in the world to have an ongoing, sympathetic, openly gay character in Number 96 in the ’70s. Since then gay and bisexual characters have appeared on numerous soaps including Prisoner, Sons and Daughters, Pacific Drive, Water Rats, GP, Sweat, Raw FM, Breakers, The Secret Life of Us, All Saints, Rush, Love My Way, Satisfaction, The Circuit

    Out of the Blue is currently screening on TEN at 5:30pm with lesbians without any fuss so this has just been a beat up by the tabloid press!!!

  11. I like home and away! but i think the censoring is very silly!!! maybe those who have such prejudices should get a life or mind their own business. it’s the sraight people who give birth to us!!

  12. What’s that, Skippy? There’s two girls kissing on the telly? Really, Skippy, who gives a toss?

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