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The Lancet: Pope ‘distorted science’ with condom comments

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Reader comments

  1. The guy should be totally ignored next time he comes up with more scientifically ignorant willfully stupid claptrap.
    We can’t stop him being stupid, but he should be prevented from spreading his stupidity over the mass media. It reminds me of an exchange on “Father Ted” regarding Ted’s area of expertise…

    Ted – Ah your eminence, this isn’t really my area
    Bishop Brennan- Nothing’s your area Crilly! You don’t have an area! Unless it’s a kind of play area with sandcastles and buckets and spades.

    That is most likely the pope’s area of expertise too. Why he ever gets called in as an expert on science escapes me.

  2. Colm Howard-Lloyd 27 Mar 2009, 4:36pm

    The Pope is a bigot who speaks, but doesnt think.

    Sadly it isn’t news, or a suprise.

  3. She’s a princess… look at her in her beautiful white dress… like a virgin queen… she’s waiting for a blue prince to give her a baby… now why would she want him to wear a condom! Of course not, she wants to become pregnant and give birth to another homophobic princess, with a long white dress, little red shose just like her mother, and a disturbing smile which is almost saying: “tangs got nopody notised i am a mann!! Gut, i thought i waz coing too bee descovered… but now peoples tinken dat i am a freuline, a zweet candy lollypope ready to be sucked by everybozy. Danke Shon meine liebe Jaha!!!” :)

  4. Bill Perdue 27 Mar 2009, 9:38pm

    If he lives as long as his predecessor Papenfuehrer Ratzinger’s honesty could severely injure the catholic cult.

    As an authentic descendent of the howling madness of the Dark Ages, Der Papenfuehrer (benedict16) is an unequivocal voice for the inherent insanity of the catholic cult. He’s a racist who’ll gladly see millions die of HIV/AIDS because they’re afraid of condoms and medicine. He’s a bitter misogynist and homophobe. A not particularly ex Nazi, Ratzinger says Jews have no right to criticize the strong connections between Pacelli’s papacy and Hitler’s Chancellorship. He refuses to apologize for the catholic cults role in the genocides against Jews, Poles and Soviet citizens.

    Pacelli (pius12) provided a Vatican escape route for SS leaders fleeing war crimes indictments just as Ratzinger continues to provide asylum for accessories to child rape like Bernard Law of Boston in Vatican City, where, mysteriously, the age of consent for sex among boys, at 12 years old, is the lowest in the world. Ratzinger doubtlessly thinks that’s very amusing, but I expect the altar boys just think it’s a pain in the ass.

    In an age when catholic bureaucrats are busily trying to distance themselves from Hitler, child rapists, anti-Semitism and the long shadow of the Inquisition Ratzinger’s pronouncements are simply an honest look at what that cult really stands for.

    We don’t get to examine the Vatican’s finances but you can bet that every time he opens his mouth donations drop. If he lives to be 100 he’ll reduce the catholic cult to rubble. They’ll end up putting up a sign at the exit from Vatican City reading, “Will the last one out please turn out the lights.”

    And he’s not alone. Plenty of African prelates and priests oppose them and even the use of HIV/AIDS meds. Their pigheaded superstition and ignorance are literally murdering people.

    Here’s one of many examples, this one from Mozambique: “Maputo, Mozambique, Sep 28, 2007 / 10:46 am – The head of the Catholic Church in the African country of Mozambique is suspicious of the condom campaigns created to avoid the spread of AIDS and is proposing abstinence instead.

    However, Archbishop Francisco Chimoio’s opposition to condoms goes beyond the Church’s teaching on sex and sexuality. He believes that some European-made condoms have been deliberately tainted with the HIV/AIDS virus to kill African people.

    Catholics make up 17 percent of Mozambique’s population. More than 16 percent of Mozambique’s 19 million people, mostly aged between 14 and 49, are infected with HIV/AIDS. About 500 infections are recorded every day, according to the health department. AIDS patients occupy more than 50 percent of Mozambique’s hospital beds. That quote is from the US catholic News Agency

    Or this from Mexican Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragan, president of the Pontifical Council for Pastoral Health who says ” “I think by now we’ve said everything that’s to be said regarding our position on condoms…What we need to look at are comprehensive practices like those in Uganda which reduced AIDS infections through faithfulness and abstinence.”

  5. Simple. Any appearances and pronouncements from this man should not be seen as newsworth by mainstream media. Throw any of his PR machine letters in the bin as soon as they arrive in the post. Don’t send reporters to cover his whereabouts, send the police.

  6. Pope “Rat” knew exactly what he was doing and saying- it was deliberate and meant to put the entire church apparatus on record to oppose all sexual activity outside of marriage. He has the face of a fool, but he’s no one’s fool! He knows that this will, at the least, disturb efforts to control a terrible disease, but he will stop at nothing to advance the catholic agenda and assert catholic doctrine hegemony.

  7. What a pathetic bunch of hate filled creeps you lot are. The Pope is quite right to say that treating sex as if it were simply physical exercise demeans humanity. In Britain you can’t move for sex information and guess what, we have the highest incidence of teenage pregnancy in Europe. Next stop abortion ads on TV – is this what you really want? As a matter of fact he has a brain larger
    than all yours put together and the Catholic Church will be thriving long after you’ve all gone to that great darkroom in the sky.

  8. lisa – you miss the point and ignore his homophobia and tat he’s ignorant

  9. The Pope cannot be impartial on this topic: he works, or thinks he works, for the inventor of HIV/AIDS.

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