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Radio 1 controller warns Chris Moyles to obey broadcasting rules

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Reader comments

  1. Trying to get the BBC to take affirmative action on Chris Moyles has been like trying to get blood out of a stone.

    “Chris Moyles must obey broadcasting rules if he is to keep his job” the radio 1 controller says eh? Well, he didn’t obey the rules so he shouldn’t be in the job. Just a pity that it took Ofcom to lay this down to the BBC for them to grudgingly accept it. I wonder how many breaches of the rules it will take for him to get the heave-ho. Or if he waits long enough between incidents for the dust to settle each time, will he never lose his job.

    One thing is certain, people like him who express these views publicly in their professional capacity, never learn as long as they feel they will get away with nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

  2. Simon Murphy 27 Mar 2009, 7:55pm

    Carol Thatcher was fired instantly from the One Show on the BBC for using the word ‘golliwog’ as it was deemed racist. Why oh why are double standards being applied. Chris Moyles said far worse but does not seem to be facing any consequences. The message the BBC is sending is clear – racism is unacceptable but homophobia is fine. That’s rubbish. The Director General of the BBC is called Mark Thompson. His email address is

    I think he needs to hear from his gay audience to ask why there are double standard pertaining to racism and homophobia.

  3. well he should be fired, and this should be going to goverment when the bbc don’t listen. We are paying for the TV licence as a its a old dated law/power BBC have though government support. As is see it if BBC does something that’s the government’s view too.

  4. Time the BBC got rid of his brand of bonehead bullshit and put something half decent on in the mornings.

  5. Ian Laughlin 28 Mar 2009, 6:58pm

    The BBC is at it again. This time, its notably rabid “Have Your Say” section of the website is allowing theological weirdo’s to promote their “gay cure” ideology, against the advice of mental health and wellbeing organisations. Take a peek, leave a comment:

  6. edward phillips 30 Mar 2009, 11:00pm

    I have band this person from my home and place of work if he is on the radio I turn it to another station the same for the television I change the cannel come on gay community unite and refuse to let this piece of blubber into your homes your offices and your cars and ask all your friends to do the same boycott anything to do with him when his ratings go down the BBC will dispose of him we can do it

  7. Paul Brownsey 31 Mar 2009, 12:49pm

    Parfitt’s remark that Moyles “made a mistake” is yet another way of minimising what Moyles did. Moyles did NOT make a mistake. Making a mistake is exemplified by getting someone’s postcode wrong. Moyles did nothing comparable to that. Instead, he was boorish, insulting, and badly behaved. That is not making a mistake.

  8. I’ll believe they’re taking it seriously when I see it, but he’s already got off with a warning twice. I say one last chance and then he can look for work elsewhere. At least they got as far as telling him his job is under threat if he does it again, which is slow progress but progress of sorts.
    I still can’t believe Radio 1 can’t find a better DJ for their morning slot. They should start looking now, it’s time he had an understudy gunning for his job. That would make him buck up his ideas.
    Until then, I’d sooner listen to Wogan any day.

  9. chris moyles is the man keep up the good work!

  10. Moyles is the man keep up the good work

  11. “piece of blubber” being a larger person myself is this not “Fatist” grow up people I am fat you are gay laugh at yourselves and stop portraying yourselves as poor victims. You are gay I’m a piece of blubber embrace it be proud stop whinging. And is Aled one of Moyles close friends and colleagues gay???

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