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Melbourne Catholic Church to ‘test’ potential priests for homosexuality

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Reader comments

  1. Will they be probed down under?

  2. Brian Burton 27 Mar 2009, 12:05pm

    They will, I assume, do their Probing in ‘CHANT’ Are You H-o-m-o-s-x-u-a-l, N-e-y, n-e-y and t-h-r-i-c-e n-e-y.

  3. Perhaps they should be tested for Insanity.

    “Do you believe in Sky pixies.”


    ” Your in then.”

  4. They are discriminating against homosexuals becoming priest. This goes against their own teaching’s on the subject…

    Verse 2358 of the Catholic Catechism states

    “they (homosexuals) must be accepted with respect, compassion & sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard must be avoided…”



  5. Simon Murphy 27 Mar 2009, 1:23pm

    How are they going to test potential gay priests – by offering them blow jobs?

  6. So much for their seperation of sexual orientation and behaviour argument. Shows their true colours as the nasty bigots they are.

  7. Any excuse to dig this out again.

    There follows the summary to a classic test for homosexuality that the RC Church might want to try were it not for the fact that, as you will see, it would rebound on them spectacularly:

    “Is Homophobia Associated With Homosexual Arousal?”

    Henry E. Adams, Lester W. Wright, Jr., and Bethany A. Lohr

    University of Georgia, 1996

    The authors investigated the role of homosexual arousal in exclusively heterosexual men who admitted negative affect toward homosexual individuals. Participants consisted of a group of homophobic men and a group of non-homophobic men.

    They were separateed into the two groups on the basis of their scores on an index of homophobia.

    The men were then exposed to sexually explicit erotic stimuli consisting of heterosexual vidoes, gay videos and then lesbian videos.

    Changes in penile circumference were monitored. They also completed
    an aggression questionnaire.

    Both groups exhibited increases in penile circumference (they got a stiffy) to the heterosexual and lesbian videos.

    However, only the homophobic men showed an increase in penile erection to gay videos. The groups did not differ in

    They conclused from the study that homophobia is associated with homosexual arousal that the homophobic individual is either unaware of or denies.

  8. Erroll Clements 27 Mar 2009, 1:47pm

    What about the ones already in the church? Or are they scared that if they do test them more than half the church will have to go? All those swishing frocks and red shoes ?!! No bloody loss there !!

  9. Mihangel apYrs 27 Mar 2009, 2:05pm

    to be rejected by the church of paedophile priests – something of an honour really

  10. Bishop Ioan 27 Mar 2009, 2:05pm

    I had a very bad feeling when this lunatic was elected Pope that this wouldn’t be too great a Papacy for LGBTQ people in the Catholic Church. I fear that things will just get worse. Ratzi is a self-hating old queen and many of their bishops are the same. What sense does it make not even allowing celibate gays? Maybe they’ll make all the paedophiles look bad?!

    I thank God/dess every day when I awake that I am Old Catholic. I am happily married to a wonderful transman and wouldn’t trade him for all the gold and pearls in the Vatican, thank you very much!

  11. Nice to see that research again, Ivan. Presumably this ‘test’ will be a series of questions to reveal whether the applicant is gay or not – you can just guess what kind of idiotic crap it’ll consist of. And, of course, no-one will turn round and say, “Sorry, we’re not doing this” because the Pope’s always right, isn’t he?
    Which reminds me of that bit in Father Ted:- “Er…Is it for everything, the infallibility, do you know?”

  12. Robert, ex-pat Brit 27 Mar 2009, 2:54pm

    Nobody is asking the Vatican cultist bigot about heterosexual paedophile priests and seminarians and there are many of those too. What would be the test for them I wonder and better yet, why are they being ignored? Its clear that the RC cult equates paedophilia with a gay orientation, never an heterosexual one. Someone needs to look at that. In the U.S. molestation scandal, more than a third of the paedophile cases were committed by hetero priests. The reason why the larger percentage of the victims were male is quite simple. There was far greater access to boys than girls. If this moron thinks that a test to eradicate gay seminarians and priest will solve the problem, he’s very much mistaken. Its as old as the cult itself and it will continue.

  13. How are they going to test potential gay priests – by offering them blow jobs?
    Comment by Simon Murphy — March 27, 2009 @ 13:23

    Or maybe dip them in Holy Water and if they turn Pink ………

  14. Dear me! ‘Thou protes too much’ comes to mind. I find it astonishing that these people are so gutless that they use their God to hang their prejudices on. They should develop a test to establish Christainity. At the moment they just appear to be bigoted, hateful, vengeful and exclusive. I’d rather stand on my head than engage with people who essentially believe in an overrated fairy story! – Rant commencing……

  15. Ivan – in relation to that report…

    I have always asked if the Pope is gay? because of his extreme homophobia

    This is probably blasphemous, as I am Catholic but according to the Church and him, I am going to Hell already…so it is just one more thing for Satan and I to discuss down there!

  16. Joseph Carmel Chetcuti 27 Mar 2009, 8:30pm

    I cannot say whether His extreme unholiness Pope Nazi Germnany is gay or not but let me say this: he would not have looked out of place at either Capriccio’s or Flo’s, both gay venues along Oxford Street of the 1970s. I mean for Christ’s sake (Christ incidentally was God made man who was born of a virgin, was crucified and rose again from the dead and was taken UP into heaven and that’s pretty normal for a Son of God!) why would a normal straight man be so uptight about gay men. Any excuse for the pervert Catholic priests to talk about the sexual fantasies of young gay men. I say: bring back the lions! Joseph Carmel

  17. Remember, like everything else the RC church says, it is only ‘an ideal’.

    Don’t take things quite so seriously, new recruits are only being asked to kick their legs their height. Formerly, a prerequesite.

    All the best.

  18. Q: Why would Catholic priests never condone condoms?
    A: Because you can’t get little boys pregnant.

  19. Another of their “witch hunts” — full steam ahead back to the middle ages we go.

  20. Brenton Head 28 Mar 2009, 12:40am

    Fortunately, most of the population of Melbourne is far more cosmopolitan and civilised than the Roman Catholic Church. When I visit Melbourne on my yearly visit, do I think “oh what are all of those Vatican people doing?” Definitely A BIG NOT! These Roman Catholic creeps get a lot of publicity and remember all of you across the gay planet, ensure that you never give a cent to any religious organisation or business. Do lots of research and find out who all of these cretans are!!!!!

  21. I don’t think they are queing to join the church; however, if a blow-job is the test, where do I sign?

  22. Just a note about the homophobia research. Two types of homophobes have been identified by research – chronic homophobes who show homosexual arousal; and situational homophobes who will beat up gays if they’re in an anti-gay crowd, but who don’t show homosexual arousal. It doesn’t change the arguments about the Catholic Church.

  23. andrew flynn 28 Mar 2009, 6:26pm

    I cant believe that any rational gay man would want be a part of this ancient Roman cult anyway. I only hope that the more exclusive they become and the less people they let in the quicker its demise will be

    Oh and Martin, dont worry, you’re not going to hell dear – there is of course no such place – I recommend reading some Richard Dawkins on this

  24. As a severely lapsed Catholic, I was under the impression that the Church’s position was that only homosexual acts were a sin, not homosexual desires. In that case, how can celibate gays possible be denied ordination? Obviously the whole thing is completely wrong, but they’re not even being consistent. Bloody typical of anyone acting out of fear and prejudice.

  25. Oh, I dunno. If it means less people enter the catholic priesthood because of fear of being picked out as Gay, rightly or wrongly, or even if they just don’t sign up because they disagree with it, then it shortens the life of the catholic church. It’s all sounds good to me.

  26. They might not being queuing up for the pristhood in Melbourne but they certainly are in Poland; seminaries there are literally priest a conveyor belts. The defacto Polish gay scene. The situation has been satirized on a Czech sculpture recently erected at the European Parliament in Bruxelles.

    All the best.

  27. I am shocked that a progessive nation like Australia is taking this seriously; tests for homosexuality indeed! Proves the Church is still antideluvian even in the most liberal nations! As for His Nastyness, the Arch homophobe of Rome, we can only hope he trips over his cassock very very soon!!!

  28. Jean-Paul 2 Apr 2009, 8:32pm

    I happen to know a gay priest. He has come on to me more than once, but I couldn’t get excited. In fact, I hated him for it. He simply does not have a personality, a complete schizoid and what a pity. What gay man in his right mind would even think of becoming a Roman Catholic priest? Except for fringed benefits like having your bed made in the morning, having your laundry done and folded and deposited at the foot of your bed, having your bathtub cleaned every day – in other words, except for having a slave working for next to nothing and with no pension plan – what kind of fulfillment can a gay guy hope for as a priest? If a guy has an inborn propensity for helping broken people, he should think of becoming a social worker, a psychologist, etc., but never, never a priest. Talk about barking up the wrong tree!

  29. The Catholic Church going backwards? Who’d a thunk?! These are after all the people that brought us execution for people who thought the world revolved around the sun and other such nothing-to-do-with-Christ issues. With so many accepting religious communities out there, why on earth would anyone want to keep going back? It’s like black people complaining that the KKK won’t let them in.

  30. Brian Burton 9 Apr 2009, 4:31pm

    And after all the comments, the Pope will claim he still Loves you all!

  31. Keith SIMPSON 12 Apr 2009, 9:39pm

    Bishop Ioan wrote that “Ratzi is a self – hating old queen”.
    I could not agree more.
    The more I see of this pope, the more I think he is as camp as tents.
    I feel a shoe-throwing ‘event’ in the offing when the hypocrite sets foot here in the U.K.

  32. There are lots of good Catholics who don’t hew to the party line of the Nazi Razi, who prob hates himself because his dreams about Jesus inevitably end with him having his wet dream thrill.

    No gays in the church Priesthood? Wonderful. No more church! Turn their buildings into museums to teach future generations how “God’ becomes renamed “Hate”, and how Satan is Christian reborn again and again with sperm saved from uncle adolf.

    And re the child molestation situation. First – why did they keep it so quiet for decades.. Most likely because the perversion reaches up into the highest levels.

    And lets get the perversion issue str8. When you take sex starved people, and give them the opportunity to excercise power and control over others, what do they do? Exactly what prisoners do – the strongest, most macho rape other prisoners to establish the pecking order (that is more then a pun) – who controls who, who gets tribute and tithing , which in prison is sex dominance and cigarettes so I gather.

    So it had little to do with gays in the priesthood, and all to do with control freaks, and sacks of sperm laden gonads gone wild.

    If any of you still belong to that church, or even think of it except when defecating, you need to please wake up and change your attitude.

    As someone once said – ultimately they will preach only to the dust in the pews, and the dust of their departed. And really ultimately no one will preach, and authors worldwide will vie to write the most telling books of how this institution that talks about God became so totally corrupted.

  33. This is a very sensible thing to do. The church is forgiving of gay people, indeed all sinners, as mankind all is, no matter how Christian we are, and actively encourages all to regularly seek forgiveness to overcome their weaknesses and sins, and resolve to try not to sin again. It is therefore not right to have any priests actively practising perverse sexuality without remorse, and holding a position of authority.

    God wants you to seek repentance!

  34. I’d be a damn sight keener on them testing for a propensity to sexually abuse children in their care.

    Being Gay is a Right, being a Child Abuser is a Wrong

  35. Hopefully they will find that most of their to be priests are gay. Which is most likely the same for the existing priests.

    The priesthood was just another closet created by the church of satan, who is christian reborn and sits on the popes (porcelin) throne.

    And when all the gays are gone from the church – shame on you if you don’t come out publicly now, maybe then the world will be free of the worlds longest living monstrosity.

    But I must show respect to the Pope, so: Seig Heil, Meine Churchfuhrer.

    Btw. if you take a picture of the popo, and add a narrow mustache, you will see that hitler has been reborn in face. As with his pronouncements, you can tell hitler has been reborn in spirit.

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