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Have you had the ‘gay cure’ therapy?

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  1. Miranda LaBonk 26 Mar 2009, 11:00am

    I had it. The Dr turned the handle the wrong way though and turned me into a drag queen.

  2. yes… before I was a gay white man, 35 years old; now i am an african american lesbian, 17. They also changed my zodiac sign from taurus to cow. And I don’t know why, but for a strange reason I used to live in Connecticut but now I find myself in Kagoshima, Japan, totally naked. Can anyone explain why?? Thanx

  3. Try Ted Haggard… that guy is SUCH a good poster boy for the ex-gay therapy movement!

  4. ps.: Can I change my grandma into a 1957 Golden Cadillac? I desperatly need a car… oh…! And please change my religion… I had enough of people walking on water… I’d like something more Sci-Fi like the lord of the rings, the lady of the neckless or Harry potter and the battle of the trans-drones. Cheers! (Beer for everybody!!!)

  5. Does it work the other way around? I know a few straight guys I would like to turn gay(!)………or is that just 6 pints of lager

  6. Brian Burton 26 Mar 2009, 11:56am

    I have just read about ‘Turning Gays around’ put out by the B.M.A. journal…..Ha! Ha! Ha! Ugh…!

  7. To turn a straight girl into a dyke takes 3 pints of lager. Just a tip!

  8. Tony Konrath 26 Mar 2009, 1:35pm

    Until 2000 I offered gay couples and individuals counselling and sex therapy in London. I’ve retired now.

    Part of my practice was working with straight guys who were escorts and who were having difficulties maintaining erections while with male clients. “Sensate focus” exercises, a behavioral approach, provided a quick and simple solution to their problems.

    It seemed to me at the time, and still does, that colleagues with clients who wanted a change in their sexual orientation and who applied psychotheraputic technique hadn’t cottoned on to the fact that sexuality can be divided between behavior and feeling/attraction. All of them failed.

    I was, as I think “ex-gay” ministries do, working with behaviour. We can, all of us, learn to behave differently. What never changes is our sexuality.

    Please feel free to contact me.

  9. Mike/ Charlene – I’ve also encountered this lager-based therapy. Should we be charging straight people an hourly rate for this service? I’ve had at least 3 successes without even trying! Unfortunately the effects are temporary… I think it requires a larger test group!

  10. Tony Konrath 26 Mar 2009, 11:51pm


  11. Charlene, only 3 pints? You do suprise me;-)Most of the Girlies I know can drink most blokes under the table (and they ARE the str8 gels!) I agree with Flapjack; this must demand further research! Perhaps a brewy might sponsor us?!

  12. Whilst some of the comments on here are quite funny, it’s slightly disturbing that this alleged “gay cure” that’s in the news at the moment isn’t pulling more comments about concerns and outrage from the readership!

  13. Brian Burton 4 Apr 2009, 6:52am

    Simon, I’m concerned and outraged–but boy ‘aint it a scream!

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