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Elton John drops his legal case with the Guardian over spoof diary

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Reader comments

  1. I should say so – common sense prevails.

    ot nearly as offensive as an Eminem track, is it, Reg?

  2. Elton, if you want to something productive start bitching about the judges who refuse to apply ‘homophobic’ to blatent hate crimes!

  3. I remember reading that article, and it was hilarious, haha!

  4. Bishop Ioan 27 Mar 2009, 3:18pm

    GLad you saw sense and loosened up, Sir Elton. Let me say firstly, thank you for all your work to raise money to search for an AIDS cure. There are so many serious causes out there that could still use your help–like the fight against homophobia and for marriage equality. I see them as inextricably twined. We may never get rid of homophobia completely but that is no reason that it should not be combatted and same-sex couples who wish to wed be allowed to do so.

    I’m glad to see that Sir Elton dropped this suit. There are just too many other serious things going on in the world.

  5. I agree with all the comments above. Elton gets plenty well rewarded to take some parody. He shouldn’t take himself so seriously. But sadly, this reflects a common reaction in the gay community of which I am so very proud to be a member: people have a sense of humour unless their own sexuality is teased. We would be able to tackle homophobia much more effectively if we understood better the difference between homophobia and satirical fun.

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