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LGBT artists sought for London festival

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Reader comments

  1. Anyone that refers to themselves as a “Queer Festival” gets my back up right away. What’s wrong with “Gay”?

  2. Why do you appear to have a problem with the word Queer? I get that the word has been used by our oppressors as a term of insult, but Queer Theory and the Queer Movement has come a long way since then and the term is now representative of a whole inclusive identity, socio-political ideal and counterculture way of life.

    Queer is a controversial word [perhaps], literally meaning unusual, but Queer Theory redefined it as a term for people who’s sexual orientation and/or gender identity differ from the norm; people who’s lifestyles are non heteronormative; as a unifying term for people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, transsexual, intersexual, asexual, autosexual, genderqueer and everything in between. Queer blurs both gender and sexual orientation, it simultaneously builds up and tears down boundaries of identity, and is more inclusive of difference than simply lesbian or gay.
    Rather than focussing on the interrogation of homosexuality, Queer challenges the heterocentric stance that heterosexuality is ‘natural’, ‘normal’ and ‘unmarked’, and challenges the notions of ‘straight’ ideology.

    So whilst I can see perhaps why the word Queer gets your back up, all I can suggest is that you look into what the word means for the Queer Community that use and identify themselves with Queer. Queer is a positive, self affirming, diversely inclusive term/ideology that can benefit not only the LGBT community, but society as a whole.

    *steps down from soap-box* :-)

  3. Abi Chrisopher 26 Mar 2009, 6:50pm

    “More than 100 LGBT artists are expected to attend the event, scheduled to run between November 9th and 22nd at a variety of London venues.”

    London centric again why not spread it around the country a bit?

  4. Thom: Does that mean that “Black History Month” can now be renamed “Niggers in History”? Ask most Black people if they like the idea of groups “reclaiming” the ‘N’ word, and they will still say it is a word that should be avoided.

    You’ve managed to spout off a massive wadge of pseudo-academic bollocks that still doesn’t make sense. (Heteronormative!!??)

    “Gay” is acceptable by almost everyone. They really don’t need to know the ins and outs of what you do in bed or have between your legs.
    “LGBT” is still too much of a mouthful and sounds like a hospital superbug
    “Queer” is used by left-wing post-graduate prats like you, and is downright bloody offensive to many, including most gay people.

  5. So RobN: I thought the festival was also for lesbian and trans artists and art work – how does the term ‘Gay’ include them?

  6. LR: Most people, excluding Guardian readers and left-wing militants use the word “gay” as a catch-all description. Yes, I know there are many variants, colours and shades of sexuality, which is why someone, somewhere foisted the ugly acronym LGBT, (of which I have again seen many addendums so it ended up something like LGBTCBQQTNSOT or something equally ridiculous)on us, to try to be politically correct – but ask the average Joe Blow in the street, and they see gay as “non-heterosexual” – If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The term queer was not invented by gay people, but by homophobes. It is an insulting phrase that PC morons have tried to reclaim, but I will have none of it. Equally, as I said previously, how many black people use the “N” word? Only the right-on idiots.
    Everyone else finds it just plain nasty.

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