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Gainesville keeps LGBT discrimination protections

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Reader comments

  1. WTF is America up to??? Asking the public to vote on whether to discriminate or not?? Again, WTF?

  2. @Charlene

    My thoughts exactly. They are confusing democracy with civilisation. Basic human rights should never be up for popular vote. Truly the road to hell, even for the majority, though they would not realise it at the time.

  3. TheRadicalRealist 25 Mar 2009, 9:29pm

    America is insane. Don’t come here. Run in the other direction. Save yourselves!

  4. The problem is that we are overrun with christian fanatics here in the states. They tell us that they love us and then turn around and do everything they can to make us miserable by taking away our rights. They are the reason that so many GLBT people suffer from depression.

  5. Gainesville is the home of the University of Florida, which makes it a rather progressive oasis in an otherwise fundamentalist Christian northern Florida. A referendum such as this won could have easily won if it had taken place in another town in the state.

    It would have also set a very dangerous precedent. Many US states (including Florida) do not have discrimination protections for sexual orientation, and even less do for gender identity. The US federal government does not either. So, many local governments (cities and counties) across the country have enacted their own Human Rights Ordinances to provide additional protections within their local areas. Had this passed, this would have given impetus for initiatives in other cities to repeal these existing local laws. It could have been catastrophic for our cause.

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