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Study explodes gay affluence myth

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  1. Brian Burton 24 Mar 2009, 4:42pm

    I sold a signed photograph of the late Actor Steve MacQueen on E-Bay for a tidy sum. Steve was mega-rich but when he worked with other Actors, he always borrowed money from some of them and he never paid them back. Sorry poverty study person, poverty will always be with us.

  2. Hang on, the study is dismissed because it doesn’t compare gay couples to single mothers? How does that work? Surely a comparison between gay couples and heterosexual couples is more methodologically sound?

    But then if the study recommends that one of the solutions to the problem would be to offer equal marriage rights to same sex couples, I can see how the “conservative Heritage Foundation” would suddenly forget the basics of research critique. . .

  3. The truth is that whether a woman is lesbian or not, she does not have the same earning power as a man, whether he be straight or gay. I’m speaking as a gay woman under the American system.

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