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Gay teen Michael Causer’s killer sentenced to life imprisonment

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Reader comments

  1. I cannot believe YET AGAIN the Courts are blatently ignoring the ‘hate’ in a hate crime. I am appalled!!!!

  2. Mr Justice King described O’Connor as ignoble and cowardly, I describe Mr Justice King as idiotic, to imagine that someone like O’Connor would have the slightest concept of noble is beyond belief. Michael Causer was murdered by homophobic scum. The jury should hang it’s head in shame if there are cowards in this case they certainly are that. This verdict like that of Gavin Alker, and Binsteed cannot be called justice. Does anyone apart from Mr Justice King and that jury believe Alker has the remotest concept of what is noble or that he is not a rabid homophobe? When will enough be enough?

  3. “to imagine that someone like O’Connor would have the slightest concept of noble is beyond belief.”

    Gosh. Ignoble means someone who has a very low and inferior character.

  4. The easiest way to conceal the fact that you don’t care about homophobic violence is to pretend in the face of overwhelming evidence that it isn’t there. A woman I knew reported a vicious assault to the Police who expressed disbelief about its being homophobic even after hearing that the thugs had shouted ‘man-hating dyke’ at her.
    Still a lot of work to do, I’m afraid.

  5. If the media had given this case the higher profile it deserved the outcome might have been rather different. The claim of self-defence by Gavin Alker was ludicrous, and shouldn’t have been given a second thought by the judge and jury. Also, the evidence of homophobia on Alker’s part was corroborated and persuasive. Taken as a whole, this case is shameful both for British justice and British society.

  6. I can add no more to the comments above; it is a black day for justice. The correct description of both O Connor and Alker, the latter currently freely walking around Runcorn, is psycopath.

  7. It is utterly appalling, especially considering that in this instance, the police did an excellent job and treated Michael Causer’s death as a hate crime. But if the Judiciary system doesn’t catch up fast, this is going to happen again.

  8. Brian Burton 25 Mar 2009, 7:15pm

    I rejoysed when the Soho Cafe, gay bombing killer was Jailed.

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