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Gays and lesbians face ‘double stigma’ over mental health

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Reader comments

  1. Ian Laughlin 25 Mar 2009, 10:44am

    I am sorry to hear this – my experience of NHS mental health services in England is that they are gay friendly, even if overstretched generally. If you are in Wales and living with a mental health issue, then the voluntary sector might be able to help. Organisations like Mind, Rethink, Manic Depressive Fellowship, OCD-UK, B-Eat (Eating Disorders) have policies addressing the mental health needs of LGBT people and can help advocate with statutory services.

  2. What about societal hostility to seriouly mentally ill lgb people and even hostility in the gay community itself towards the “psychos”.And a special”go f–k yourself to Irish gays”. I actually found the NHS psychiatrists reasonably good .Thanks England for your welcome..Good to see these issues finally being addressed.

  3. What about societal hostility towards seriously mentally ill lgb people and hostility from within the gay community towards “psychos”.I found the NHS reasonably good in England though.Thanks England for your welcome. Good to see these issues finally being addressed. And a very special “go f–k yourself” to the Irish gay community.

  4. Mental health services in Scotland have been just as bad, in my experience. Ayrshire & Arran mental health services don’t seem to know how to deal with LGBT patients.

  5. You think that’s bad? How about gay, mentally ill and black or asian. That must be terrible!

    What’s with all the “go f**k yourself” to the Irish gay community?? I assume they don’t provide support for LGBT mentally ill people over there, and the gay community shuns the mentally ill.

    The NHS are bloody fantastic. We are very lucky to live in the UK. I do hope you are all paying your taxes though, British or not…..

  6. Ian Laughlin 25 Mar 2009, 11:21pm

    I know it is localised, but Mind in Brighton have an ace service called Mind Out, which is geared exclusively around LGBT mental health issues and also campaigns for mutual understanding, arguing against stigmatising attitudes within the wider gay community for example. And in London there is PACE Health, which does counselling and advocacy services and Kairos in Soho, which is a more general well-being charity, but also covers mental health issues.

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