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Complaint may block young gay minister from preaching

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Reader comments

  1. Brian Burton 24 Mar 2009, 6:00pm

    Keep fighting Scott, the bigots rise up but can be swamped and trampled underfoot. You may be a little bloodied but that washes off.

  2. Wake up and smell the bigotry, Scott – leave the church and do something useful with your life!

  3. Brian Burton 24 Mar 2009, 7:13pm

    Now do’nt be silly Maria, no one can just discard a career even in the Church (no matter how distastful to you) and in this climate of unemployment. The groweth of bigotry in the Christian Church is a thing very much to be regretted. It is really a degrading concession to a low form of realism. it is gross aswell. It springs from an entire ignorence of psychology. Man can belive the impossible but man can never belive the improbable.

  4. What does his congregation think? Surely their view is the most important.

  5. Simon Murphy 25 Mar 2009, 12:28pm

    I think that the church should be allowed to ban this man from preaching if they feel like it. I am more confused why the gay preacher would wish to preach in a church which hates him and tries to live lives based on 5000 year old shoddy work of fiction. Churches should NEVER be allowed to abstain from their legal requirements regarding equality legislation. Membership of a religious cult is not a right. It is a choice. This preacher should ideally choose to abandon religion as it is a big steaming heap of shit (in my OPINION). If he can’t do that then at least he should choose a church which doesn’t engage in irrational hatred.

  6. @Charlene – Well, it says the presbytery of the church (same as congregation of a church as far as I know) voted in favour of him being their minister, 60 votes to 24. So, not much less than a 3 to 1 in-favour vote ratio.

    The other point is that it appears that many of those who have complained, live in other areas around the city, outwith that particular church’s catchment area. Bridge of Don & Bucksburn for example are entirely different areas of the city. Seems like a case of sticking their noses in when even the presbytery have said “yes” to the minister proposed.

  7. Simon Murphy 25 Mar 2009, 1:32pm

    I really don’t have time for gay people who campaign to be part of undemocratic, superstitious organisations like religion. I dislike when they do it as it gives credence to religious belief. Religious belief has absolutely nothing to do with civil rights or human rights or equality rights which should be the concern of they gay movement. Isolation is the best method of dealing with religions. Quite frankly I don’t care if a religion is gay friendly or not – I want NOTHING to do with them as I don’t base my life on a fictional book.

  8. The presbytery is not the same as the congregation of the local church. The presbyteries consist of groups of Ministers and Elders(Presbyters) who have oversight of parishes and pastoral responsibility for parish ministers. The Presbytery of Aberdeen represents and supervises 44 Church of Scotland congregations within the city. The Ministers who objected to Scott Rennie’s appointment were Ministers from within this Presbytery.

    The issue at stake here is much broader than the appointment of a gay man to a particular ministerial position, though. It’s the issue of Biblical & Ecclesiastical ‘authority’ & credibility that’s at stake.

    The real issue is: when will Liberal Christians just get honest and admit that they have long since ceased to believe in any historical Christian Orthodoxy?

    If Ministers just told the plain truth about what they learned about the Historical Jesus & the Early Church in their theological studies, their congregational numbers would decline precipitously! Put bluntly, many churches would go out of business!

    Liberal Christians would be better off getting honest & joining the Unitarians or the Quakers or similar groups than trying desperately to squeeze some benign, inoffensive and ‘inclusive’ meaning out of a Biblical tradition that is neither benign nor inclusive.

    ‘Oh, what a tangled web we weave…’

  9. Prof Tony Coxon 25 Mar 2009, 4:06pm

    the institutional homophobia of the Church is not restricted to Scotland or Presbyterians! My experience is that so long as you keep integrity, tell it like it is (and don’t expect approval or preferment!)you win admiration in the end, and/or you know who your bigots are

  10. Brian Burton 25 Mar 2009, 7:09pm

    I pity Simon Murphy, Not because he belives in the ‘Rights of Man’ But because he persues his belifs like an Islamic Iatola. You are scary man!

  11. Simon Murphy 25 Mar 2009, 8:02pm

    10. Brian – why?

    I firmly believe that people be allowed to believe whatever they like so long as they apply those beliefs only to themselves. If people don’t want gay marriage – then don’t marry a gay person. If people are opposed to abortion then don’t get an abortion. But do not try to deny other people that choice simply because your religion forbids it.

    What is scary about that?

    If I happen to insult religion I am merely insulting voluntary beliefs – that surely is allowed. Insulting someone for their sexual orientation or race or gender or age is unacceptable as that is not a freely chosen state like religion.

  12. Alex, Brisbane, Qld 26 Mar 2009, 8:45am

    Go Simon Murphy! I couldn’t agree with you more.

  13. Brian Burton 26 Mar 2009, 10:18am

    The B.M.A. psychiatry journal has stated that psychitrists and theripy can turn Gay and Lesbian people streaght-Now I’ve heard it all!
    Simon, your points I’ve taken on board and I appreciate them-thanks friand (If I may call you friend?)

  14. The facts are: the congregation want him, presbytery said ok too. That is not anti-gay – it is pro-gay!
    What the objectors are doing is saying that this is a big decision and needs ratification at the highest levels in the Kirk. The congregation voted 20-1 if favour, presbytery were 3-1 in favour, Assembly will vote on it now too.

  15. One thing is for sure,Rev Rennie will not run off with any parishoners wives!! What a load of bigots.

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