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Spanish trans man pregnant with twins

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Reader comments

  1. Brian Burton 23 Mar 2009, 2:02pm

    Why not I say Ruben? The best of luck to you and the Babies.

  2. Men, don’t have babies. Transition already. This is just not right.

  3. I’m sorry, but if a person is able to carry twins (or singles, for that matter) to term in their womb, produces no sperm and never has, they are not a “man”.

  4. Not a man, but not a woman. I find it really disturbing that a (bi?) woman that wants to become a man, who is with a man who wants a man but a man who is a woman, would then want to become pregnant. That is just messed up really!!

    Surely pregnancy is something very feminine which should be the preserve of women who want to be women and do women stuff?? Otherwise why become a man if you would go as far as fertility treatment (probably to overcome the testosterone screwing up her/his female physiology)?? And aborting gender reassignment to become pregnant at the last minute??? Very confused and confusing!!

    I’d suggest she/he seeks therapy, not publicity.

  5. What a sick, sick world this has become, Delusional to put it mildly and just highlights that these people want it both ways!!!

    She’s a woman regardless of what law changes ther are!

  6. Pumpkin Pie 24 Mar 2009, 11:40am

    You people sicken me.

    How utterly ironic it is to hear people on a gay site talking about how those who are “unnatural” should seek therapy to make them “normal” just because you don’t understand them. And there’s an interesting issue: understanding. Why do you NEED to understand them in order to accept them? What’s wrong with giving them the benefit of the doubt and trusting that they know who they are? I’d be appalled if I had to explain to everyone why it’s OK for me to be bisexual before they stopped calling me delusional. Not to mention that psychologists recognise transsexualism. Oh, sure, you’ll believe them when they say it’s OK for you to be gay, but if they stand up for transsexuals, they’re quacks! Homophobic bigots use that line of reasoning, or had you forgotten?

    And then we have the issue of sexism. Alright, a future in which science has allowed genetic males to become pregnant is a little far-fetched, but let’s just imagine it for the sake of argument. In such a future, why should women be forced to suffer pregnancy and childbirth? Is that a “woman’s job”? Keeping our houses clean, making our suppers and squeezing out our offspring? Sounds pretty sexist to me. If such an alternative was available, why should women always be forced to suffer the hardship and pain?

    Transsexuality challenges our very beliefs about the rigidity of gender identity, sexuality and gender roles. It doesn’t matter if you can’t wrap your tiny minds around these complex issues – I know I struggle with it. What should matter is that you are open and accepting of those you don’t understand. There’s a word for people who aren’t: bigot. Haven’t those people caused us enough grief already?

  7. Abi Chrisopher 24 Mar 2009, 1:32pm

    Its totally hypocritical the condemnation Anjem Choudary’s hate speech towards yourselves then us the same type of hate towards trans people.

    From a woman with a transsexual past.

  8. Brian Burton 25 Mar 2009, 1:43pm

    Well said Pumpkin dear , the only beef I have is your Name: I hate PUMPKIN PIE, yuk yuk!

  9. Pumpkin said it the best. Gay people have been victimised for years but yet they are more then willing to do the same exact thing to someone else, it’s quite funny and deeply sad at the same time. I myself am i transsexual male and i have no desire to become pregnant. Although i do not regard pregnancy as solely a female act, look at male seahorses for example! They are the ones who carry the babies. It’s more ignorant people and intolerant people who make the world a f—-d up place to live, not someone with a birth defect. Aren’t gay people lucky they are so accepted now! Transsexuals will become more accepted as well, we just have to wait for you idiots to catch up.

  10. Pumpkin Pie 26 Mar 2009, 1:10pm

    Funnily enough, even with something as minor as bisexuality, you still get some people out there who just can’t accept it (even among gays). There’s an old saying in the bisexual community: I’m bisexual, YOU’RE confused! ;D

    And how about asexuals (i.e. those with a lack of sexual desire)? Most people probably don’t even think they exist, or just think they all suffer from depression (lack of sexual desire is a symptom of depression, but depression isn’t the only explanation).

    Yep, it can be a pretty confusing world out there. My philosophy is to always accept first and then figure out the why’s and how’s second.

    P.S. I’ve never even tasted pumpkin pie. I just think the name makes me sound cute. :p

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