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Orange County school sued over homophobic and sexist threats

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Reader comments

  1. Raymond H. Burgoon-Clark 22 Mar 2009, 4:01pm

    I lived behind the “Orange Curtain” in Orange County California USA for more than five years. It was a terrifying experience. Orange County is a hotbed of Rethuglicriminals (sic), kraven kowardly konservative kristianist kultist krazies (KKKKKK for short), racist thugs and wealthy white neo-con fascist oligarchs. The local AIDS charity couldn’t even put the word “AIDS” on their building for fear of violent reprisals.

    Newport Beach, California is one of the wealthiest areas in the USA; they think money entitles them to discriminate against everybody they don’t like.

    I was pulled over a number of times for “driving while poor” because my elderly ’78 Chrysler Newport (ironically) was synonymous with “drugs, homeless, and gangs” to the Newport Beach Police.

    I was choirmaster and organist at a wealthy homophobic breakaway Anglican church there … one of the most INSANE career moves I EVER made. After two strokes and two heart attacks, I resigned and went on Social Security Disability. They kicked me to the curb like yesterday’s garbage.

    THAT’S *my* experience with the people of Orange County California USA.

    Raymond H. Burgoon-Clark
    San Diego CA USA