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Northen Ireland MP Iris Robinson will not face prosecution for comparing homosexuality to paedophillia

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  1. This evil woman is to get away with disgraceful, homophobic statements! She will do it again, and others will be encouraged to act in a similar inflammatory way. Clearly, the law is totally ineffective in preventing such abuse, or, perhaps, the PPS prefers to disregard it.

  2. “She will do it again” I rather doubt it, she will be well warned about any repetition. Even the Pope is having to mend his ways.

  3. I suggest that individuals send emails to the Democratic Unionist Party telling them what they think of their evil representative Iris.

  4. Sigh… did anyone really think this would turn out any different? Of course she was going to get away with it. The sooner these kind of outbursts are treated less like ‘freedom of speech’ and more like horrible, hateful comments they are the better.

  5. Neville, I believe she is barren. Enough said.

    All the best.

  6. PCG, Portugal 20 Mar 2009, 5:53pm

    She certainly paid the officers to get rid of the charges, it would have been much simpler if she had made a issued an appology at the time she committed the offences.

  7. She didn’t compare homosexuality to “paedophilia.” Paedophilia is a sexual orientation focused on children, and most paedophiles do not act on their interests illegally. She compared homosexuality to child sexual abuse. There’s a very important difference, and I hope the author will respect that in future articles.

  8. Naomi, who the hell are you? A screaming bigot? You say “She compared homosexuality to child sexual abuse” . . . and that’s all right? YOU don’t find that comparison sickening? If you do not, then you and Iris are one and the same.

    That Iris Robinson, a significant public figure, has got away with comparing me, Lord Mandelson, Sir Antony Sher, and every other DECENT person who happens to be of a homosexual orientation with a child abuser is nothing short of evil, wicked, and utterly bloody ignorant.

    If the police won’t discipline this bitch, then people should take into their own hands to let her know how angry she has made us.

    Gays and Lesbians of Northern Ireland pull your fingers out, organise a massive demonstration, and go ape-shit in front of this woman in public. Make your feelings known.

  9. Can we change the headline to Northern Irish MP? It seems bizarre, given the politics of Northern Ireland and Ireland, that Pink News would run such an ill-informed description of this MP. I haven’t seen any other new outlets make this mistake. She regards herself as a British MP and she sits in the British parliament.

    More importantly, I think it was a mistake for the gay community to pursue Robinson in this fashion. She’s homophobic, disgraceful, idiotic, medieval – that’s all true. But this is a democracy and we are always lecturing the culture about the need for diversity and more freedom. She has the freedom to be idiotic and we should accept that. Instead, we should call on the public to vote her out of office. Just as we would with racists.

  10. Simon Murphy 20 Mar 2009, 7:04pm

    Don’t accept this people.

    There is a Policing Board in Northern Ireland to ensure that the police treat all communities fairly and impartially. It was set up as a result of the Troubles but seeing as the gay community is also a community this will fall under their remit.

    Contact them at:

  11. Simon Murphy 20 Mar 2009, 7:06pm

    Here’s what I wrote:

    Subject: Complaint about Investigation by PSNI into homophobic hate crime committed by Iris Robinson
    Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2009 19:02:07 +0000

    Dear Policing Board

    I would like to request an investigation into the disgraceful outcome of the criminal investigation by the PSNI into hate crimes committed last year against Iris Robinson.

    Their decision that Iris Robinson has not committed a crime (despite inciting hatred against the gay community by comparing them to paedophiles indicates that they are not fit for purpose when it comes to the protection of the gay community)

    Please advise what action will be taken to ensure that the PSNI will fulfil their duties to protect ALL communities in Northern Ireland – INCLUDING the gay community.

    Yours sincerely

  12. Simon Murphy 20 Mar 2009, 7:17pm

    OBriann – this woman’s constituency is other religious extremists like herself and they will re-elect her as she is simply voicing their own extremist homophobic views.

  13. Ian Laughlin 20 Mar 2009, 10:13pm

    Thanks Simon – a well worded mail that can be easily cut and pasted to the Policing Board. The Robinson affair demonstrates that, whilst legal reforms are necessary and worthwhile, no minority group can ever rely on the liberal state to protect it entirely. The strength of the gay community (as with the black, Jewish or any other community) is in our ability to take action to defend ourselves, to speak and campaign on our own behalf.

  14. The Lgbt forums that work both with the Police and Policing Board, have been working closely with many others in the community to try and ensure that the police and the PPS do their job. ofcourse we feel they have failed….for whatever reason, and now those of us as individuals who made the original complaints, and organisations like The Rainbow Project of which I am the Chair should pursue this with the Ombudsmans Office and the Equality Commission. We need t remember that her views are reflective of a significant % of the electorate….and her constituency vote and seat as an MP is very secure.

    Big demos will not help…they will play into the DUP’s hand….BUT do try and make a difference…write to your MP, lobby the Minister for Health, and the Health Committee too….let them know about how this affects you and your friends and family, and let the silver lining of this be that the Assembly has to support Lgbt organisaions and the commnuity they represent.

  15. You misread my comment, Eddy. I never said that Robinson’s comparison was acceptable. I was merely complaining about this article’s misuse of the word “paedophile” to mean child abuser, since most paedophiles are not child abusers and most child abusers are not paedophiles. I was attacking bigotry, not defending it.

  16. Adam Donnelly 21 Mar 2009, 4:07am

    I agree that yes peodophilia is a dispicable act and should not be tolerated,

    However, to compare it to being like homosexuality only highlights her blind ignorence and discrminative nature which really makes her opinions being no better than that of any Neo-Nazi claims or that of any racist remark.

    As i am sure, if she made a racist remark it would something which would be asked to hold her accountable and demand that she makes an apology

    so why should the gay community be treated any differently?

    We don’t want special treatment we just wish to be treated as equals like any other human being on this planet.

  17. Adam Donnelly: Paedophilia is not an act; it’s an unchosen attraction. Having feelings for children hurts no one. Paedophiles who do not act on their orientation illegally deserve tolerance and respect.

  18. veganrampage 21 Mar 2009, 8:37am

    I am interested in exactly which law this evil stupid ignorant f–ktwit of a woman broke. Here in the USA, you are allowed “freedom of speech” except for screaming fire in a theater if there is no fire. Hate speech is protected , but only up to a point. If it can be proven the hate speech lead directly to a crime, then the asswipe can be held criminally liable.
    It is well known that child rapists are almost always hetro men, too bad she is so ignorant.

  19. What she said was nasty, offensive and cruel. Maybe, just maybe, the cops and the PPS are right and it wasn’t actually illegal? I’m fairly sure that they knew it wasn’t going to go away and they have checked their facts before she was ‘let off’? Is our problem the process or the result?

  20. Given that I’m fairly sure the police didn’t expect this to go away, maybe, just maybe they have checked the law and she didn’t break it? She was cruel, bigoted, offensive; maybe she wasn’t criminal. She doesn’t like what the LGBT community do, the LGBT comunity doesn’t like her. Dislike isn’t criminal. Anyway; do we need a sense of proportion here about protests/ action – if the fact is that she didn’t break the law, do we need to try and get protection for feelings, or do we move on?

  21. Maybe she didn’t break the law? I don’t think either the cops or the PPS have thought this was going to be forgotten about so maybe they did actually check it – they interviewed the journalist etc didn’t they. I just think we need to be careful here by calling for tolerance and acceptance but then demanding we get an outcome we like and going into mass protest mode when we don’t. I think its time to move on.

  22. Everyone, take care if you choose to just copy Simon’s entire message when complaining about the outcome of the Iris Robinson investigation. Simon made a small typo stating that the hate crimes were committed AGAINST Iris Robinson. They were of course committed BY Iris Robinson. Don’t confuse poor PC Plod.

    Excellent letter Simon and thanks for giving us all an email address to help us escalate this matter.

    My email is as follows:

    Subject: Complaint about Investigation by PSNI into homophobic hate crime committed by Iris Robinson

    Dear Policing Board,

    This email is to ask you to investigate the outrageous result of the criminal investigation by the PSNI into hate crimes committed last year by Iris Robinson.

    Iris Robinson stated quite clearly that homosexuality is no different from child abuse. She said that because of this similarity homosexuality sickens her. However, child abuse is a perverted choice while homosexuality is an inherent sexual orientation. Robinson has therefore encouraged others to feel “sickened” by we homosexual people. This is absolutely to engender hatred in other people towards us.

    Robinson may believe that homosexual inclinations can be converted into heterosexual inclinations. She is however wrong to believe this. It simply is not possible – though some homosexuals do choose to suppress their orientation and try to live as heterosexuals.

    Please advise what action will be taken to ensure that the PSNI will fulfil their duties to protect ALL communities in Northern Ireland – INCLUDING the gay and lesbian community.

    Yours sincerely,

  23. Friends – don’t you see an irony in ‘protecting all communities’ but saying its an outrageous result because she’s not being prosecuted? If she dodn’t break the law, she didn’t.

  24. Petra, the irony is, gays are their own worst enemy sometimes.

    All the best.

  25. Well I compare the sight of her face, to my eyes being stabbed with chopsticks.

  26. Naomi, paedophilia is a FETISH, not an orientation. An extremely harmful and perverse fetish at that. It is completely dissimilar to homosexuality.

  27. Robert, ex-pat Brit 21 Mar 2009, 3:57pm

    Now, if she had made the same comments and replaced us with an ethnic group, the police would have found that she had indeed committed an offence and prosecuted. If we had said the same about her and her right wing religious-cultist believers and equated them with paedophilia , we too would have faced prosecution, make absolutely NO mistake about that. Freedom of speech I’m all for, but speech that implies incitement to foment hatred towards any group based on one’s personal religious beliefs is not acceptable which clearly this was. She is a government servant and as such has no place venting her religious belief based sentiments in the public arena that affect an entire group of people. She needs to keep those opinions to herself and within the confines of her home and place of worship where they belong and if she can’t, then she should shut up or face being voted out of office. I prefer the latter.

  28. To those who are seemingly deliberately trying to obfuscate the issue, let’s make it clear.

    This evil minded witch compared homosexuality to child abuse and paedophilia. This is incitement to hatred. To those who do not think so, let’s suppose tomorrow she also compared asian muslims to paedophiles and child abusers, what do you think would happen? Let me assure you, she would be promptly arrested and prosecuted for incitement to hatred. There would be no debate on the matter. None.

    All that we who are homosexual demand is equal treatment. Anything she has said, simply replace the word gay or homosexual with the word black or muslim or jew, and you will soon understand how utterly, utterly offensive her comments are.

    In my book, this woman is dirt. She is a dirty filthy evil bigot of the very worst kind, and should be prosecuted without debate. She deserves a spot in jail until she learns to respect ALL people.

    I am gay, and am very, very angry that this evil dirty filthy bigot is allowed to talk about me as a paedophile or child abuser. Northern Ireland is soooooo stuck in the past.

  29. Brian Burton 21 Mar 2009, 4:56pm

    Silly Cow! Give her a good kick in the girdle!

  30. Oh and just for the record, what most of these religious presbyterian bigots THINK they know about homosexuals would fill volumes. What they ACTUALLY know about homosexuals could be written on the back of a stamp.

    I’m often tempted to invite this woman to come to my house so she could meet me and my partner of 18 years, so she could see we both live totally normal lives, and NEITHER of us is a paedophile or child abuser.

  31. Mr J Matthews, I think Iris has been highly offensive in how she has conducted herself. But I have a friend from the gay community who tells me that physical monogamy is a very very rare thing in the gay community. The govt estimated only abot 3 per cent of the gay community was interested in civil partnerships.

    Is it accurate therefore to say gay marriage is analogos to hetero marriage, bearing in mind the above?


  32. To the person posing as “friend”. Who the hell is your informant from the gay community? Are you so stupid you base your beliefs about a vast number of people on the views on one single person whose only qualification, you say, is that he or she is “from the gay community”?

    Or are you just here to stir things up?

  33. ‘friend’ that is a profoundly stupid thing to say. You know one person who gives you their opinion and now you’re suddenly able to generalise MILLIONS of different people? Grow up! ALL of my gay friends are in monogamous relationships!

  34. ‘friend’ that is a profoundly stupid and ignorant thing to say. One of your ‘friends’ from the gay community gives you their opinion, more than likely based on a small circle of their friends, so you are now able to generalize MILLIONS of different people? All of my gay friends and myself are in monogamous relationships, thank you very much. Get a clue!

  35. Isabel, absolutely no sexologists consider paedophilia a “fetish,” and rightly so: Children are not objects. Many professionals, on the other hand, agree with the label of “orientation.” Dr. Ray Blanchard and seven colleagues recently wrote in the journal “Sexual Abuse” that “[t]he term pedophilia may be defined as the erotic orientation of persons whose sexual attraction to prepubescent children exceeds their sexual attraction to pubescent or physically mature persons.” Are you denying that paedophiles are sexually oriented towards children?

    Your smearing of paedophiles as “perverse” is ironic, given that homophobes would use that same term to attack you, and before that the Nazis used it on the Jews. Such are the patterns of history. As for “harmful,” there is nothing harmful at all about the feelings themselves.

    The self-serving bigotry here is revolting.

  36. Guys – please dont rush to judgement.
    1) You totally missed the Govt figures on demand for civil parnterships. It was projected at around only 3 per cent. why?
    2) Marrige is very, very different to serial monogamy.

    One is entered into as a dual lifelong committment to monogamy. The other is not.


  37. BTW guys. look at the heat in your comments here. Is it any different to the shrill tones used by Iris? No.
    Are you against me excercising respectful free speech here?

  38. Disgraceful. I actually believed she might have to answer for her outrageous comments. More fool me….
    It’s not about her right to ‘free speech’ or the LGBT community being ‘intolerant’. Her comments went far beyond her personal beliefs about homosexuality and into comments that were disgusting, vicious and obviously untrue.
    To use a purposely trivial example: I don’t like football (sorry, football fans!). It’d be reasonable for me to say that football was boring/footballers were pathetic when they got injured, etc etc. What would NOT be acceptable is for me to say that all footballers are murderers. There’s a line beyond which free speech becomes violent bigotry and Iris Robinson crossed that line big time. It’s not that what she said was upsetting to our community – we deal with upsetting things all the time – it’s that what she said was a lie, a slander with no basis in truth and was so vicious and hateful that it should be made clear to her and others who think like her that such comments are offensive, beyond the pale and utterly criminal. And, yes. I genuinely believe her comments WERE criminal.

  39. friend, what are you trying to say? Why the focus on Civil partnerships? I don’t see the relevance to this story. (I’m asking that politely) Are you suggesting that LGBT people are somehow less moral? I’m NOT saying you are, but I can’t see how your comments relate to this story and that was the only idea I had of how they might.
    And although your comment was met with criticism, nothing anyone wrote was in any way like Robinson’s comments. They just pointed out that your comment was ‘stupid’ because you were judging millions of people by one example. That would be like me saying that all people from *insert city* were thieves “because I’d been robbed by one, so QED”.
    Many gay people don’t want CPs for a number of reasons – most of which have nothing to do with not wishing to enter into ‘dual monogamy’.

  40. Iris only talks through her mouth because are arse has worn out. Her husband is probably the same but for entirely different reasons.

    All the best.

  41. Firstly – to ‘friend’:
    I have checked your “statistics” and you have misrepresented them. It is actually 3% of the total population that would be eligible to be affected by CP legislation. Big difference there. This would reflect about half the gay community if you accept that 6% (estimate by the government) of the population is gay. This would be about the same for the heterosexual population. So, what was your point??

    Secondly – to Naomi:
    Semantics aside, you should not regard paedophilia as an orientation. Paedophiles often objectify children. Their sole use of objectifying children is sexual and based on sexual acts. It is the way they achieve sexual gratification whether realised or not. They do not wish to attain (nor can they attain) any meaningful relationship with a child outside of sexual objectification. Therefore there is a case to answer with regard to the fetish label (and the perversion label) despite what the “experts” you cite say. Homosexuality as an orientation is a normal part of the spectrum of sexuality and can be defined as “normal” in the same way that consensual heterosexual relationships are “normal”.

    Thirdly, to you both:
    No-one on this website (either posting or administrating) is curtailing your freemdom of speech(fos). But, fos comes with the caveat of right of reply, whether you like that reply or not.

  42. DUP MP Iris Robinson did not say anything wrong either legally or as a matter of truth. She just expressed the view of millions of reasonable people who do not bend under politically correct “fashionable” liberal non-sense.

  43. Simon Murphy 22 Mar 2009, 12:59am

    Ignore ‘friend’ and his tosser friends. They are not worth responding to. Email
    to ask why incitement to hatred against gay people is not a crime. Northern Ireland has many religious extremists. The gay community there needs assistance. If we don’t protest this then the police are free to ignore homophobic hate crime.

  44. To those who have not already written to complain about the decision taken on Friday in favour of Iris Robinson, PLEASE EMAIL, as Simon suggests, to:

    AND include something along the the lines of:

    We request you to ask yourselves, if Iris Robinson had compared Blacks, Asians, or Muslims with child abusers and/or paedophiles and if she had said she found Blacks, Asians, or Muslims just as “sickening” as child abusers and/or paedophiles, would that not have qualified as incitement to hatred? And then, please, remind yourselves that under the law homosexual people are to be given exactly the same respect as Blacks, Asians, or Muslims. It therefore follows that Iris Robinson quite clearly incited others to hatred of gay and lesbian people.

  45. I always tend think people like the Robinsons, or the Souter clan, for example, are somehow overcompensating for something with their anti-gay stance. I mean to say, what would make wealthy people and/or happily married couples take such an extreme interest in homosexuality. It just doesn’t make sense.

    Of course, it could just be a personal thing, nothing to do with religion or the bible; for example, their advances were rejected by a gay person when they were younger and they never got over it. On the other hand, the whole thing could have nothing to do with homosexuality at all and it is just being used as a smokescreen to cover much darker aspects to their lives.

    Just my personal opinion, of course.

    All the best.

  46. Dave, yes, it’s a clinical phobia they have, and in the case of this particular woman it appears to be a serious phobia. The reasons for this phobia are many and various. What’s so disturbing about this woman’s condition is that she feels a truly violent “sickening” hatred towards the subject of her phobia, i.e. she has an advanced illness. Some people may have a mild phobia against spiders, some people have have a stronger phobia against spiders, but how many people are there who think of spiders with the same sickened revulsion that they feel towards people who sexually abuse children? Few, thankfully.

    Phobias to a large extent are forms of behaviour for which we have responsibility. Robinson is responsible for her phobia. She needs to get it under control and she needs to eliminate it.

  47. Any word of the gays and lesbians in Northern Ireland getting a demonstration together against the decision in favour of this sick and evil woman?

    If not, and you know any gays and lesbians in Northern Ireland, contact them immediately, point them to this page in Pink News and tell them to get a march together QUICK!

  48. Robert, ex-pat Brit 22 Mar 2009, 1:29pm

    Comment by Friend….civil partnerships are not marriages according to the matrimonial causes act of 1973. That act does NOT recognise same sex marriages performed outside the UK but considers them civil partnerships instead, how absurd is that? In the U.S., one in two marriages fail as a result of infidelity and financial reasons. Straight married people are just as prone to infidelity as gay civil partnered couples are. Maybe if more gay couples form legal unions the rate of infidelity will slow down a bit, time will tell. Before these partnerships were legal, there was no legal structure to form a union and maybe that was one of the reasons why there was or is so much promiscuity in our community, but its not much different than the straight population. When gays do it, its sensationalised, when straights do it its not. Iris Robinson’s comments were deeply offensive and hateful. As I said in a previous post, substitute gay for black, islam, jewish, or any ethnic or racial slur, she would have been prosecuted had she made the same comparison.

  49. Naomi it seems to me you are yourself a pedophile.
    You say many untruths. It is NOT the same as homosexuality. Do not compare the two. Pedophiles DO abuse children. No one is BORN a pedophile it is something that happens.
    My god what next the right to be a pedophile? Children are not able to make a chose about sex nor religion (It’s very clear no child should be brainwashed into a religion).

  50. The Northern Ireland Gay Rights Association has organised a protest against this scandalous decision. It is at 12.30pm on Tuesday 24th March, 2009, in Chichester Street Belfast, near the Public Prosecution Service’s office.

    Everyone is welcome to attend. If you are coming, it would be helpful if you could email me at to assist with numbers.

  51. Ian Laughlin 23 Mar 2009, 1:05am

    That’s good news Michael. Well done NIGRA, and I hope that other organisations lend support for Tuesday’s demonstration.

    The appearance of screeds such as those endeavouring to establish logical links between gay rights and the right to practice paedophilic acts, or whining heterosexuals complaining about the fact that they can’t attack “the gays” with impunity anymore, all show that PinkNews has made it to the haters’ radar. They will eventually get bored, but for a while, every spotty adolescent homo-hater will be on the comments pages posting abuse or trying to provoke. At least their online tirades keep them out the way and not living out their dangerous fantasies.

  52. F—–g c–t

  53. Well done, “Northern Ireland Gay Rights Association” ( organising a protest against the scandalous decision in favour of Iris Robinson. You will no doubt be publicising this event everywhere you possibly can in Northern Ireland, but do publicise it in the UK as well simply because of the contacts that people in the UK have with people in NI. It’s so important to let all the papers know TODAY that your demonstration is at 12.30pm on Tuesday 24th March, 2009, in Chichester Street Belfast, near the Public Prosecution Service’s office. Do make sure you let the major gay websites know about it, particularly Pink News.

  54. What is our country coming too when people who defend our brave lads against mad protesters get arrested and this person is allowed to get away with homophobic rantings!

  55. The Northern Ireland Gay Rights Association has organised a protest against this scandalous decision. It is at 12.30pm on Tuesday 24th March, 2009, in Chichester Street Belfast, near the Public Prosecution Service’s office.

    Everyone is welcome to attend. If you are coming, it would be helpful if you could email to give them an idea of numbers.

    PLEASE PUBLICISE THIS DEMONSTRATION. Inform everyone you know right NOW!

  56. JD
    Sorry I must correct you. The original Govt estimate was that 3.3% of the LGBT community wanted official lifelong committment (civil partnerships). Source;-
    My point was to Mr Matthews in post 30 that while he is a long term relationship, Govt research suggests it is not the norm in LGBT community.
    Therefore generalized comparisons with hetero marriage are not justified. My friend from the gay community affirmed this viewpoint.

  57. “friend”: the govt admit they understimated demand for civil partnerships massively. In my area, in the registry office, demand for them has outstripped demand for marriage significantly since civil partnerships were introduced. and research suggests that 70% of straight men cheat on their wives.

    naomi: if you want to defend people who have a desire to have sex with children, then go and find a pedophile site to do it. this is not a site for people who want to abuse children (regardless of whether they act on it or not). This is news site for people who love and/or have sex with consenting adults.

    They are not similar in any way at all.
    Trying to confuse the issue and imply that it is a similar issue is dishonest of you. You could just as easily be posting on a hetero site of you simply view it as an orientation. So much of the hate that is directed at LGBT people is because of people like you comparing us with people that want to, or who actually do, abuse children.

  58. FRIEND again... 23 Mar 2009, 10:32am

    Sorry I must correct you. The original Govt estimate was that 3.3% of the LGBT community wanted official lifelong committment (civil partnerships). Source;-
    My point was to Mr Matthews in post 30 that while he is a long term relationship, Govt research suggests it is not the norm in LGBT community.
    Therefore generalized comparisons with hetero marriage are not justified. My friend from the gay community affirmed this viewpoint.

  59. “There can be no viler act, apart from homosexuality and sodomy, than sexually abusing innocent children” —Iris Robinson – House of Commons committee minutes.

    The above is what is recorded in Hansard as having been stated by Iris Robinson.

    Let’s be clear about she said. Her words mean that homosexuality is MORE VILE than the sexual abuse of children.

    As practically everyone would agree that the sexual abuse of children is an act that deserves hatred and detestation, it follows that Iris Robinson was encouraging others to hold the view that homosexuality is more worthy of hatred and detestation than the sexual abuse of children.

  60. UPDATE

    Protest against Iris Robinson decision by PPS outside Laganside Courts
    The NIGRA protest against on Tuesday 24 March 2009 from 12.30 pm is being held outside Laganside Courts, Oxford Street, Belfast, opposite the Waterfront Hall.

    This venue will give us a much higher visibility than we would have had in Chichester Street.

    Please publicise it – and come yourself.

    Email for further info:

  61. Vile woman

  62. ivan lewis 24 Mar 2009, 5:18am

    what a VACHE ,has she been under a rock all of her life,or is she just suffering from a severe case of stupidity.Isuspect the latter.she appears to be fighting her own personal demons,closet lesbian,come out come out.she is one of many bigots in northern ireland

  63. Why do we need to prosecute her when her comments did more damage to her credibility than any court case could have done?

  64. Simon Murphy 24 Mar 2009, 11:00am

    Because Chris – she is the MP for a religious extremist constituency. Her constituency thinks very highly of her and she will be re-elected easily. There are too many religious extremists in Northern Ireland to rely on elections to remove facist bigots like Robinson from office. The religious nutters in Northern Ireland are too dangerous to ignore.

  65. A lot of people vote for her, not just extremists. Is language such as fascist and religious nutter displaying tolerance and respect for her views and beliefs, which are shared by many? The LGBT comunity is at risk of too much special pleading here. The law says no offence, not the police or the PPS – they interpret it, and maybe they’re right; its law not popularity. Remember that there are those who would re-criminalise homosexuality.

  66. Simon Murphy 24 Mar 2009, 4:45pm

    Her constituency of Strangford is a predominantly Free Presbyterian consituency. This is the heartland of Ian Paisley’s church which believes that the earth is 5000 years old and that homosexuality is an abomination.

    When it comes to Northern Ireland I think the LGBT cannot be at risk of too much special pleading. Considering that in Northern Ireland until very recently 95% of the NI police force came from 1 section of the community and considering the far higher prevalence of religious extremists in NI than anywhere else in the UK I think the LGBT community there are very wise to question whether the police there are fit for purpose when it comes to policing incitement to hatred.

    The police in NI still draws many of its recruits from people who share Robinson’s views.

    And sorry if you find it offensive but someone who regards homosexuality as an abomination is a facist. Hitler regarded the Jews as abominations. We cannot let this crazed bigot get away with this.

    She has stated clearly that she regards a law abiding section of the community (whom she is supposed to represent) as abominations. She would not get away with calling black people abominations (or indeed catholics – although she believes that also). She is crazed and dangerous and the police must know that incitement to hatred against someone based on their sexual orientation is as unacceptable as incitement to hatred based on race or religion.

    Mail the police at to question why they will happily tolerate incitement to hatred against gay people.

  67. “Friend”, whether your statistics are accurate or not – you are missing one important point. Gay people may not want civil partnerships because for decades they have been told by an uncaring society that they are promiscuous, bad, mentally ill, going to hell, just like paeodphiles and therefore undeserving of long-term relationships. How on earth are gay people expected to have the same goals as straight people if society has made it so hard for them to attain them? We have only had CPs for a couple of years (and it’s still a second-class version of proper marriage – not good enough in my view).

    You are therefore using fallacious statistics to support what is a homophobic point.

  68. Exactly just what would this maniac have to say before she is arrested?

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