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Critics slate Lesbian Vampire Killers film

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Reader comments

  1. Hmm…. so it’s like their new “comedy” series on BBC 3 then, eh?

    Quel surpris!

  2. davevauxhall 20 Mar 2009, 6:16pm

    Jewish Vampire killers, black vampire killers, I don’t think so. More childish misognist, sexist, homophobic crap from Horne and Corden. Someone is going to lose a lot of money on this and they deserve it.

  3. I couldn’t help feeling from the trailer that once you got past the jokey cheezy horror title, what was left was that tired old straight cliche that lesbians are just there to titillate the readership of Loaded magazine.
    It’s basically a lesbian movie for a non-lesbian demographic. In film studies they call this “The male gaze” but all it boils down to is lesbians as sex-objects for straight lads to beat off to at home with their finger on the pause button. Surely British comedy has moved on since Robin Asquith?

  4. Out-dated clap-trap. Cordon & Horne are, to me, scraping the barrell now.

  5. Ian Laughlin 20 Mar 2009, 10:15pm

    Well put Dave and Flapjack. Does anyone have a link to the online campaign group Angry Lesbians who are opposing this movie?

  6. Ian – I wouldn’t bother opposing this movie… for one thing you’ll be preaching to the choir, those who are offended by it won’t go to see it anyhow and the Nuts magazine readership will see it whatever you do.
    For another thing, Rotten Tomatoes (the film reviewer’s concensus site) has given it a pretty lame rating of 20%. I think there are 2 categories of audience here, and very few undecided. If anything, from my film studies experience you perversely encourage people to see this kind of crap at the cinema if it can garner a reputation as “the film ‘THEY’ didn’t want you to see”. Let it wither on the vine.

  7. Abi Chrisopher 22 Mar 2009, 8:16am

    Cordon & Horne are the the most unfunny comedians I have ever seen all they do is copy (badly) Walliams and Lucas.

    Are they the new Haile and Pace?

  8. Stop complaining, dont like it? dont watch it!! simple, i dont matter if you like it or not!

  9. Google ‘al murray gay nazi’. The first result is a good article by the lovely Tim Teeman from The Times (who happens to be gay, don’t you know). It discusses this lazy bile that we now see on television with increasing regularity. I can’t link to it directly, the comment gets marked as spam.

  10. Brian Burton 25 Mar 2009, 7:30am

    I dreamed I owned a motor car and when I woke up, I only had the Horn!.

  11. I hated the film. It was homophobic in its treatment of women-that-like-women, and that werewolf at the end was the sort of stereotypical image of us that belongs in the 1970s.
    And their sketch show? More homophobia. I hope their careers fail. They deserve it.

  12. Brian Burton 26 Mar 2009, 11:34am

    And after all the comments, I just can’t drum up enough enthusiasum to even comment!

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