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Australian government to ‘block’ gay websites

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Reader comments

  1. Bud Burgoon-Clark 20 Mar 2009, 6:11pm

    What’s up with this??? Don’t they have freedom of speech laws in Australia???

  2. David Griff 20 Mar 2009, 6:28pm

    Very slippery slope.

  3. Let’s face it, that country has been backward for some time now. Frightening that Rudd is a liberal backward!

  4. For those overseas, The Rudd Government is loaded with right-wing Catholics! There has been little change form Howard to Rudd. Your comment is correct PJW, that Austrlia is backward when it comes to social justice issues and its treatment of minorities. Not only the Federal Labor Government, but many of the State Labor Governments are full of religious right-wingers, especially here in South Australia.

  5. Yes, Australia is well behind the ball game on many contempory issues. We did have a glimmer of hope when Rudd was elected but that glimmer faded to black within months. When he was advisor to a Queensland labour premier ( Wayne Goss ) we got our first clue to his attitude to LGBT humans.I think he could now become a one term only PM. His back tracking on CO2 emissions too beggars belief.

  6. Thank god the UK is sitting back and watching others scew this one up first. However i note that it appears that a UK nationwide web watching infrustruture is being slowely put in place as i write. There’s no doubt that the internet is big on the agenda where it comes to the question of how it is controlled re: copywrite infringement. But what is becoming apparent is that the mantra of preserving total web freedom is no longer holding up and governments everywhere will be looking for ways to exploit it’s control.
    What’s of concern in this story is that the minister in question point blank refused to acknowledge the overt and uneccassary censorship aspect of what his government had just gone and done. It suggests that the political mind set is already established regarding self serving web control and the exploitation of the void of any law in this area can & will cut both ways.

  7. Abi Chrisopher 22 Mar 2009, 8:07am

    Cue the dark ages in Australia!

  8. John (Derbyshire 22 Mar 2009, 10:38am

    Yes-but how much longer before a right wing Conservative government does the same thing here? Watch out Gaydar,Squirt,Cruisinground and even Pink News! Don`t think it couldn`t happen. They have the likes of Gerald Howardth,Edward Leigh,Julian Brazier, the Bottomleys-and all the rest of the extreme homophobic bigots all concentrated in one party. Enjoy this freedom while you can.

  9. Robert, ex-pat Brit 22 Mar 2009, 4:03pm

    Brenton H….yes, and catholics are the largest so called “christian” majority in Australia, frightening. That’s why in America we have the same problem, catholics are also the largest “christian” group and lobby politicians to pass discrimination laws against us. In that instance, there is NO separation of church and state as the constitution guarantees. They’re already in gross violation of it as well as their tax-exempt status which LGBT people should be striving to have removed from any cult that meddles in or influences the political process.

    Australia better watch out…it will lose foreign gay tourists completely with regressive laws like that and an abominable record on equality issues. Australia is also a victim of the global recession and without much needed revenue, it can’t afford to alienate those much needed dollars that gays spend and spend when they travel. I was planning on making my first visit to Sydney next year, but I’m staying away. Why waste my time and money in a country that doesn’t want me or my rights recognised?

  10. Haha- what morons. Don’t they remember what happened when people tried to ban books? Now gay sites will just become more popular. Australia, don’t think that censorship will be any more productive in your country/continent than it has been elsewhere. Censorship breeds rebellion. You don’t want a gay rebellion- trust me.

  11. Shouldn’t the Catholic church clean out the preists that are poking the little alter boy’s before worring about those that want to be poked. We found each other before computers and it will be a step backward but we will continue to find each other. It may be in a way that they will like even worse than us meeting on line. If you don’t want same sex look somewhere else, if your looking here obviously you are interested.

  12. bobby blue 25 Mar 2009, 8:02am

    i think this is discraceful ,, this is like going back wards more then twenty years ,, church groups need to get lives ,, and stop being , hippocritce , im sure that there are a few or more gay people in churches and government that choose to live there lies . thats fine if they chosse that ( as long as long as there not touching childrn ) !!!! but just leave the rest of us alone , i think it could be time for another mardigrae rally!!!

  13. hayden euen 25 Mar 2009, 8:11am

    i think this is stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i might not be gay but i use youtube and i like lookin at straight porn and i addmite it but is it rellya crime to get a little pleasure from a site and yourr hand in my whole life hve never seen a child in a porn video my uncle is gay my mum is bi des any one have a problem with that why dont you stop hastlin us good porn lovers and do your job and search for the reall child mellestras which are ussually the churchies any way so do ur job and we will do ours if u get wat i mean !!!!!!!!!

  14. Well, we were heading for a dictatorship under Howard, as was the US under Bush and the UK under that fascist Blair. Not much difference between Rudd and Howard other than Rudd knows the chinese exist.

  15. Cliff Byrne 29 Jul 2009, 4:04pm

    where will it END !!!!! do the powers to be realize how much censorship will increase the incidents of youth suicide in Australia if they cannot access information on there sexuality VIA GAY sites!! trust me it will and can HAPPEN!!!!!!

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