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Gay hotel: Sewage ‘was actually sand’

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 19 Mar 2009, 12:36pm

    I am curious about the rates charged by this gay hotel. I wonder if they follow the standard rule of gay business – namely if you advertise to gay people then you can charge 25% extra irrespective of what you offer – particularly holiday companies. I rarely buy things from exclusively gay business. Not because I don’t want to support them but because I don’t like to be ripped off.

  2. Simon – I think that’s a common mis-conception. I’m a gay male and have always tried to book through gay agencies as I’ve always felt exploited by the mainstream companies – they are the ones who generally charge a premium.. I’ve never paid a premium to a gay agent for booking during the school holidays?!

  3. We have to agree with Simon – why should we pay over the odds for exclusively gay accommodation etc. We stopped using any of the resorts in Playa del Ingles because of the rates they all charge. Instead we took the chance and booked with Jardin Golf a Gay male only Guesthouse. Their accommodation was much superior than anything on offer elsewhere in Playa del Ingles and on average half the cost the gay resorts were charging. We just happened across them in Tripadvisor – maybe Pink News should start up a comments section on accommodation that we have used and at least that way as a community we can let others aware whats on offer and where.

  4. Simon Murphy 19 Mar 2009, 4:35pm

    Some time ago I was checking out a holiday to Mykonos and discovered that a straight holiday company was charging 25% less than a gay company for the same resort. when I asked the gay company what justified the extra charge they replied by claiming their knowledge of the requirement of gay holidaymakers justified it. I laughed and booked with the straight company. Greece is a gay friendly holiday destination as is the Canaries. There is absolutely no justification to charge more simply because you advertise to gay people.

  5. I think an issue here Simon is not considering is that a straight holiday company most likely has more buying power than an independent gay holiday company.

  6. I hope to go to GC soon. I was booked with Club Tucanes but I have been transferred to another hotel. I just hope it all works out.

  7. Simon Murphy 19 Mar 2009, 5:06pm

    No5: Andrew – perhaps straight holiday companies have more buying power than a gay company. But gay friendly destinations like Greece; Cyprus; Spain; Canaries etc don’t really necessitate using specifically gay companies. I don’t really see the benefit to anyone in using more expensive gay companies to resorts where straight companies will offer the same knowledge and experience. I can look online for gay specific information – I don’t actually need a gay holiday company to do it for me.

  8. Thankfully Simon many people do… which is why we’re still in business!

    I think you should research the gay companies properly and double-check prices – you should also take advantage of the pricematching too. Smaller independent specialists are more likely to pricematch because they need the cashflow more than the large conglomerate companies…

  9. Sister Mary Clarence 20 Mar 2009, 12:59am

    Andrew, small companies do not carry the same overheads as larger companies and if they are ‘buying’ a complex for a season or seasons there should be any difference in the cost to them against the cost to a larger company.

    Time and again however gay companies fold and don’t seem to give a shite about the consequences for those who have shelled out.

    When Man Around went down blaming it on their demise of Excel, the numbers of people who lost their holidays (and money) indicated that the company was in fact scarcely trading and appeared to have few people actually holidaying and few more booked to go. I suspect it was low custom that eventually caused the collapse and they chose their moment and jumped on the Excel’s going down bandwagon.

    Similarly, I’m old enough to remember Pride bankrupting itself year in year out, as sure as night followed day. Each year leaving a trail of unpaid creditors behind.

    A small number of gay travel companies, run by an even small number of gay entrepreneurs have left a string of failed businesses behind them, and no doubt Mr Neroni, only issued the photos and his statement whilst on a break from setting up his next little venture to fleece the undiscerning homosexual

  10. Eric Henderson 20 Mar 2009, 6:48am

    I make to coments on the above, gay complexes have a much higher over head than a 100 unit apartment or hotel,Club Tucanes was very expensive, I have checked rates and around £40 to £50 a room at a gay resort is a good price.

    The last sentence is very true Mr. Neroni is already started on his next venture after leaving a trail of debts, I worked for Man Around 3 years ago and also at Club Tucanes one year ago and still waiting fot my wages.

  11. Lewis and Richard from Blackpool 20 Mar 2009, 7:10am

    My partner and I are in Gran Canaria being moved to a hotel from Club Tucanes. last night we discovered that Mr. Neroni is opening a new Club Tucanes not far from the other one. I ask one question why would an owner of a complexrt rent to a person or company who has just been evicted for not paying 6 months rent? not once but twice ( Beachboys last year) I think it is time for Mr. Neroni folded up his tent and left the island. Stay away from this new ( so called) resort guys. Oh and yes the sewer problems were lies, no one had a problem flushing the loo right up to being kicked out, more lies from Neroni, and don’t ask for a job at the new resort because Mr. Neroni does not pay wages.

  12. Kevin and Gale from Manchester 20 Mar 2009, 9:55am

    I would like your readers to know the folowing:
    Last year we booked Club Tucanes for April this year, we booked with Sensations Holidays ( owned by Mr. Neroni) Sensations went bust,and we lost our money, which we have not got back. We re booked direct with Club Tucanes and have lost our money again, but now through your website we discover Club Tucanes is owned ( or rented) by Mr. Neroni, how is that for a double wam….

  13. Simon Murphy 20 Mar 2009, 11:49am

    Andrew – can you give me a good reason why a gay holidaymaker would ever need to book a holiday with a gay holiday operator (other than to support gay business). I can’t speak for every gay company but my experience is that they are expensive and not very secure. And I will reiterate my earlier comment – in gay friendly destinations like Spain; Greece; Cyprus; Canaries; Portugal etc there is nothing these gay companies offer that a straight company and Internet Explorer can’t offer.

  14. Simon with all due respect you have obviously made up your mind with regards Gay companies.

    We have been in existence since 1990 and we are financially secure and own 2 resorts in Gran Canaria. We have a client database of over 30,000 across Europe. Our cash flow for the group is over 1m€ every year…

    I honestly think those figures alone speak for themselves as to why people use a Gay holiday company to book.

    We know more about what gay holidaymakers want and we know more about the destinations that makes them appeal to gay holidaymakers.

    Why don’t you send me a booking enquiry and we’ll see who’s more expensive?


  15. 2 Simon Murphy: I would like you to go to your high street, walk in to a place like Thomas Cook or Goingplaces and ask them to book you in a gay men only resort, see what response they give you.
    Maybe you like to stay in a huge apartment complex for £200 a week with a huge swimming pool and enjoy your holiday surrounded by eldery people and screaming kids – and all that with a spare change in your pocket, is this your ideal gay holiday?

  16. It is always a shame when a business runs into difficulties and an even bigger SHAME when another business jumps on the bandwagon and tries to gain from it.
    I am a customer that has been affected buy what’s happened as i was due to stay at the complex next week. I was contacted by the Tucanes people and was explained what was happening. I was offered alternative accomodation by them which they would organise at a 4* hotel on the same street or I was given the choice of postponing my holiday to a later date when the new complex opens.
    As a regular Tucanes client I as well as others are aware of the problems that the complex had – I’ve witnessed drains having to be unblocked and people having to move rooms because of it. The so called refurbishment that happened in 2007 but nothing really was done. The shoddy electrics at the place (even after refurbishment). But people still used to return to the place and mainly for two reasons – the staff and the atmosphere of the place.
    In a time when many gay customers are turning their backs on gay tour operators because it’s cheaper and usually easier to book everything independantly these days I would have thought it best that businesses would try to remain dignified and offer help by maybe advertising their services more rather than advertising the fact that another company may or may not have done something wrong.
    When XL/Freedom Travel went under last year you didnt see the likes of Thomson Holidays and Thomas Cook behaving in the way that Mantrav is behaving now. They just helped all the stranded tourists how they could.
    I would howver commend AMRO holidays for their conduct throughout maintaining a dignified silence has shown the maturity of your business does not need to retort to underhanded tactics in the way that Mantrav has behaved.
    I myself am looking forward to my weeks holiday in Gran Canaria next week even if it is not at the Tucanes Complex

  17. Brian Burton 21 Mar 2009, 4:59pm

    Good Heavens! Is there such places as Gay Hotels?

  18. Brian Burton 21 Mar 2009, 5:05pm

    The reason I mentioned Gay Hotels is because the only really Gay Hotels in the U.K. is male Prisons-catch my drift Boys?

  19. So does anyone know where those of us stand who have an upcoming stay at Tucanes booked? Naturally a little concerned about all of this.

  20. interesting not much mention of respect involment with mr nereni. and yes respect are on the island with him wheeling and dealing but he doesnt always use his proper name. john smith is what paul from respect holiday calls himself at busines meetings. and i have to agree that amro are as you desbribe dignified in their silence unlike mantrav who someone described as like parasites. who gives a flip how many names mantrav have on there database. these are taken from one wreck of a company to another all the time and sold on. how do you think respect after they closed the doors last august managed to email their customer list to sell tucanes.

  21. Regarding Greg, they are opening a new resort in 17th April, so thoose booked will turn up at the new resort, not what you paid for and not that private. and who ever Tony is, you don’t know what you are talking about.

  22. Last year Mantrav saved our holidays when Respect Holidays went under and it appears they are helping people on the Club Tucanes problem, who by the way have be caught out in lies to everyone.
    I have never heard of a company called AMRO Holidays so I can not comment.

  23. David and Kyle Burton 22 Mar 2009, 10:58am

    Last year Mantrav saved our holidays when Respect Holidays went under and it appears they are helping people on the Club Tucanes problem, who by the way have be caught out in lies to everyone.
    I have never heard of a company called AMRO Holidays so I can not comment.

  24. Ben please tell me why you say l dont know what l am talking about as everything l say in my one post is fact

  25. I too was booked at Tucanes for two weeks from 9th April. On the day after the press release about the shit I was telephoned by Lee from Tucanes and offered the choice of a number of good quality hotels. I have chosen one I have stayed at before which I know is of high quality. I have absolutely no complaint about my treatment by Tucanes and it’s staff.

  26. Thank you Mr Andrew Jones

  27. Lee Burton 23 Mar 2009, 7:46am

    I would ask Peter why he never booked a hotel in the first place, also when Sensations Holidays went bust, why did you book Club Tucanes as it is operated by Sensation Holidays ( Spain) also why book the new Club Tucanes, which will be operated by the old Club Tucanes , and Sensation and Respect holidays?
    it just goes around and around………

  28. Well Lee, I tend to take things as I find them. For many years now, I have spent part of the winter in the Canaries. I have stayed in many places,hotels, apartments, bungalows,some gay and some not. I have seen the gay travel operators come and go, and I don’t really care about who they are or where they are from or who is bankrupt or who is crooked or whatever. At my age, I simply have the holiday of my choice.
    I have stayed at Tucanes since it first opened, sometimes twice a year. I like the space and the setting. It suits me. I have never had a bad experience of any kind. My holidays there have always proceeded smoothly.
    I am sorry if the old Tucanes closes but I’m sure I’ll get over it. It did last longer than most gay venues !

  29. Lee Burton 24 Mar 2009, 7:25am

    Hi Peter, I to have spent many a holiday in Gran Canaria, what gay venues went bust?, the only ones gone bust in the past 5 years that I know of, is Beach Boys and Club Tucanes, both owned by Man Around, Sensations Holidays…Beach Boys has now re-opened under new ownership.It was not the gay complexes that went bust but the owners of the holiday company, example, Respect, Man Around.the resorts still are there.

  30. I’m flying out to GC on Saturday and I’m apprehensive about whether the accommodation that was arranged for us at another place will actually be booked for us. I’ve emailed the new hotel but haven’t had a reply.

  31. Alan

    I’m going out next Thursday week and I too had a very slight unease about whether the alternative hotel had actually been booked. I had also sent an e-mail without getting a reply.
    I have just telephoned the hotel and they have confirmed that everything is as it should be. I have a feeling they don’t always bother to reply to e-mails. Hope this helps.

  32. David Sanderson 2 Apr 2009, 5:30pm

    Just got back from Gran Canria yesterday, passed Club Tucanes, as the gate was open I went in, the place is trashed, but no sewer problem, the only problem from the two guys I spoke with was un paid rent and a trail of un paid bills. I then discovered that Respect Holidays have gone in partnership. also was having dinner and saw a furniture van take ( steal) the furniture from Retox, de Tox ( the bar that Respect got evicted from for not paying rent. and what will be a shame that the gay boys will book the new Club Tucanes. and it will happen all again, wake up guys, do not book this place.

  33. Kevin Watson 3 Apr 2009, 8:34am

    Why would anyone after the bad publicity and loss of money by Man Around / Respect Holidays / Sensations and Club Tucanes still want to book with any of these companies again?

  34. Well Gabriele Neroni is back and is running Alternative Holidays again.. they have reappeared?! Shocking!

  35. john cornthwaite 14 Jan 2010, 2:34pm

    having recently booked a holiday with mantrav we had nothing but trouble flights were not booked nor were transfers we were told by one of the office staff quote” this is not proffesional for me to say but several other people had not had thier flights booked and a certain person had been sacked” we raised all the issues with the director but just got fobbed off with a pack of lies . has anyone else had problems? we will never book with mantrav again, even the guy at reception told us they had a lot of problems with mantrav & advised us that amro was a more worthy holiday company to book with as they had never encountered any problems with them.

  36. Shows in Blackpool 12 Apr 2010, 7:43pm

    Generally in Blackpool there are no big companies and so much competition you shouldnt be ripped off. Best advice I can give is to make sure you book accredited accommodation. Make sure they have Visit Britain or AA ratings. I would say a minimum of 3 stars otherwise you might not be impressed.

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