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Father of teen accused of killing gay classmate found dead

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Reader comments

  1. Tony Lambert 20 Mar 2009, 8:29am

    Its awful to say, but lets see how this murdering little homophobes feels after losing someone close to him when he did the same to another person by taking their son/brother/partner/friend away so senselessly

  2. You’re right Tony – it does seem heartless but maybe this is poetic justice and will hit home with Brandon more than any prison sentance.

    The only worrying thing is that if the father was a regular drinker will the defense use that as mitigating circumstances for the behaviour of the son?

  3. or maybe this is God’s retribution and all those religeous zealots have been wrong all along and god does love everyone even us poofs!

  4. Good news. Shame there’ll be no hell for him to go to.

  5. What a family.

  6. Sister Mary Clarence 20 Mar 2009, 5:46pm

    I actually think its quite a shame. You can imagine the guy drinking himself into a stupor wondering where he went wrong the night before his kid gets tried for murder.

    Irrespective of family loyalties, I can imagine any parent feeling proud of a son that did what this kid did.

  7. This homophobic murderer is now also guilty for driving his father to drink and ultimately to his death. Even if the homophobe doesn’t care about having killed a young gay man I hope he now never sleeps easy knowing that he is to blame for patricide.

  8. I wonder if the father had a history of violence, of alcohol abuse, and whether or not he had strong anti-gay feelings himself. It may well turn out that the kid was more scared of what his father would do to him, (if he found out his son had been approached by a gay, and did nothing about it), than he was of the law or the consequences of his action. What needs to be asked about this horrific killing is “Was it a hate crime, or was it a fear crime”. Until that is answered, we can never really know what the proper response to it should be.

  9. Obviously the shooter is gay, or he would not have reacted like this, and the poetic justice will be when he’s made someone’s bitch in prison.

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