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Court told gay man was burnt to death by ex-boyfriend

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Reader comments

  1. Perhaps Rowan Atkinson would like to criticise the method of the murderers. Perhaps he would like to discuss even crueller methods. After all, being gay is like an opinion; it is not like being a member of a particular race group.

  2. My deepest and sincere symathy to those who loved this young man.

  3. Nick Antjoule 20 Mar 2009, 7:51am

    It seems like whenever sames sex abuse gets coverage, the words ‘domestic violence’ never quite make it into the articles in the LGBT or mainstream press (if it gets coverage at all). Are we in denial?

  4. Those responsible deserve the FUL penalty of law. What truly barbaric behaviour

  5. And I bet there were a string of domestic violence incidents previous to that. What a terrible loss :(

  6. While my thoughts are with this young mans family and friends who must be missing him and will probably never come to terms with how this young man died I do wonder why something as barbaric as this has not made it to the national media – is it, I wonder, becuase it involves homosexuals and they would have to refer to his ex-BOYfriend?

  7. I’m suprised it hasn’t appeared in the Mail – any excuse to demonise gays. My sympathy to this lad’s family – what a horrendus crime!!

  8. My godddddd… i wish zese stories are not true.!!
    sooo saaaaaaaaaddddd….. how can som1 b so evil….
    F–k f–k f–k… My deepest symathy 2 zose who loved this veryyy young man….

  9. Evil evil people. This story filled me with sadness, a pointless loss of a beautiful life. I hope they rot in hell. Stop this f**king madness!!

  10. I hope these Bastards rot in jail for ever.
    As for the story being covered in the press, it was not even mentioned in the on line Pink News, let alone the vile Mail.
    My thoughts go out to Charlies parents and friends, lets all hope they get some good news out of Kingston Crown Court by seeing this scum banged up for life.

  11. My only problem with this is the eye-witness statement that said the attacker was white. Was this a homophobic assault dressed up as domestic violence/revenge because the police are inept/prejudiced?

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