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Scottish Parliament asked to review Marriage Act

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Reader comments

  1. the pink news. What lgbt network? U havent said. How can i contact them? Thats like saying news, instead of pink news.

  2. Nick Henderson 18 Mar 2009, 1:58pm

    The LGBT Network is an indepedent LGBT advocacy charity. You can contact them at lgbtnetwork[dot]eu

  3. This is exciting news. I hope it will happen. I do think that the current law in the UK on civil partnerships enshrines religious discrimination into law as it does not allow same-sex marriages performed in religious institutions to be recognised. It is parallel to saying that marriages in churches should be recognised but not those in mosques or synagogues.

  4. Silver Surfer 18 Mar 2009, 3:37pm

    This is to be welcomed and is, indeed, exciting news. If Faith Groups will allow same-sex couples to marry (I belong to one of them) then these should be recognised by the Civil Authorities. If same-sex marriages are performed by the Ministers of Faith groups then there is no justification for the State to deny those rights.

    Liberal Judaism has been the first Jewish Movement to have created a special Service of Commitment called ‘Covenant of Love’ and this happens in other Faiths.

    Now is the time for Scotland to lead the way for the rest of the UK – let it happen! I hope the Scottish Parliament will do the right thing.

  5. Marriage MUST be reserved as between a male and a female. This is a fundamental rule of civilisation. Only exceptionally selfish and ignorant brains can wish to change this rule!

    Now, such brains can dump all their usual hatred on me in these comments.

  6. You can believe that the Right Wing Religious Charlatans, such as Montoya, the Catholic church, etc. will be working to prevent the passage.

    Religion is a stydy in Hypocrisy. One of the purposes of organized religious institutions is to promote terror, hate, bigotry, prejudice, intolerance to anything other than their abhorrence. Relegion demands complete control of their members mind, thoughts, beliefs, and judgement.

    Through FEAR and DECEPTION Religion LEGISLATES and LEGALIZES DICRIMINATION and prevents LEGISLATION that would give Equal Rights Protections. Just Assess what happened in California with Prop 8, in Florida and Arizona USA.

  7. Mihangel apYrs 18 Mar 2009, 5:21pm

    Why is this montoya person haunting our discussions? The only purpose is to troll and stir up arguments (and insult us for disagreeing with his/her self-regarding proclamations).

    not everyone in the world is a religious fundie, few consider that there are immutable laws of civilisation

  8. AnthonyfromAyrshire 18 Mar 2009, 7:42pm

    I bet nothing comes of it. No matter what a committee says, Parliament can vote however they like. Most straight people think Civil Partnerships ARE equality, so why should we want full Civil Marriage?

  9. Anthony – while it is true that the Parliament can vote however it wishes, the fact is the issue will still need to be addressed. If they choose not to have a Parliamentary vote, then they have to explain why.

    And I challenge the idea that straight people think civil partnerships are the same as marriage – if that were the case, then it wouldn’t be such a big deal to allow same-sex marriage. The petition is essentially looking to remove the “equal but separate” divide that exists with the Civil Partnership Act. By removing the gender specifics from the wording of the laws, it will allow same-sex couples to get married and heterosexual couples who perhaps don’t agree with marriage, to get a civil partnership.

    Only then would it be truly equal.

  10. I think the important thing about this petition though is the fact that it explicitly calls for the right to have a religious marriage. The previous petition a few years ago only called for civil partnerships to be allowed to be done in a church, which again means the seperate but equal.

    I think this one is so important because it busts the stereotype that you cant be gay and religious. You can, and so many people are, and those faiths that are inclusive must be allowed to marry people of the same sex under God.

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