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Police close Birmingham gay club after ‘violence’

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Reader comments

  1. A fractured jaw & a headbutt – that’s a normal week night in some rough pubs! Have to say I’m suprised, been gay clubbing since 16 (29 now) & only seen 1 fight!!!

  2. I think the police have definately over-reacted. I’ve seen far far worse on Broad Street round the corner (straight street as I like to call it)
    DV8 is normally a fairly easy-going calm place. I’ve been more times than I can remember and there have never been issues.
    I think the police may need to do a bit of a reality check in this instance.

  3. Brian Burton 19 Mar 2009, 10:01am

    If Gays or anybody else for that matter cannot enjoy a night out without drunken brawls, then shut the bar or club down and jail the brawlers.

  4. Brian is right on the button with that. Having recently moved away from an area where night time brawls, drunkenness, urination and gebneral anti-social behaviour were common I can attest to how disgusting the behaviour is.

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