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Obama to sign worldwide gay rights declaration

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Reader comments

  1. It’s not really in his power, I know, but may be should be more than concerned about the 20 or so US states that still have homosexual acts criminalised…

  2. Abi Chrisopher 18 Mar 2009, 11:07am

    More do as my country says not as my country does politics from the Americans. I feel sorry for all those LGBT people across America who daily face discrimination from the state. LGBT discrimination should be a federal crime in America.

  3. When Bush refused to sign the declaration this ‘made it the only western state not to offer its support.’

    Genuine question here. Is the Vatican regarded as a state for this purpose ? I am sure I read somewhere that they also refused to sign the declaration.

  4. A very welcome, very necessary move, even if overdue.

    It sends a message of hope to those in really oppressive countries. And for anyone to say America, with its Virginia Statute declaration, has no right to criticise Sharia-fascist theocracies needs their head examined. Chomskyite far-left relativist claptrap. Silence equals consent.

    NB Homosexual acts are NOT criminalised anymore in the USA, since 2003.

  5. The Vatican did not refuse to sign; its not a member of the UN but it told other countries not to sign! Well done Mr President!

  6. I am overwhelmed that President Obama is signing this. I wish we would also sign this declaration to effect all of the U.S. 50 states. We still have 32 states with anti gay laws on the books.

  7. I am proud that President Obama is signing this. I only wish that he would include all of the United States. We have 32 states that still discriminates againt homosexuals.

  8. Bishop Ioan 18 Mar 2009, 4:30pm

    I am glad to see Pres. Obama signing this declaration. Now, the Supreme Court needs to take on same-sex marriage. I am convinced that, after years of defeats and few victories, marriage equality will have to be effected by the Supreme Court, as was the case with interracial marriage.

  9. Please, Mr Obama… can I have a pony?

  10. I’m all for the U.S. signing this decriminalization act. However, they need to put their money where their mouth is. Not giving rights to gay people in the U.S. is sending a mixed message. “We won’t consider you a criminal, and we don’t want other countries to, either, but, we also won’t give you any Federal rights. We might, but we have to study the issue first….”

  11. Odds of any islamic country taking notice of this toothless declaration? 1,000,000/1

  12. Yes but people we have to get there eventually. This is a significant proposition through the good auspices of the French. If we don’t keep trying we get no where against the militant religions!

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