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Pope claims condoms ‘could make African AIDS crisis worse’

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Reader comments

  1. Why doesn’t somebody smack this self-appointed little god around the chops with stinking old FISH!

  2. This man has no shame.

  3. The pope is clearly deranged and therefore not fit to head any organization.
    The only ways in which society will be truly civilized are the following:

    The disestablishment of the Church of England.

    The repeal of the Catholic Emancipation Acts.

    The establishment of a secular humanist state.

    The removal of charitable status from religious groups.

    The prevention of religious groups from interfering in or influencing political matters.

  4. The pope is cleared deranged and therefore not fit to head any organization.
    The only ways in which society will be truly civilized are the following:

    The disestablishment of the Church of England.

    The repeal of the Catholic Emancipation Acts.

    The establishment of a secular humanist state.

    The removal of charitable status from religious groups.

    The prevention of religious groups from interfering in or influencing politics

  5. Honistly I’ve given up being supprised by anything that weirdo in the frock says.

    I would not be shocked if his next statement was ‘UFO’s sent by satan turn your children gay’

  6. Hello.

    1. If all the pedophile clergy would be remoived from the RC church there will not be any priests left.
    2. If the Pope has any human feeling all the riches of the RC church would help poverty and help HIV/AIDS education in Africa.
    3. If the Pope is so masterful I suggest he becomes somewhat more worldly and find out how people are behaving sexually no matter how much education they get( I worked as a HIV/AIDS counselor for 16 years).
    4. Has the Pope any idea how so many people in this world struggle struggle with their gender identities? ( The priests can tell him for sure).

    Thats all for now. I am a very HAPPY Gay man living in Cyprus. I also understand the struggle of so many people who married for the wrong reasons( I am one)

    Please forward this also to the Pope. I have written to him before direct. I am waiting for a reply.hahahahaha.
    Love to you all.

  7. guys I think you didn’t understand the pope:

    What she ment was that you shouldn’t use the condom with WOMEN! She teaches that she only uses the condom when she gets it up her ass in a same sex relation. Example: Last night, to promote her trip to africa, she invited 10 african men to the Vatican and she bended down as a whore for 10 hours (!!!) She used at least 25,000 condoms, so she doesn’t want condoms to be wasted with women… only with big huge beefy tall african men. Why do you think she went to africa? And not, say, japan?? She is a f—-g bitch with a super large broken ass. So stop complaining and understand she need love. GIVE HER ALL THE THE CONDOMS NOW!!!!

  8. Robert, ex-pat Brit 17 Mar 2009, 8:29pm

    Neville, I’m with you. How about banning religious cults altogether, they serve absolutey NO purpose and are irrelevant to everyday living. This rottweiler in the Vatican should be brought up on charges of crimes against humanity in the world court in the Hague. I see this devil wears Prada too!

  9. I am actually too angry to make any sensible comment about the latest outrage from this disgusting mad old tosspot bigot virgin.

    I am therefore very grateful to DaveVauxhall (whoever you are) who posted this comment on the Guardian website:

    “The pope continues his obscene war on reality and plays with the lives of others.

    “Abstinence only programmes are not effective in isolation because they do not address the real lives of people. Most people are sexual beings, have sexual drives and enjoy sex and sex with others. It is a complex thing. Sex and love are not necessarily the same thing and sex does not just happen within the confines of a heterosexual marriage.

    “People value sex for lots of reasons and will continue to have it whether you or I or some imaginary god is percieved as dissaproving of it or not. This is the starting point for helping people to avoid the harms associated with sex while enjoying the benfits.

    “The pope wants the world to live according to his morals and unrealistic theocratic rules. His political lobbying and moral blackmail has an effect on restricting people’s choice, in stigmatising sex and expressions of sexuality and in making the use of and promotion of condoms and discussion of sex grounded in peoples reality more difficult.

    “Sure, there would be little HIV transmission if we were all to become eunuchs or all remain virgins but this will never happen. Abstinence based programmes are not as effective as programmes which attempt to give people the resources, skills knowledge and support to reduce their risk of getting HIV.

    “Each ridiculous pronoucement by the pope is more removed from reality and discredits his church. I don’t know why he is given so much power and influence and why we do not have greater criticism of such ill informed pronouncements on sex and sexuality by an octogenarian celibate religious fundamentalist”.

  10. Simon Murphy 17 Mar 2009, 8:49pm

    Pope Ratzinger is an evil genocidal bastard. Little wonder that he was a member of Hitler Youth.

  11. The only comfort is that the man is so deranged that he has litle credibility.

  12. Abi Chrisopher 17 Mar 2009, 10:45pm

    HIV/AIDS rates in some parts of Africa are as high as 1 in 3 people. The pope and catholic church has the blood on its hands for those people. Sexual abstinence is not working and the condom ban constitutes a genocide by the church. Who will Africa blame for this lost generation who’s children are being brought up by each other, grandparents and orphanages.

    It should be Pope Benedict and the African leaders who allowed this to happen.

  13. God Bless Pope Benedict XVI and his fearless pronouncements of TRUTH.

  14. If there is a Hell, this idiot will be heading straight to it for helping to condemn millions of people to needless deaths.

  15. Thanks Jack! And Catholicism is the principal cause of child rape and pedophilia!

  16. Abi Chrisopher 17 Mar 2009, 11:09pm

    lol @ Jack putting truth in capitals only shows how little you believe that.

  17. If there is a hell, the “Holy Father” is heading straight to it for helping to condemn millions of people to needles deaths.

  18. British Humanist 18 Mar 2009, 12:13am

  19. Put this “person” down like any other sick s–t

  20. Has he ever worn one? The Christ in White on Earth!

  21. This man is the living proof that religious people are usually ignorant idiots, and the leaders of these ordinations are usually the biggest ignorant fools.

  22. I am sorry but the Arch Homophobe of Rome is clearly insane, Only Spiritual renewal will get rid of AIDS? Thats as bad as saying shagging a virgin gets rid of it!

  23. Are we seriously going to let this vile homophobe walk into the UK from an invite from our Prime Minister? We gave The Westboro Baptists a kick up the backside and told then to stay out due to their homophobic comments and actions. So about time we treated all Homophobes like the POPE, the same way! KEEP HIM OUT! I DON’T WANT HIM HERE!

  24. I can’t add to what everyone’s already said a hundred times before… just wanted to say if the Pope’s policy of abstinance was working, surely Africa wouldn’t have an AIDS epidemic. Christopher Hitchens described the abstinance method of contraception as being like the “Hold it in” school of potty training. Perhaps if it was a disease that only affected Vatican employees, the old fossil would start wising up.
    I think his lack of genuine compassion amounts to sour grapes from a man with all the sexual magnetism of a cadavre.

  25. What else would we expect this protector of paedophiles to say?

  26. Yep, let’s really embarrass this little twat if ever SHE decides to parade around the UK!

  27. Good old church again. Always more concerned with ‘morality’ below the waist than morality from the neck up!

  28. I just cant wait for the next season of Pope Idol to start… shouldn’t be too long a wait…

  29. henry collier 18 Mar 2009, 1:37pm

    Why would any rational person take advice on matters sexual from a professed celibate person who denies the basic science of HIV/AIDS? The Pope would rather see you dead than possess and practice safer sex. There’s a perfect Australian word for the Pope and his minions .. F–KWIT …

  30. Gene Touchet 18 Mar 2009, 1:40pm

    The instant he decided to slip on those loafers, the Prada Pope lost all moral credibilit.

  31. jonnielondon 18 Mar 2009, 1:53pm

    “God Bless Pope Benedict XVI and his fearless pronouncements of TRUTH.” – Jack (post #12)

    Jack, your websites don’t mention that with condom usage people need information about how to correctly use them. If people are taught the correct ways to use condoms then condom breakage would decrease and infection rates from condom usage would go down to 0%. Also worth mentioning:

    “When used consistently and correctly, latex condoms are highly effective in preventing the sexual transmission of HIV (during vaginal, oral, or anal intercourse).[1,2] Latex condoms are also effective in preventing pregnancy[3] and several sexually transmitted infections (STIs).[2,4] Using condoms lowers women’s [and men’s] risk of developing cervical cancer, a disease associated with HPV.[2] Consistent use of condoms can also help people clear HPV infection and/or reduce their risk of re-infection.[4,5]”


  32. What a vile person. Anyone who preaches hatred the way this man does should not be allowed to enter the UK. Why don’t Roman Catholics stand up to him and tell him out of touch he is with today’s world. He protects paedophiles within the church yet is happy to condemn Africans to death. He is an insult to humanity.

  33. A ridiculous statement such as this could only have been made by a batchelor, backed by batchelors (many of whom are closetted gays)who profess not to have sexual experiences as these are sublimated in their worship of God.
    It’s not real, is it?
    These men have no idea at all as to what is happening in the real world – and they represent a worldwide church?
    Little wonder religion as we know it, is in danger of floundering.

  34. F–k the pope. P l e a s e – someone do it!

  35. With, or without a condom!

  36. This man is a menace. The Catholic Church is responsible for genocide in Africa with this insane teaching. It is all part of the battle between Faith and Reason that has been going on for centuries. The Catholic Church used to torture and murder people for believing that the Earth went around the Sun. Imagine a crazy idea like that!

  37. Ron – I think that’s one instance in which sexual abstinance would be completely voluntary. If he wore a bag on his head and I’d been doped to the eyeballs with Rohypnol I still wouldn’t touch him with a 10 foot pole. You have to find someone with a fetish for ex-Hitler youth members who resemble the Evil Emporor from “Star Wars”. That’s a pretty niche market.

  38. Dominick J. 18 Mar 2009, 4:14pm

    If the man can not understand the simplicity of how and why a condom works, how is he suppose to grasp and wrap his small brain around the complexity of the bible?

  39. Dominick J. 18 Mar 2009, 4:18pm

    Gene long before he put on those ridiculous loafers he had lost his “Moral” credibility.

  40. Bishop Ioan 18 Mar 2009, 4:25pm

    This man simply nauseates me. If I ever had any hope for the Roman Catholic Church, his election trashed that hope completely. Nothing this jerk ever says surpriese me. It will be a wonderful day when the RCC no longer exists.

  41. Terry Floyd Johnson 18 Mar 2009, 4:35pm

    This man with the rest of the Vatican genocidists, are not insane, but live in the past, where more population was needed.

    Condoms work and hiding your head in the sand, and making like condoms are bad, isn’t simple stupidity, but a form of terrorist action, to exterminate those they disagree with.

    End the Vatican, break up its wealth, and give it to the catholic churches in a trust, where the congregation controls the wealth, and the priests, can’t get their hands on it.

  42. He is an ex Nazi. He should shut the fuck up telling anyone what to do, think , wear or say and just hang his head in shame.

    When he comes to the UK we need to actively protest at every public event he attends. It needs to be shown that this man and his beliefs are not universally adored.

  43. They say he only became a priest because he couldn’t find condoms small enough to fit his tiny penis.

    Condom makers have a lot to answer for.

    All the best.

  44. Well, I guess the old nazi should know!! They haven’t done HIM much good!!! Do they make one large enough to stretch over his head?

  45. This is the same “infallible” authority that forbade Copernicus to look into his telescopes, condemned Galileo, slaughtered whole civilizations unless they became Catholic, and through the Inquisition, forced Jews to become Catholic or die. Today, sex is still forbidden unless it is procreative, yet those clergy who are pedophiles or who hide them are permitted to give and receive communion. The “Rat” will have a lot to answer for when he meets the Creator.

  46. If a few world leaders such as Brown, Sarkozy, Merkel, Obama etc. publicly condemned the pope, then we’d maybe start to get somewhere. An NHS worker would be sacked for saying condoms make AIDS worse. It’s a bit like saying chemotherapy makes cancer worse.

  47. If condoms are so effective, why is teh AID rate in Washington DC now higher than the rate in several African countries? Surely they are not also listening to the pope?

  48. What an evil & vile little man!

  49. Fair’s fair, what they’re saying is “chastity outside marriage and fidelity within” could help combat HIV – but it is only “an ideal”.

    They apply this concept to almost everything, including trying to weed out gay priests; it is only “an ideal” as they know human nature.

    But that doesn’t excuse the pope, he is still an evil and vile little man.

    All the best.

  50. Dominick J. 19 Mar 2009, 12:57am

    Oh well soon he’ll drop dead and the Catholics will pick another PaPa. The friggin’ assholes!

  51. Demented idiot! He demonstrates the nonsense of all organized religions

  52. I understand the French and Spanish Govt have condemed his stupid comments! By the way, ex Nazi AND head of what was once called the Inquisition (not much hope of a liberal attitude there I fear!)

  53. When is someone going to shoot this f—-g, f—-d up dead beat ass, tired queen with the gown already. She needs to shut the f–k up, someone stuff her mouth with eighty semen filled condoms and choke her to death. Jesus Christ. God Damn this QUEEN to hell on fire. God kill her with lighting. Literally.

  54. outlandish 19 Mar 2009, 1:08pm

    God Damn this queen to hell fire. Someone stuff this queen in a gown with forty condoms filled with semen and let her choke to death. Jesuschrist when is she going to f—-g die already. “God if you up there strike him with all your might of anger and let him die in hell forever. He is not one of your disciples, he is lucifer’s son”.

  55. Condoms spread HIV and gravity makes things go upwards. Hadn’t anyone noticed?

  56. Brian Burton 19 Mar 2009, 7:09pm

    When the Pope was a young Nazi, African people were regarded as ‘Sub Human’ He should keep his foul mouth shut.

  57. Why give publicity to this man who calls himself pope?

  58. Ian Laughlin 23 Mar 2009, 1:20am

    I understand that Ratzinger is to come to the United Kingdom in the coming couple of years – the first Papal visit since his predecessor in 1981. I propose that humanist, pagan, Protestant, progressive Christian, feminist, LGBT, secular and other interested organisations (people who have suffered as a consequnece of systemic cover ups of child abuse for example) put aside their differences for a time and work towards counter events and rallies.

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