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Oklahoma teacher resigns over gay film

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Reader comments

  1. This is unfair dismissal! Take it to tribunal.

  2. Mark Satterthwaite 17 Mar 2009, 12:47pm

    Homophobia as a school sanctioned agenda-we have a long way to go to teach people that gay people exist and deserve rights too.

  3. It is sad, indeed; however, Oklahoma is the BUCKLE of the Bible Belt in the U.S.A. It is the home of Sally Kern, the state legislator who said that homosexuals are a bigger threat than terrorism. Oklahoma likes to keep its place in the 19th century. I know. I live there. SIGH

  4. Having watched the film I can see nothiong in it that could possibly corrupt or deprave anyone. All it shows is how hatred and bigotry lead to violence and how others should be repected. Surely that is an ethos the school should embrace?

  5. Jen Marcus 17 Mar 2009, 2:27pm

    Ms. Taylor should seek counsel and assistance from the US ACLU, Lambda Legal , NGLT Taskforce etc. and attempt to sue although the odds may be against her for making an actionable cause of action given the US and Oklahoma laws and courts: for breach of contract, constructive discharge, and violation of her First Amendment US and Oklahoma state constitutional rights of speech and assembly and maybe even on grounds of denial of academic freedom.

  6. Patrick, Dublin 17 Mar 2009, 9:23pm

    I hope this teacher fights the disgusting homophobes all the way through the courts. She was dismissed unfairly due to homophobic discrimination. The Laramie Project is precisely what people in Oklahoma need to be watching – it could teach them a much needed lesson.

    Oklahoma needs to be dragged, like so many other parts of benighted and backward Bible belt USA, kicking and screaming into the 21st Century.

  7. History will judge Ed Turlington as an ignorant bigot who should not be allowed within 30 feet of any child.

  8. There are two separate issues: 1) the reasons behind the cancellation of the class project and 2) the reasons behind the teacher’s forced resignation. For the first, we can presume many things, such as the language being use, the fact that the students were being film, and possible homophobia. Whatever the actual reasons, they don’t really have anything to do with the latter issue of the the firing/resignation of the teacher. For that issue, let it be clear that it was not until AFTER she held the mock funeral that she was suspended and the class disbanded. If the play was the actual reason, she would have been suspended long before the mock funeral. Also, this mock funeral was held OFF school grounds DURING school hours–so she took student OFF school property WITHOUT permission. And there are two ways that the mock funeral can be viewed as insubordination: 1) a demonstration against the administration/her employers or 2) a continuation of lesson plans in direct violation of her the administration/employer’s decision. Either way, it is insubordination and that is a part of the standard teaching contract.

  9. Brian Burton 6 Apr 2009, 7:49am

    How can anyone be punished for teatching the young how wrong Murder is?

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