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Gays and lesbians banned from marching openly in New York St Patick’s Day Parade

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  1. What on earth does being Gay have to do with St Patrick’s Day?
    Let’s pick our fights people. FYI This ISN’T one of them.
    How would we feel if the Irish wanted Irish pride during gar pride.

  2. Patrick, Dublin 17 Mar 2009, 8:42pm

    The Ancient Order of Hibernains are a disgraceful, slavering lot of old crusty bigots who embody the Vatican’s 12th century views on morality.

    They are a bunch of utter homophobes who are a disgrace to New York, St Patrick’s Day and its parade. How dare they claim to represent the Irish!? They certainly don’t represent me. Why haven’t the NYC authorities directly challenged the AOH and stripped them of organising the parade?

    Thankfully, the St Patrick’s Day parade in Dublin has openly LGBT participants and a big ol gay float and has done so for years now. The public fully accept this. So why the need for bigotry in the Big Apple?

    AOH should hang their heads in shame.

  3. Simon Murphy 17 Mar 2009, 9:00pm

    Andrew Q – I don’t agree with your analysis that being gay has nothing to do with St Patrick’s Day. The Irish Lesbian and Gay Organisation is the social group set up in New York in 1990 whose aim was to allow the Irish born gay community in New York to meet and socialise and network with each other. St Patrick’s Day is a day to celebrate being Irish so obviously it is important for the Irish gay community as well as the broader Irish community. When the ILGO asked to be allowed participate in the St Patrick’s Day Parade back in 1991 they were refused as they have been ever since. The (Irish American) group The Ancient Order of Hibernians basically told the ILGO that their sexuality meant they should not consider themselves Irish – despite the fact that unlike the AOH; the ILGO group actually ARE Irish). If St Patrick’s Day is about a celebration of Irishness then the Irish gay community (who are the ones wanting to be included – it is not the broader gay community) then they should be treated in the same manner as the Irish firefighters ; or Irish police or Irish social groups.

  4. Simon Murphy 17 Mar 2009, 9:19pm

    As for the idea that Irish people wanting Irish Pride during Gay pride, well I have no problem with that. During gay pride in Amsterdam there is always a Turkish float with Turkish gay people celebrating their heritage as both gay and Turkish. Likewise last year there was a Polish float with gay Polish people celebrating their Polish, gay heritage. If the gay pride organisers decided to ban these floats then I would regard that as a source of enormous shame and embarrassment to the gay community.

  5. St Patrick Day is about the Irish and all things to do with that. If they don’t want to do men in drag and rainbow flag that is up to them. Like I said let’s pick our fights. Ireland IS homophobic.

  6. Who cares about this! Just another Irish Booze up!

  7. I have to say I watched my local Irish Day Parade (Manchester UK)and it was one of the tackiest events I have seent in a long while, almost exclusively white, (not an Out Gay in sight) and this in a city which is very gay friendly and extremely multicultural . It was mainly suppoorted by the elderly, spectators were thin on the ground and not a patch on the Gay Pride event held later in the year. Gays you are missing nothing.

  8. Ryan Haynes - fyi radio 18 Mar 2009, 9:16am

    A Christian organisation runs St Patricks Day event? Ok – I’ve never known St Patricks Day to be about religion, more about nationality – am I stupid?

  9. I beg your pardon Andrew Q, but since when is Ireland without gay people? Are we not part of Ireland? I’m gay, and pay a f*ck load of taxes to my country. Who says that some right wing “pack of plastic paddies (those who call themselves Irish because their great granddad was chucked out of an Irish bar in NYC) can decide what is Irish and not.

    And Ireland is homophobic… since when? Are you even Irish? I doubt it… what a load of nonsense. Try getting your facts right before defending these fools.

  10. Correct me if I’m wrong but until very recently Ireland was not only homophobic but intolerant of any difference. A few gay bars in Dublin doesnt change the fact Ireland has a very narrow perception of what being Irish is.Yes I was Dublin raised Will and just because someone is not Irish you think they cant have a realistic opinion about Ireland.Dont forget in 1993 opinion polls showed the majority of people were opposed to de-criminilisation of homosexuality in Eire.I suggest that Irish American gays would distance themselves from an Irish identity if they knew about its exclusionary naure in Eire itself.Racism, disability discrimination and homophobia are rife in Irish society.I suggest you open your eyes in “my country”.

  11. Good grief, the USA is so backwards!

  12. Surely this calls for an alternative St Patrick’s Day event? Asking to be let into this jamboree is virtually conceding the old guard’s right to define who is Irish and who not. None of the Irish people I know fit their reactionary Catholic mould at all. Leave them to their suffocating time-warp.

  13. Patrick, Dublin 18 Mar 2009, 5:48pm

    Victim, are you even Irish? You seem to wallow in self loathing. I AM Irish, live in Dublin and I’m openly gay and do not experience homophobia that you seem to think is rife in Ireland. Yes, there is bigotry, racism and homophobia here, but no more so than in any other Western European country. Cop yourself on!

    Dublin has a thriving and growing gay scene as does Cork, Galway and Waterford. Ireland has transformed itself in social terms in the past 20 years.

    If anything, the AOH ban on gays in the St Patricks Day parade in New York says a lot more about religion and homophobia in America than it does about Ireland, where gays proudly march in the Dublin parade.

  14. Simon Murphy 18 Mar 2009, 7:15pm

    No5: Andrew Q – you say
    “St Patrick Day is about the Irish and all things to do with that. If they don’t want to do men in drag and rainbow flag that is up to them. Like I said let’s pick our fights. Ireland IS homophobic.”

    Are you ACTUALLY saying that because St Patrick’s Day is about being Irish then gay Irish people should not be allowed participate? What an extraordinarily homophobic viewpoint. It is no different from the viewpoint of the homophobic bigots who want no gay participants. How can you call Ireland homophobic when you are arguing that Irish gay people not be allowed to celebrate their national heritage because of their sexuality?

    Do you also think that gay Turks and gay Poles not be allowed to participate openly as Turks and Poles in Gay Pride because Gay Pride has nothing to do with nationality.

    Your homophobia is sickening.

  15. Simon Murphy 18 Mar 2009, 7:24pm

    People don’t seem to realise that it is NOT the gay community at large who want to participate in this parade. It is the IRISH gay community. By arguing that they should not be protesting at their exclusion people like Victim and Andrew Q seem to be saying that if you are gay then you should not be allowed to celebrate your national heritage. That is a truly vile, homophobic, bigotted viewpoint.

    When was the last time you lived in Ireland, Victim as you seem not to have much knowledge about modern Ireland. Until very recently the UK was also extremely bigotted (in fact Ireland had an equal age of consent and laws prohibiting homophobic discrimination BEFORE the UK). You suit your name – you truly are a victim – a victim of ignorance.

  16. I’ve skimmed most of the responses. You people have got it all wrong. First, this parade is in the s US, stay focused the US is full of stupid people. I am from the US so I know this to be fact.

    Now, if Irish gays really wanted to March in the Parade they could. It’s really simply. All they have to do is ask the City to verify that every group that Marches is of legitimate Irish Heritage.

    If this is about being Irish let it be only the Irish that are in the Parade. Discrimination, can be used for good people. When we start taking away their rights, they’ll start getting it.

  17. Ireland is not a homophobic country, in general. That’s quite a stupid remark to come off with. If anything, Irish people are very accepting of gay people, but just prefer to have it behind closed doors, to be frankly honest. But this is changing. Many famous people in Ireland are gay and have no problems with homophobia in society. In addition, recent polls show 82% of the Irish population is for gay marriage, much more than could be said for England! Just because it’s a Catholic country, don’t tar us with homophobia.

  18. Simon Murphy 19 Mar 2009, 12:20am

    They’ve tried that Jay – they have been repeatedly ignored (not surprising seeing as the Parade organisers – the Ancient Order of Hibernians) are all over the mayoral; police and firefighter groups and they have influence over who gets the permits.

    What is truly shocking about this story is not the fact that the AOH have again banned gay Irish people from taking part but that some gay people reading this story – Andrew Q and Victim – are defending the decision to deny an ethnic group expression of their ethnicity (on the holiday celebrating that ethnicity) simply because they are gay. Their homophobia is all the more shocking as they are gay themselves.

  19. If I am Irish or not is irrelevant. For the record I was Irish raised and all my family are Irish and live in Ireland.I visit Ireland every year and have lived there as recently as 2005.I agree that gay people should be allowed to march in the parade.Legislation in Ireland may be relatively progressive but community attitudes towards homosexuals are lagging this.In terms of being disabled Ireland is viciously prejudiced and this is why I live in both Australia and the U.K. If you think you have any concept of being perceived as foreign, gay and disabled in Eire I think you may be the ignorant one.The prejudice I receive in the U.K and particurlarly in Oz are only a fraction of what I receive in Ireland.So you people need to cop on.I am gay, Irish and disabled and Ireland is part of the E.U and all people living in Ireland have a right to their opinion regardless if they are Irish or not.I am not self loathing about my sexuality or Irishness.I am just not blinded to the nature of Ireland because the issue does not affect me.

  20. Simon Murphy 19 Mar 2009, 12:23am

    Or perhaps Andrew Q and Victim’s support of homophobic discrimination is more to do with anti-Iris xenophobia seeing as neither will respond to my earlier question about whether it would be appropriate to deny ethnic minorities the right to declare their ethnicity openly during a gay pride parade.

  21. I am all for the gays marching in the parade and yes I am Irish and have lived there as recently as 2005 and visited last year. I just think Ireland is intolerant, that as a disabled person I receive far more prejudice there than in the U.K or Australia.Just my opinion but I have a far easier life being gay in Oz than Eire.So if Ireland is now this wonderfully accepting place I say great. But I suspect community attitudes there lag the European inspired legislation.

  22. I am all for the Irish gays marching in the St Pats parade.As for anti-Irish xenophobia Im not sure about that since I am Irish.I find this question “are you even Irish ” question truly a reflection of the exclusionary Irish attitude.I am familiar with modern Eire and live abroad to escape the vicious disability discrimination I receive there.So I guess I am a victim , but of ignorance probably not. Just objectivity thats all.

  23. Victim, you choose your name wisely… Maybe you lived here in 1950, because Ireland in 2009 is certainly is not the country you describe, otherwise you’d have a more realistic view on Ireland, not that bile spitting crap. You clearly have a chip on your shoulder and either way I’m not interested… I doubt you received any “vicious disability discrimination there”, more likely no one likes you because your a bitter little twat, and you’d get the same reaction no matter what country you live in. Best you stay where you are, under that rock.

  24. It quite shocks me of the attitude of the fanatically sensitive Irish people on here. Disability discrimination is a serious issue and in Ireland the mentally Ill are ridiculed,verbally abused and even assaulted at rates far higher than gays. Throughout the world they are deprived of their rights and murdered without consequence in the mental health system.This reaction is purely the reaction of Irish nationalistic fanaticism which scares your loyalist neighbours no doubt.St lomans support housing is atacked in Ireland and the residents almost ostracised.Will you are an ignorant nasty piece of work who atacks the dignity of highly marginalised people. Shame on you.

  25. No, shame on you, “Victim”… spouting your racial prejudice and expecting is all to agree with it. If you are Irish, you’re a disgrace to your country.

    “mentally Ill are ridiculed,verbally abused and even assaulted at rates far higher than gays”

    Really? How so? If you say you are “marginalised”, then prove it. State your statistics and state your research, but don’t expect me to accept that you’re supposed to be more of an authority on Irish homophobia or Irish prejudice simply because you claim have more to moan about in life than “other” gays. I will not accept your little anti-Irish hissy-fit as proof of anything.

    I suspect you spend most of your life moaning about something or other, and why the world hasn’t been kind to you. Victim by name, victim by nature.

    Get a life.

  26. Tony Lambert 20 Mar 2009, 7:14am

    Victim, I’m afraid I have to agree with William. Such anti Irish vitriol is simply racism, and expecting anyone to agree with you is beyond nonsenses.

    Clearly you’re happier where every you are, but that doesn’t detract from he obvious fact you’re experiences in Ireland are singular and not shared by the other Irish people here… they are entitled to be proud of Ireland, and quite rightfully so, its a fantastic country with great people, and your racist attacks only demonstrates your own ignorance.

    What worries me here is that you seem to equate mental illness with being gay??? Are you serious???

  27. You further demonstrate you complete ignorance of your own country.No one has equated being mentally Ill with being gay.Secondly until very recently being gay in Ireland was not accepted and Irish gays went to London to find acceptance .If you want statistics on mental ilness I will trawl them up. People who suffer schizophrenia are ten times more likely to be murdered and nearly ten times more likely to die from suicide than the general population. I do not know about mentallt ill gays but I suggest the combined risk factors would make it high. My experience is not singular and remember physically defending my co residents from people and they were constantly hounded by there’ neighbours.Schizophrenia is not accepted in Irish society and the visibly mentally ill are generally rejected and ostracised.Just because gays are finally accepted in Eire does not give you the right to deny the reality of the sitiuation of sick people. Victim by name victim by nature you say Will.I guess you didnt do leaving cert History with the constant whining about the British treatment of the Irish.England has always been a scapegoat to justify your anti english hatred in Ireland.Just like Mary McAleese comparing Unionist attitudes to the nazis. What about Irish attitudes to the loyalist population. Shame on you Mary.I am am a well regarded member of my community and well liked with little prejudice.The UK to was far more tolerant as well when I lived there.I am not a disgrace but your country certainly is. Hearing your denial of life for the mentally ill in Eire just makes me more ashamed to be Irish.Of course there is prejudice elsewhere. It is funny how you equate legitimate criticism with racial attack. I think you have that old Irish chip on your shoulder.Maybe now you can launch a personal attack om me for my illness.I work for Aids and disability charities and care for a profoundly disabled man.I have a life with dignity now and can see now exactly why I left Eire.It was only recently in the western world the mentally Ill were de istitutionalsed and were no longer locked up like criminals.Society poses far more danger to them than they do to society.If you dont think the seriously mentally Ill are marginalised in ALL societies I think you maybe an idiot.And again no-one equated being gay with being mentally ill.Most immigrants to Ireland have been verbally abused and many cannot go out safely at night. This is almost unheard of where I live. As well I recall a recent article on here about an Irish government report which showed 80% of gays in Ireland had been verbally abused and 25% had been assaulted for their sexuality.If you do your probability the combined risk factors of mental Ilness and sexuality put you at great risk.Thankfully things are better here and I have a deep love for this beautiful inclusive land.I guess Will you attitude is my country right or wrong if it does not affect you.

  28. “Shame on you Mary.I am am a well regarded member of my community and well liked with little prejudice.”

    “Maybe now you can launch a personal attack om me for my illness”

    Given that last boo-hoo session by you, I really doubt you truly believe that. My god, are you even listening to yourself?!?

    I am all for the correct treatment and inclusion of people with mental illness, but I draw the line at blaming a whole society & country for the backward views of one man such as you.

    What you said there was a load of personalised and emotive bitter crap. I’m not even going to bother trying to pick the flaws with that load of rubbish. You’re living in the past. Next you’ll be crying over the Norman invasion. Grow up, move on. If you don’t like Ireland, fine, you left, and that’s only of benefit to all of us. You want to look at Ireland through bitter little racist attacks and your silly references to a non-existent “exclusionary Irish attitude”, and hey, is a free country, but don’t expect others to think of you as anything but a petty fool for it.

    You, sir, will always be a buffoon, and not because of your “illness” or situation, but because of your petty attitude and thinly disguised racism.

  29. Ciaran McMahon 20 Mar 2009, 11:07am

    I’m just catching up on this thread now… victim, clearly you need more help with the mental illness. I am appalled at your attempt to vilify the entire Irish nation simply because you have a few “issues” with living there… what’s wrong, none of the boys thought you were pretty enough to sleep with? Ireland is NOT homophobic. Not today, in 2009. Yes, in the era you’re thinking of. But so was all of Europe back then. There there are a few people who are, but less on the whole than other countries… and yes, I’ve seen true homophobia in other countries. So, you’re either a liar, or you’re a racist with a few hangups against the Irish.

    Either way, I think you’re beneath contempt for your comments against a country that had equality legislation long before others in eh EU, and I agree with Will’s word for you, its suits you well: buffoon.

  30. Tony Lambet 20 Mar 2009, 11:09am

    Victim:- Get real. Grow up. Stop the histrionics.


  31. victim
    noun 1. casualty, sufferer, injured party, fatality
    noun 2. prey, patsy (slang), chiefly U.S., Canad. sucker
    noun 3. scapegoat, sacrifice, martyr.

    Hmmmmm… the definition of victim as “martyr” is probably the most acculturate.

    Fair play to the Irish here for standing up against this begrudger!

  32. Seems to me the Irish here have no empathy for the mentally ill.Considering the history of gays in the western world you are morally bankrupt. The play on the name victim is a unimaginative tool for your lack of valid argument. I guess most the literary greats were anglo-irish.Typical Irish go enda da Oirish us against the world mentality.

  33. Considering the disenfranchised history of gays in the western world your lack of empathy for the plight of the mentally ill just highlights the moral bankruptcy. The play on words about the victim name is just a tool in place of valid argument and shows your unimaginivity. I guess the literary greats from Eire were mostly aglo -irish.Typical go on the Irish mentalitity Oirish agaist the world.Lets see how much racism will emerge there during the economic downturn.

  34. It seems the drummed in Irish nationalism is ingrained in the gays here.Luckily for gays broader Irish society has softened its attitudes to gays and disregarded the drummed in catholicism. It reminded me of an article on GCN where the editor says the gay muslims had to recouncile there faith with there sexuality with questioning the broader religion. Your 19th century nationalism really demonstrates what a backward people you really are. You may be gay and Irish like me but you are a bunch on ignorant and in a state of denial. Unlike the non Irish on here I know exactly what you are like and you are angry I point out the hypocrisy. By the way “plasic paddies” have every much as right as you to celebrate their ethnicity.Exclusionary bigots.

  35. I do not vilify a whole nation.I just highlight the place of the mentally ill in Ireland. Nothing I have said on here is not based in fact.Criticism of Ireland it is not racism.Now because you do not agree with me you attack my mental functioning. Typical bigot.In terms of the gay community in Dublin I was pestered constanly for sex and even offered money for it. So go and take you backward 19th century nationalism and find a new way to perceive yourself.

  36. He just keeps on going, doesn’t he? No one here has shown a lack of empathy to either gays (which we are, as this is a gay site… hello! knock knock!) or the mentally ill.

    What we DO have an issue with is your debase Irish bigotry.

    I will not stand idly by while you have a little hissy-fit at the entire Irish nation because of that “poor me” mentality you have.

    Oh, and as for “I guess the literary greats from Eire were mostly aglo -irish”. What exactly is “aglo -irish” anyway??? You’re grasp at the English language is appalling…. try learning to use it before demeaning the great Irish literary heritage. Or try an education, perhaps a spell checker, before coming into this site and peddling your histrionic anti-Irish bigotry!


  37. Your self image of Irishness and the society is bordering on the delusional.You have no concept of the stigma of mental ilness in Ireland. You are a disgrace to humanity.

  38. My grasp of English is lacking. I still managed to get an A in honours English. Says alot for the Irish education system.My attitude towards the Irish is based in fact not on nationalism. I would suggest the loyalist attitude towards you would be a lot worse. Oh yes thats because there bigots whos the victim now. Grow up you adolescent nationalist.

  39. And another thing “plastic paddies” are entitled to celebrate their Irish heritage as much as anyone.Do you think you have a monopoly on Irish ethnicity? Exclusionary bigots.

  40. Nationalists? Loyalists? These are institutions that exist in the North of Ireland, not the Republic. Since when is being proud of ones country akin to the sectarianism in the North of Ireland? Are you able to read newspapers?

    Your attitude towards Ireland is NOT based on fact, its based on personal prejudice.

    And again you go with the petty racist attacks on Ireland by condemning its education system. The only mental health issue you have is your a small minded bigot, and that the education system managed to let you slip through it and yet maintain such narrow views on a nationality.

    You must have robbed that “A” from someone on the street, you have all the grammatical prowess of a monkey with a typewriter, the only difference being that the monkey has a statistical chance in producing the entire works of Shakespeare.

    I’ll keep my pride in Ireland. You keep your uninspiring histrionics and small world view.

  41. The average age of coming out in even Dublin in 1997 was 24. This was stated in “In Dublin” magazine in the queer section. In cities like London and Sydney it was in the teens in 1997. Just because now in Dublin you get too f–k other mens arses you dont care about other peoples rights. Northern Ireland is almost identical to the south except it has a protestant majority and conflict there from.Southern Ireland has the same attitudes just no sizeable differences.Just because you disagree with someone you cannot handle difference of opinion and just personally attack an individual.No wonder N.Ireland had 30 years of conflict.Dont stop the personal attacks .I have plenty of ” antiIrish bigotry” left in me.You are an unobjective and narrow minded nation. I guess that doesnt matter now since its socially acceptable to suck c–k now?

  42. “I have plenty of “antiIrish bigotry” left in me”

    You said it. Finally, an admission of bigotry and prejudice. Now, don’t you feel better that you’re come out as stupid little racist?

    All your arguments is hollow and empty in light of the obvious.

  43. Ciaran McMahon 20 Mar 2009, 2:01pm

    So, he admits he’s a bigot. What a surprise.

    What a brilliant mind you must have, all that hate built up inside you mush make you quite the envy of the other boys. Hope that rock you crawled under keeps you warm at night… and the only mental illness you have is that your an screaming little bitch who’s needs to renew your membership of the KKK. We’re doing just fine in old “homophobic” Ireland!

  44. Cogratulations Will you have better english and grammatical skills than a seriously disabled person. What a personal truimph, you must be proud.My nickname in the leaving cert was auctally Yeats.But I doubt I had his ability considering my native O’ Shea surname.Your grasp of the dynamics of Irish identity is sadly lacking.You are an insular self deluded “Mick”. People like you are the reason why Ireland used to have such a poor national image. Thank God many Irish have moved on and abandoned your deluded and narrow concept of identity.

  45. “Irish Bigotry” is in inverted commas so as to be used as your quote.I suggest you belong in the Irish ku klux Klan since the now accept people of a catholic background. I suggest you crawl back under your rock you classist disability discriminating Irish extremist with no ability to take on board legitimate criticism.

  46. Your denial of hate crime against the mentally Ill is disturbing. You sound like and evangelical right winger in America arguing agaist the inclusion of gays in hate crime laws.You deep down are a hate filled bigot who thinks the mentally ill have no value.There are next to no seriosly mentally ill people on the gay scene in Dublin and if they were open about it they were rejected.I got my fill of cock because I guess I was a good piece of ass. There is so much depth of character and deepness in gay men like you.You do not care about anyone but youself and narrow identity.

  47. Ciaran McMahon 20 Mar 2009, 2:26pm

    Blah blah blah… he just keeps going, like a broken record.

    I was wrong, his mental illness is Asperger’s Syndrome.

    Let it go. We don’t care.

    In essence, f*ck the hell off, and take your narrow minded bigotry with you.

  48. What a freak victim is.

    A victim of his own sad anger.

  49. Er, victim, run along now. Its clear everyone is sick of your Irish-bashing. You’re OBVIOUSLY mentally ill, no need to keep telling us.

  50. Auctally thats just the name I used to be aggressively called in Dublin before being assaulted and that was just for having a mood disturbance.You are a vicious bigot with no real ability to think.You will not get the last word because you a disgusting bigot who probably abuses the mentally Ill in Dublin. Both Ciaran and Will are a disgrace to the ideals of the rainbow flag. I guess your role model would be Ernst Rohm if you were German.

  51. Oh, god, shut the f*ck up about your sad little life. Please. I’ve heard enough of your prattling. Yes, we pity you. And now that you’ve proved Godwin’s Rule of Nazi Analogies, I’ve heard enough of your nonsense! Enough already.

  52. You are a sad clannish people who have county specific bars in New York.So is that reality or mental illness? I pity the English who have to put up with your garbage.

  53. You called me a freak. Isnt the akin to calling an Irish person a teadgh. What a sad pathetic individual you are. I have a good life where I am because it is not populated by sad and appalling scum like you with no respect for difference. What a sad little mind you have.

  54. So now you are using Auspergers syndrome as a negative insult. I think what you meant to say was Tourettes.You cannot even hide your thinly veiled bigotry. What an enlightened and progressive individual you are.Attacking the weak in society. It is akin to calling a black person spook or nigger. You now show your true colours of your new found “liberalism”.

  55. I just got two of my mentally ill friends down here to see this.They happen to be straight.They werent anti-Irish before but are starting to re-assess there attitudes after seeing this. Youll be glad to know that I assured them there are many decent and moderate people in Ireland.But they have yet too see any evidence of this on here. They too are glad Ireland is no loger homophobic. But they certainly arent impressed by the attitudes towards the sick and weak. Maybe they need to experience Ireland to truly appreciate what it is like.Ill sit here and finish my can of Kilkenny and contemplate my alleged “ku klux klan ” membership.Its news to my mates as one is catholic and the other south asian. Ireland you do yourself proud.It hurts when it comes from one of your own.You certainly are not my brothers and have seriously offended no non homophobic friends. But I think they understand now how us queers are just as prone to prejudice. I auctally met a loyalist at a gay book reading book who thought all Irish were “scum of the earth”. I quickly informed him of Irelands progression and the dignity of all races.I think you would have alot in common with him with your extremism except he’s is on the oopsie pole to you.

  56. Still going on and on and on and on, can’t shut the f*ck up, can you?

    What part of “I don’t care” did you, and your dim witted mind, miss? Bring a racist is one thing, but being a dull repetitive bigot is beyond redemption.

  57. Ciaran McMahon 20 Mar 2009, 4:20pm

    I couldn’t give a damn what you and your muppet friends think, if they hang around with a little racist piece of crap like you, then their opinions won’t amount to much.

    Now, how’s about getting lost, there’s a good little freak. Will’s right, you’re a repetitive bore.

  58. Paul Walsh 20 Mar 2009, 4:25pm

    Victim, you keep mentioning in you are “sick and weak”. Does this somehow make up for your vicious attacks on Ireland and the Irish? Am I supposed to feel sorry for you because you keep attacking gay people like this? This site is open to all, expect those who advocate prejudice like what you are doing. “Sick and weak” is no excuse for your behaviour.

    Please stop, and move on.

    (Oh, and I’m not Irish, I just have issues with your verbal attacks on a whole nation, and expecting our pity)

  59. I’ve been in Ireland an awful lot over the past year due to multiple bereavement. I took the opportunity to catch up on what I’d missed since leaving those shores 24 years ago. And I have to say that I was amazed, astounded, pleased, at what I consider to be progress.
    My partner and I were made very welcome in any place we went, and we were comfortably accepted and treated just the same as anybody else no matter whether it was in a city, a town, village or deep in the sticks. And what more than that can we ask for?
    So while I might look at the political scene there and wonder what kind of “politicians” they have been voting for and how they can tolerate so much corruption and clerical abuse, I cannot criticise them for their general enhanced openness to diversity.

    And anyway, wasn’t this originally about Irish folk being banned from St Patricks Day celebrations in New York solely because of their sexuality?

  60. Mihangel apYrs 21 Mar 2009, 11:57pm

    1. you can’t be racist about your own nationality

    2. commenting on personal experience is acceptable; Victim feels he was fucked over: he extrapolates this to the whole nation, which is simplistic, but some contributors go ballistic. He responds by going thermo-nuclear.

    his opinion is lacking, but it is his take. We ought to note the origin and scenario and react accordingly: I haven’t been to Eire for 30 years but have heard good things about it. but personal experience must be appreciated.

    Cut Victim some slack, empathise with the pain, and compare to existing reality.

  61. Simon Murphy 22 Mar 2009, 1:25am

    Ireland is homophobic. I tell you! I’ve just come back from a visit home to Limerick. I was in a gay bar having some bevvies. I saw this really hot guy and went to chat him up. he told me he had a boyfriend. How dare he? I thought I was going to score? Poor, poor me.

    Victim – are you on medication? Are you seeing a counsellor?

    Irish Fags in the St Patrick’s Day Parade in New York – hurrah – bring it on!!!

  62. Er, Mihangel apYrs, cut victim some slack? Why? Did his meds run out? The man needs a bitch slap, and a hard one at that, what a f*cking whine bag. Regardless of his nationality, to paint an entire nation as homophobes is bigoted and quite frankly stupid, regardless of your patronising bullet point wikipedia definitions.

  63. Why, you’re right Simon! That happened to a friend of mine once before… come to think of it, gay bars in Ireland must be full of homophobia!


  64. Mihangel apYrs 22 Mar 2009, 6:35pm

    who rattled your cage? The speed with which we turn on our own is breathtaking!! Sitting in judgement is all fine and dandy, right up to the moment our true enemies kick the door down. One thing quite clear about EIre is that the RC church retains a powerbase that could turn the tide, especially in a financial downturn.

    Victim stated an opinion; a totally wrong opinion, and one that would have been better to ignore. Instead people turned on him with a venom that would have been better spent against the instigators of hatred against gays reported on tis site.

  65. Brian Burton 25 Mar 2009, 7:54am

    Talk about all you Bitches shapening your claws! Now, one of the facts of Bitching each other, is the desire of any very intensified emotion to be relieved by some emotion that is it’s opposite. Natures example of dramatic effect is the laghter of hysteria on the tears of joy.

  66. Ok So let them have their parade. And at the end of their parade group, have a second parade of gay Irish etc. Show them up. They don’t own streets, and a properly organized gay pride parade should be allowed.

    Just be sure there is no attempt to interfer with the hibernians. BTW, wouldn’t it be nice, though if they would go into hibernation – for a long long time.

  67. And I missed something – it sounds like Ireland will have civil unions this year. Not perfect, but not bad, especially as it will be national, vs the mess we have in the states.

    The real answer to their Pope.

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