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Chris Moyles wants Elton John on new show

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Reader comments

  1. If Elton John does anything to help the career of that obnoxious homophobe Moyles, whatever respect I hold for him would evaporate

  2. Ryan Haynes - fyi radio 17 Mar 2009, 1:39pm

    It’s quoted Moyles said: “I’d love to get Elton John, I think he’d be hilarious” – because he’s gay? Just listen t the torrent of abuse Aled is put through! (god am I admitting I listen to the homophobe? – contradictions in terms again!)

  3. I don’t listen to the guy. What kind of abuse is Aled actually put through by Moyles: can some one give some examples? I read in an article that Aled himself does not feel offended.

  4. Will someone please ninja kick the fat man.

  5. Simon Murphy 17 Mar 2009, 5:17pm

    Aled’s presence on that show is to allow the BBC to say ‘See – we have a token gay on the show. Therefore Chris is not a homophobe’. As for Elton John – well I doubt he’d care very much about appearing on a homophobe’s show. After all he thought it was a good idea to duet with Eminem at the height of the controversy surrounding Eminem’s homophobia. Elton John is about promoting Elton John – regardless of what bigots he has to associate with to do so.

  6. Spot on Simon.

  7. Simon – Well said. Seems Elton would sell his own grandmother these days for a shot at the limelight. Why he needs to prostitute his credibility to bigots like that with the stack of cash he’s earned over the years is anyone’s guess. What next, a duet with Beanie Man or Elephant man?

  8. From what I heard about the original controversy, I always saw Chris Moyles as thoughtless, rather than malicious.

    Actually, has any gay publication bothered to ask Moyles for an interview? We pay our licence fees to keep this tub of lard in a job, the least he can do is explain himself. Also it’s the job of the gay press to get some dialogue going. Let’s clear this up for good. It’s no use protesting ‘i’m not homophobic’ through vague press statements or through interverws with his envoy, Mr Jones.

    On another note, kudos to the legendary Judge Jules for featuring the Michael Causer case on his website.

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