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Interview: Britain’s gay Consul General to Cape Town

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Reader comments

  1. ‘There is lots of discrimination and violence, particularly against lesbians’… namley ‘corrective rape’ & the police dont investigate it. The Guardian did a piece on it this week. Families of lesbians also get terrorised. I certainly wont be going on holiday there!

  2. Surely, if one strives so hard to make it in one’s chosen career and succeeds, then one would want to enjoy the perks of the job – instead of the Vespa, presumably a Daimler, Jaguar, Bentley, Rolls??? And what about keeping up appearances? Any one of those would look better in Kaapstad.

  3. Great stuff – hope the F3G team rolls out there this year!

  4. Did the author mean to write “Leeds Metropolitan University” or, as it was previously called “Leeds Polytechnic”? There was never anywhere named “Leed Polytechnic University”.

  5. Charlene, please do me a favour and write to the South African tourism authorities telling them you will not be coming here. Tell the ANC (the ruling party) too about this. Tell as many South African organisations, include the South African Police Services, as you can so that hopefully a few people can wake up to the consequences of their bigotry, if not the human consequences then how their own pockets will suffer.

  6. It’s only black lesbians that are subjected to the ‘corrective’ rape (or at least I’ve never heard of this happening to a white lesbian), and that’s because a lot of this happens in and around the informal settlements and townships. I’ve never had any problems living in Joburg and being out, although like anywhere, it also depends upon the situation and environment.

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