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Transgender activist murdered in Turkey

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Reader comments

  1. This couldn’t have anything to do with Islam, could it? I mean the Koran only tells Muslims to execute gay men. Ask my Muslim colleague who would like to have me executed but cannot because he is a member of a minority (for now).

  2. Eugene, you are spot on with your comments. Islam is the greatest threat to the secular West and individual freedoms!!!!! Such violence is a blight on Turkish society.

  3. Simon Murphy 14 Mar 2009, 3:34am

    With regard to Turkey we need to be careful when attacking Islam. The muslim cult is utterly vile on the subject of homosexuality but we need to remember thar Turkey is the ONLY muslim country in the world where homosexuality is legal. The fact that the islamic cult is the major religion is a problem as it will try to propogate its evil facist agenda (as all religions do). At the same time we should try to help the gay community there. After all if homosexuality and TS issues are ever to be achieved across the islamic world it is Turkey that will be at the forefront.

  4. If they want to be a part of the EU, they still have a long way to go considering their GLBT stance.

  5. Yet strict Imams in Iran have allowed a M2F Transsexual to complete her transition. and appear to be allowing many more. That’s a bit more than the fundies here would allow

  6. Chloe Johnson 16 Mar 2009, 2:50pm

    This again, is very sad. Even though the Muslim people differ in their beliefs, they should by no means act as though they have a right to kill someone because of it!! No one should be mistreated on this (or mostly) any other basis!
    And in regards to Simon Murphey’s comment about ALL religions having an evil, facist agenda, I would like to propose that (assuming you haven’t done extensive research about many different religious communities or met anyone who is a “true” Christian/Muslim/etc..) If I, or anyone else, were to judge the entire GLBT community by just a few experiences/encounters, would not your comment be tainted with confirmation bias?
    Again, I do not want to drift from the issue at hand, and the inhumanity of these acts against the community by any means, but consider the nature of the dicrimination that your comment reflects. If you are curious as to the nature of my religious affliation, or if I have one at all, I will check back to this article by the end of the week.
    Thank you for allowing me to speak about this.

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