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Study to be released on poverty among gay Americans

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 14 Mar 2009, 3:10am

    What a boring study. Gay people are as likely to be as poor as straight people. Isn’t that equality of a depressing kind?

  2. I think everyone automatically assumes that gay people fall into the “D.I.N.Ks” demographic… i.e. Dual income, no kids. But it’s also fair to point out that descrimination and the resulting lack of confidence in the workplace can harm LGBT earning potential. Speaking for myself, I have trouble making ends meet, so perhaps this type of study is useful for redressing the balance.

  3. paul canning 15 Mar 2009, 12:51pm

    It’s not the first of its kind. These studies are rare but have been done and have shown what this one does – discrimination affects earning power. Doh!

  4. Brian Burton 15 Mar 2009, 4:41pm

    I’ve always been faubousley un-wealthy and loving it!
    “Oh! I’ve got plenty of nothin’ and nothin’s plenty for me…”

  5. PretenderNX01 16 Mar 2009, 8:42am

    I suppose maybe in the UK people might be aware, but here in the USA all I hear is how much money Gays have. And speaking as a gay American who barely makes it up to Middle Class- I’m tired of the stereotype. I think it plays into the rightwingers hatred of gays by fanning flames of jealousy and presenting us as elitist.

    Not to mention the pressure it puts on young gay Americans who are bombarded by our own media with images of trendy gay people who have the latest in designs.

    Next, I want to know how many gay people are actually fit vs fat. ;)

  6. Jen Marcus 16 Mar 2009, 1:35pm

    Its too bad “Trans” people weren’t included in this study. I would be willing to wager that most of them would be classified as poverty stricken or close to it. The cost alone for transition and long term care with psychiatrists and counselors, physicians, surgeons, “meds” and hormones can put most “Trans” folks in the poor house.

  7. Jen Marcus 16 Mar 2009, 1:45pm

    Oh yes, I forgot to mention a very key point in my previous post that “T” people have a high unemployment rate due to job hiring and on the job discrimination assuming they are fortunate to get or keep an existing job during their transition.

  8. Brian Burton 25 Mar 2009, 1:55pm

    I took my pet dog to the Vets. the other day and the Vet petted hin ans said. Hallo, how do you feel? My dog replied Ruff, Ruff!

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