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Rise of ‘corrective rapes’ on lesbians in South Africa

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Reader comments

  1. I have contacted the African Christian Democratic Party numerous times to ask them if they condemn these rapes. I have yet to receive a reply (they are lobbying to revoke GLBT rights and promise to “cure” gay people). You can write to them at The South African Council of Churches was very vocal about racism in the Apartheid years but now seem to be silent on the rape of lesbians. You can write to them at Not one South African celebrity has stood up in all the years to condemn homophobia even though I wrote to organisations that deal with them. Again, I received no reply. Yet, when people were murdered because they were foreigners and when those same celebrities saw there would be a negative economic impact, then they spoke out against Xenophobia. Some of the TV stations that would have contact with celebrities are:, (This company’s broadcasts are most likely to be watched by the rapists in question) and The ANC has not spoken a word against these rapes and their president, probably South Africa’s next president too, has said he used to beat gay men when he was younger. A large section of the ANC (the governing party) cheered. You can write to the ANC using the feedback form on their website, (Good luck getting a reply there too).

  2. Simon Murphy 14 Mar 2009, 3:22am

    This is shocking story. However the sad reality is that rape in South Africa is at epidemic proportions – against ALL women and not just lesbians. From what I’ve read and spoken to South Africans about the rape crisis in South Africa is that women are not safe there.

  3. Lesbians being raped does not just happen in South Africa, it happens all over the world, including this country. Hopefully the increased publicity this matter is getting, will finally allow victims to come forward and that they get the support and that the correct justice does take place.

  4. Erroll Clements 16 Mar 2009, 2:10pm

    Sadly this country is still very 3rd world, the average black man still goes to the witch doctor to be cured of aids etc etc. It has been known for many years now that the witch doctors tell the men with aids to rape a baby girl or an older woman and your aids will be cured. It is not just lesbians, it is woman in general of all ages. Also it is part of the black culture that the black man is brought up to believe that it is his right to have sex with any woman he want, hence why aids is so high amoungst the black people. And thanks to the Vatican and that crazed twat in red shoes, they have never been allowed condoms !

  5. Chloe Johnson 16 Mar 2009, 2:34pm

    This makes me so sad! And yet it’s the reality of the sin-depraved world in which we live. My heart truly cries out to the Lord for my generation and for those that will follow!!! I plan spend my life working to free women from this bondage, regardless of whether or not I agree with the nature of their sexual orientation, race, or religion. Each life is precious and should be treated as such. The cycle of abuse MUST STOP!

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