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Gay men in Jamaica ‘face higher levels of HIV due to discrimination’

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Reader comments

  1. So tired of reading about this pathetic little island to nowhere!!!!! What have they invented????? Rap which equals CRAP!!!!!

  2. Simon Murphy 14 Mar 2009, 3:18am

    Gay people in Jamaica need assistance in escaping that backward dump. We need to help them escape while at the same time encouraging a boycott of the country, its goods and its services until it decides to leave the 19th century.

  3. Ho many times do you need telling…HIV does NOT cause AIDs. Please, get the DVD on Ebay called Aids Fact or Fraud. Educate yourselves away from this US propaganda. AIDs is most likely caused by chemicals from over-use of drugs. People can be HIV carriers and never affected, the HIV only shows up because of other infections. It is too minor to do any harm.

  4. jonnielondon 14 Mar 2009, 1:16pm

    Egm, is that YOUR dvd on ebay? Buddy, you must be a friend of Thabo Mbeki of South Africa. Do you have a beet root and garlic farm too?

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