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Eleven gay discharges in US military in January

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Reader comments

  1. Pink News why do you imitate the BBC and straight media in the picture illustrating this story. I am sick of seeing the faceless men holding hands shot from the back, suggesting as it does that they would be ashamed to show their faces or it needs to be kept covert. What about showing some pictures of proud service personnell marching for gay rights or representing the military in gay celebrations. Faces Please

  2. Why do experts have to be commissioned to make an in-depth study of the issue? I’m not at all confident on Obama’s so-called commitment to any rights issued for gays. This should be a given. This is just a stall tactic. I’m not sure if his ‘staff’ is aware at all at the suspicion and lack of confidence the US gay community has in him.

  3. Brian Burton 13 Mar 2009, 4:10pm

    I was in the British Army in 1960. I told my Commanding Officer that I was Gay and all they did was transfer me to another unit. Looking back, I do’nt think they belived me! No Military organisation, including the U.S.A. should not be allowed to discriminate on sexual orentation.

  4. Does anyone else find the title of this article quite amusing?

  5. Send all the straights to die, keep the good soldiers for the social revolution to come!!!!!

  6. Mihangel apYrs 14 Mar 2009, 12:36am

    you’d have thought Obama would have frozen this sanction until he could deal with it.

    Let’s hopemhe doesn’t back awayt from it – it could break confidence in the Democrats!

    PS It’s not good enough for the military to day it’s a bad thing, they would have said, in the past that having black people mixed in would be bad.

    Either we’re equal, or ew pay no taxes but get the benefits, and can#t be called up when they need us

  7. Simon Murphy 14 Mar 2009, 3:38am

    While I disagree with the gay military ban in general I think that at the current time gay people are very lucky to have an opt out from serving in the US Army. The US Army is in Iraq solely to steal oil (while pretending to be promoting democracy). Demanding acceptance into a criminal organisation seems illogical.

  8. where all 11 in one big orgy ^^ cos seems like they are just picking out people while they can before its all equal

  9. Brother Marty Clarence 1 Apr 2009, 6:51pm

    Only 11 gay discharges in the entire US military for the whole month of January? How sad. I know just one gay British soldier who had double that number of discharges during the same month. So Yanks (or is that Wanks), no more unkind remarks about British military inferiority, please.

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