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Florida bill will repeal gay adoption ban

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Reader comments

  1. do the people who write these articles speak english? to repeal means ” To revoke or rescind, especially by an official or formal act.” so repealing gay adoption means taking it away, not granting it… Anyone fancy offering me a job?

  2. Yep, it confused me too, andrewT. Thought I was going mad for a few seconds there! I thought it was for brevity, but other items have longer titles.

  3. there is serious subediting error here – the headline reflects the exact opposite of what the piece says.

  4. There is nothing wrong with the English. The headline says exactly what the article says: the bill will repeal the gay adoption BAN. As for the notion that the judge should consider the best interests of the child, I am certain the religious right will be horrified. Children are after all pawns to be used by them in their fight to perpetuate hate. What would happen to their lies about child abuse if the truth ever emerged years later from the lives of those same children that they were loved and cared for and that they are not suddenly all gay.

  5. Thanks, they corrected it ;)

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