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Ashton Kutcher speaks out about gay slurs

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  1. He wrote: “can we just get clear, calling some one ‘gay’ or ‘fag’ is as derogatory as calling someone a ‘nigger’. U look like an idiot when you do it.”

    Clear, concise and totally accurate in my opinion. Especially the last sentence…

  2. John (Derbyshire 12 Mar 2009, 11:45am

    I would add that comedians like James Corden Matthew Horne and Al Murray also do the same thing when they take the p*ss in their “comedy sketches” too. They make themselves look like f8cking idiots-they need to grow up and look for genuine comedy material- not using old-fashioned steretypes.

  3. Ashton Kutcher – The same as Ashton Kutcher the frontman of “Punk’d”?!? Who’dve thought he’d suddenly become the voice of maturity after all those mean-spirited candid camera pranks he pulled on other celebs who’s only crime was to be more successful than him. Still, credit where credit’s due… perhaps settling down with a mature woman has changed his outlook on life.

  4. James Whale 12 Mar 2009, 4:53pm

    Good man. More celebrities leading by example please! =)

  5. Does saying ‘Gay Nigger’ make them a double idiot?

  6. Glad Kutcher spoke up. I saw a tape of a performance by Chris Rock recently and he had a whole long joke about how it was OK to say “faggot” if you didn’t mean gay, but were just talking about an “a-hole” or “jerk” who cut you off in traffic, etc. The whole audience laughed and it’s not OK. How would he feel if somebody used “nigger” in the same way?? So Kutcher is dead on right.

  7. Ashton is right on the mark. I admire him for standing up to these mindless idiots who use this kind of language. He deserves an Oscar for bravery.

  8. Oh Ashton, the world is truly discovering how beautiful you really are more and more these days.. I only wish there were more Men like you, and less Men like Societies Excepted Norm.. And when I woke up today and saw what you have done, I thought to myself what a beautiful day this was going to be, and that you were going to be the icing on my cake for this morning. Yesterday I was on the phone with one of my other beautiful friends, and we talked for hours and it was so exciting to talk to her because she understands more than most.. We talked about everything but there was one thing I had to clear up for her and as I was doing that, we both had wished that more people would understand… That calling others “a fag” was as bad and ignorant and disgusting as calling others “a nigger, or a jew, a chink, or a paki, or a polok”.. And I had lived a life full of hearing people use these derogatory terms to others and myself. When I woke up today, I saw that you were doing the same thing!? Except talking to an Ass Online at Twitter; that was using the derogatory term “Fag” on you!! On You!?! Please,, they must have just felt jealous of you.. I couldn’t believe it.. You were explaining to some ignoramus idiot on Twitter that he or she should “get it clear”, that “calling someone ‘gay’ or ’fag’ is as derogatory as calling someone a ’nigger’” Then you told them that they look like an idiot when they do.” Wow was I so happy to read this!! Thank you you beautiful Man.. No one should be saying to people “you’re gay, or you’re a fag”, and I thank you so much for that. I’m so glad we became friends because the world needs people like you who truly get it….

    I wish I could give you a big hug and kiss for that, and I thank you for standing up against the idiots with “buckets of rocks” for brains when it comes to the GLBTQI and F Community… My friend says her husband laughs every time they watch TV and theere’s black guys or girls calling each other Niggers… It’s not a funny thing, and nothing to stay quite about, it encourages all that we are trying to rid the world of “Hate, Discrimination, Prejudism, Sexism, Racism, Corruption, Homophobia, Femaphobia, Bully-ism & Murder”. Everyone should no longer politely excuse people for their “sincerely held beliefs” either, while they share how they feel being gay is wrong in the eyes of the Lord… We should call out bigotry whenever and wherever we see it. Even with what we so call “friends”.

    Once I sat quietly when after I told this woman that Ed was my Man, my Partner, my spouse my husband, she looked at him, turned to me, and said “I’ll pray for you”… OMG!! I couldn’t believe it, but I wasn’t equipped at the time to address her, so I kick myself often for letting her say that to me without any response… Not responding is the terrible part, and for all those who don’t respond to people like that, I pray for them… It’s hard being a person of Pure Love and Spirituality in an age where there is so much of that ignorance towards gays, lesbians & Transgenders running ramped… People don’t understand how come we have to fight so loud if we are such a quite and loving people? How come we have to appear aggressive and violent with our protesting when we claim we just want peace and non-violence? Why do we have to scream when all we want is to Love? Why do we pick fights and argue with people, if all we want is for everyone to just get along? Why Why Why? Well that depends who is asking..

    Is it some num-nuts that don’t know anything about anything, that is simply asking because they really want to know and learn? Or is it from someone with deeply held ignorant & prejudice beliefs that stem from their brainwashing religion that contributes to withholding our gay & lesbian rights and respect.. Are they a person with their Bible sitting on their shoulder; Peer pressure on their shoulder, a guilty sexual threat on their shoulder, or a can of beer with potato chips on their shoulder? Are they as miserable inside their hearts as many of the Homophobes and Femaphobes are in their life? What ever the kind of person they may be, asking those questions yet expecting us to stay quite in the eyes of the Law, that’s how they live life while they stay quite about things that matter to them and others around them, it’s wrong, it’s damaging, and it’s dangerous…

    This is why I know “God Hates Fag Haters”..

    My only religion would be my Nature-Based-Religion, but I prefer to not call it by that name, and use the name of what it really is; ‘Spiritual Connection to all Living Things‘, not religious connection to all living things.. Too Many people think Religion or being religious these days is spirituality, and it is not.. But I forgive them.. Thank you again Ashton.. Love

    Arishmary; The Global Girlyboy Online Faerie and Radical Activist.

    Muawww.. xoxo

  9. Glenn Fairclough 13 Mar 2009, 9:28am

    Good to hear a celebrity make positive comment about gay discrimination and the the way the word gay is mis-used. Being called gay of course need need not be a bad thing, only the way it si used, ie to attach the word to something wrong or bad. This may go on to associate the word gay as negative

  10. Glenn Fairclough 13 Mar 2009, 9:35am

    Good to hear a celebrity make positive comments about gay discrimination and the way the word gay is mis-used. Being called gay of course need not be a bad thing, only the way it is used, ie to attach the word to something wrong or bad. This may go on to associate the word gay as negative and i feel can be destructive; and is very much based on heterosexual/tradtionalist insecurity and the need to place gay people at the fring of society

  11. As a man in a relationship with an older woman (which society still has a bit of problem with), Ashton’s own personal life has been subject to media scrutiny and sniggers, so I am glad that he is showing such sensitivity to another group of people who are viewed as “not normal”. His comments are exactly right.

  12. Har Davids 18 Mar 2009, 2:05pm

    “U look like an idiot when you do it.” is not correct; people talking/thinking like that probably are.

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