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2010 US census ‘will not include gays’

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Reader comments

  1. ‘Potent political power’ – What, like taking over the world mmwwhhaahhh!!

  2. Simon Murphy 12 Mar 2009, 3:51pm

    I sort of agree with with the decision not to include sexual orientation in census questions. The sad fact is that so many gay people remain in the closet and would lie about their sexual orientation that any results that appear in the census about gay people would not be accurate.

  3. I don’t think a sexuality question will nessacceraly yield accurate answers, but I don’t know it’s a bad idear to try.

    But to just dissmiss civil unions and gay marrage in case we ‘take over the world’ as Charlene so sucsinctly puts it (lol) is petty and dissmissive, not to mention fairly iresponsable.

  4. Simon Murphy 13 Mar 2009, 12:57pm

    Well I know the gay movement often makes the claim that 10% of the population is gay and bases this figure on Albert Kinsey’s studies. What is not mentioned is that Kinsey’s study group consisted almost entirely of urban living men (gay men are FAR more likely to live in the city) and men who had spent time in prison (a group of men far more likely to have had same sex activity). That 10% number is not accurate in my view. The risk with a nationwide census is that the number of gay people will probably appear much lower. Coupled with the fact that some gay people will lie about being gay the percentage of gay people reported will be very low. This is simply handing ammunition to those evil christian facists who use every sly, deceitful trick to push their agenda of hatred and intolerance.

  5. You cannot make excuses for the fact they’re being discounted. Discounted people. They don’t exist. This is wrong. Fundamentalist America at its worst.

  6. It seems then that most gays in America would not be truthfull about their sexuality even in a census? So much for living in the land of the free! First of all it should be there as it helps to administer healthcare provision! If your not on it, you won’t get any! Or be sidelined! The problem is the Defence of Marriage Act…thanks Bill! Will Obama amend it? Time will tell! But if its ‘all about the numbers’ then i bet taking off a persons race or colour from the cencus would soon get a backlash from those groups! Once again we become the fall guys! Going to treat us as equal? Then put us on the cencus as equal!

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