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Missing teen found ‘safe and well’

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Reader comments

  1. Hooray! Jesus, I am so glad this had a good ending. Look after yourself William! xxx

  2. Sister Mary Clarence 12 Mar 2009, 6:56am

    He’s gonna get such a slap when he gets home.

  3. Great that this story had a happy ending just hope that this lad now realises the terror that he caused not only those that know him but the wider community too.


  4. Mmm naughty boy; at least let a mate know where you are; save the police problems and your family heartache!!!

  5. Follow your dick by all means, William, but remember you have a brain to follow as well; remember those who care for you and who must have gone through hell, worrying about you.
    Hope what you did was worth it.

  6. For once- a happy ending-wonderful news

  7. Silly Boy!

  8. I couldn’t have said it any beter myself guys and I agree… let the family know where you are! They only love you and care about you and in this world…. you need to be careful!

  9. Thanks Goodness !!! Don’t do that ever again !!!

  10. Thank Goodness !!! Don’t you dare do that ever again !!!

  11. Why is everyone being so nice, yeah it’s great that he’s been found live and well. He’s 19 and not a child, wasted god knows how much money in police time caused heartache to everyone involved. All so he could have a roll in the hay with some random he picked up in a club

  12. Bishop Ioan 23 Nov 2009, 10:49am

    I did something similar (unfortunately I should have been old enough to know better lol)but being an adult at the time, I didn’t have police searching for me. I just had to get my head on straight and when I did, I resurfaced.

    Still it would have been far better for this young man not to have caused all the upset and worry that he did. And yes, he should have let his family know that he was fine and not to worry.

  13. He’s 19 and not a child, wasted god knows how much money in police time caused heartache to everyone involved.

    Are you drunk? The poor lad went off for a shag, some fool called the police and now you’re blaming him? At what age is he allowed some independence in his life?
    Leave him alone and hang your heads in shame.

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