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Anti-gay laws in Nigeria ‘will lead to widespread human rights abuses’

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Reader comments

  1. You can be certain the African Union will not condemn the Nigerian government. African countries actively and tacitly promote human rights abuses in fellow African countries with the very rare exception (GLBT people never being such an exception). Of course, if anyone outside Africa attacks what the Nigerian government us doing, most of Africa will stand up in unison and shout that the critics are racists and imperialists. This is possibly the world’s most religious continent, which is precisely a major reason why it is so godless. I invite you to try to get a response from the Pan African Parliament on GLBT rights. I tried for years but was simply brushed aside. African countries do not like to have their “right” to murder questioned.

  2. Mihangel apYrs 12 Mar 2009, 8:19am

    and yet they will still take the imperialistic neo-colonialist aid money….

  3. James Justice 12 Mar 2009, 12:30pm

    So even if two same sex couples have a two bedroomed house, flat or mud hut they will still be arrested? Madness!

  4. Krister karttunen 12 Mar 2009, 12:42pm

    The president of Finland, Ms. Tarja Halonen, just visited Nigeria, but she just complimented its goverment for the progres in human rights and rule of law. Only commercial contacts seem to matter.

  5. George Broadhead 12 Mar 2009, 5:23pm

    Nigerian Humanist leader Leo Igwe and his Humanist colleagues have been awarded the Rainbow Humanist Award by Nordic Rainbow Humanists for their risky public support of LGBT rights in Nigeria.

    The award was made to Leo Igwe and his colleagues “for their courageous defence of LGBT rights and dignity in the face of ferocious attacks from homophobic Nigerian politicians, parliamentarians and religious leaders calling for the imprisonment of those having homosexual relations and those who dare to support such relations, and for reminding fellow countrymen and women in Nigeria of the need to safeguard the spirit of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and the need for reason, common sense, thoughtfulness, knowledge, love, tolerance, solidarity and empathy, instead of hate and homophobia.”

  6. I see that an organisation called Queer Aliance exists, and its members are allowed to debate in parliament.
    This does not square with the reports of arrest and th elike that we have heard about being Gay in Nigeria…

  7. Homosexuality activity is currently illegal in Nigeria. Yet, we have Gay men openly debating in Parliament? Seems like there’s no real discriminaiton or application of the laws, then.

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